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The Rebirth of Folion
( I know that he was supposed to die, but I couldn't bring myself to end the character that I put so much work into, so I searched for a way of preserving him. Here's what I made up so far. If I can be bothered I'll update this thread as I go along. Consider it a sign from me that the server may be shut down, but my characters live on.)

It was supposed to be a simple escort - extract the target and deliver him to the headquarters safely. Something went wrong. Horribly wrong. The extraction was simple enough. Folion and two other Death Knights infiltrated the prison where the captive was being kept completely unnoticed, which, for three bulwarks of armour ( one draenei, one blood elf and one Forsaken) was quite atypical and suspicious. The prisoner was extracted and the team started making it's way back to the designated location, when they were ambushed. They got overwhelmed. The Forsaken stood on a tripwire and activated a series of complex mechanisms, eventually leading to his head getting chopped off. The blood elf created a shield of ice, but even it was futile against the barrage of arrows that impaled him. Folion was the last one standing. He fought bravely, but eventually a human lunged at his neck with a dagger. He felt it impaling Folion's skin. He fell to the ground and felt the blood pouring out of him. The last thing he remembered was a flash of bright light, and then falling.
"Is this what dying feels like? Quite painless. I expected to be screaming in pain" he thought as memories flew around his head. All the people he met, the hardships he overcame, all gone. He didn't want to die. He didn't want to leave all this behind. Then it hit him
"Wait, shouldn't I be dead by now" he thought. He reached at his neck, where the dagger hit, only to find there was no blood. His surprise was cut off by two voices:
"You think it's dead?"
"Of course, you stupid oaf, can't you see it's not breathing?"
"We should take the armour. It looks expensive"
Folion realized that these two were talking about him. He sprung to life and said
"I think you'll find that I am very much alive... wait, what in the Fel are you?"
He looked at the men. One was a regular human, but the other one was some sort of... cat? No, that's impossible.
"I could ask the same of you, beast" the cat like creature replied.
" I am a draenei, and I am over twenty thousand years old. And you?"
" Twenty thousand, you say? Well, I am a khajiit, from the desert land of Elsweyr. Where are you from, dreni? "
"It's draenei. I am from Argus, a land that is now destroyed. Tell me, cat, where am I?"
The khajiit smirked "You, my goat-hoofed friend, are in Skyrim. "

(This series will be based on an actual play through that I'm doing almost daily, and each week I'll post a reply with the continuation of the story.)
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So, ladies and gentlemans, what is the progress of our hopes with Sachiko ?
I've not lost hope, it's just I've wrapped up the stories of my current characters, and in that post it stated that Folion died. This is a continuation of his journeys.
So, since I intend on doing this thing, here's my list of the skyrim[Image: arrow-10x10.png] mods that I use (to avoid any confusion). I'm only listing the mods that make a significant difference in the gameplay (For Example, better world map won't be included)
Airship - Dev Aveza
Alternate Start - Live Another Life
Amazing Follower Tweaks
Apocalypse - Magic of Skyrim
Bigger and Badder Lich King(for Frostmourne, since it is the closest thing to a runeblade that I could find)
Clean up Your Corpses
Cloaks of Skyrim
Death Alternative + Captured addon
Death Knights of Skyrim (duh)
Dovahcook (because... reasons!)
Enchanted Arsenal
Enchanced Blood Textures
Guild Starter (I want to do Ebon Blade in Skyrim at some point)
Jaxonz Renamer
Moonpath to Elsweyr (Folion will pay the Khajit a visit too)
Northern Cardinal
One Handed Crossbows
Primal Fear
Qaxes Winterhold Rebuild
Shenk Thievery Overhaul
Signs of Skyrim
Silver Dragon Armor (I want Folion to either fight with the Dragonborn or fight alongside the Dragonborn)
Skyrim Better Roads
Sofia (Not sure if I'll actually implement her into the story, but she's there)
Spectraverse (There is a lot of this mod in the story, the quest that Folion is going to complete is this mod's main questline)
The Huntsman (briefly)
Touring Carriages
Unique Uniques
Venom Spike
Wizard's Tower (It will be home to one of Folion's companions)

The First part will be completed by today.
Part 1

"Where?" Folion asked "I have never heard of such a place"
"I can tell you everything you need to know, but for a price" the khajit replied.
Folion searched his pockets "I don't have any money" Folion said.
"I think you're lying" said the Khajit, after which he turned to the man "Olaf, kill him"
The man charged in, full of enthusiasm, the sudden change in the character in the Khajit surprised Folion. He dodged the first blow and parried the second. The third strike exposed the bandit. Folion took the occasion and struck. The runeblade pierced the skin without too much trouble. The bandit's body got cold in an instant and he fell to the ground, lifeless. The Khajit was shooting arrows . One hit Folion, but his armour stopped most of the damage. The bandit's eyes widened when he saw that his arrows were futile. Folion took a swing at the Khajit, striking him in the leg. He then grabbed the bandit's head and lifted him up. He readied a spell and fired it from the hand that he was holding the Khajit by. The spell hit with such force that his head disintegrated as the rest of his body collapsed to the ground. Folion looked around. It was cold, very cold. Snow was falling. In the distance he saw a city. The banners could be seen from here. They were blue and they depicted a bear. His first thought was to head in the direction of the city. Then he thought to himself
"Theese people have never seen a draenei befre. They might percive me as a threat. I better cover my face"
He quickly put his hood and cowl on and took off in the city's direction. On his way there he passed a farm. There were people working on it. Folion decided to talk to them. He hoped to get some information about this "Skyrim[Image: arrow-10x10.png]". He approached a farmer and introduced himself.
"Gretings. I am Folion. I am a newcomer to this land, could you tell me anything about it"
The man looked up at Folion. The first thing that startled him was Folion's height, but he replied nontheless.
"This is Windhelm, home of the Stormcloak Rebellion. If you're here to join, you better speak to Ulfric"
"What rebellion?" Folion asked.
"You don't know, have you been living under a rock? Skyrim is in a state of civil war"
"What are the sides?" Folion inquired further.
"The Stormcloak rebellion, led by the Jarl of Windhelm, believes that the Imperials, led by General Tullius, in Solitude, threaten their "nordic way of life", I think it's pointless. The Empire[Image: arrow-10x10.png] has always taken care of Skyrim. In my opinion Ulfric just wants the position of High King." The farmer stated. He also added. "If I were you, I'd stay away from Windhelm, Ulfric's very... cautious of outsiders. I reccomend you head to Whiterun. It's south of here./
"Thank you for your help" Folion said.
"Wait... you have hooves!" The farmer said, in shock.
Folion had to think of something, quick
"Errm... it was... Transmutation! Yes! A transmutation attempt went horribly wrong and I'm now stuck with theese. I have to be off now. Thank you again for your help" he said hastily as he took off.
Now, to get to this "Whiterun". He suddenly had an idea. He called his Deathcharger to him. to his great surprise, it came. He got on it and headed down the road. He came across a carriage. As soon as he approached, he heard a shout.
"You there, get off that thing right now!"
He saw a man in blue armour running towards him, weapon drawn.
"You have steered too close to a Stormcloak convoy. Leave now"
Folion didn't like taking orders from puny soldires. He straightened up, drew his runeblade and bellowed
"I am Folion, Death Knight of the Ebon Blade, and I go where I please!"
The soldier was caught off guard by this, and it slightly terrified him. He called to his comrades and suddenly, Folion was surrounded by half a dozen soldiers.
"We tried to reason with you ("No you didn't" thought Folion) but you had to threaten us. Now you die."
The soldier said as he charged, before he could even land a blow, folion impaled him onto his sword. The second one swung at him with a hammer, and missed widely, thus exposing himself. Folion swung at him, and ended his life quickly, the rest of the soldiers scattered, apart from one, a young woman. Folion may have been made a killing machine, but he couldan't bring himself to kill her. She started swinging her axe wildly. Obviously, she had no combat expierience. He grabbed her hand and disarmed her, after which he thew her axe into a nearby, river, got on his horse, and rode away.
The journey to Whiterun was long and exhausting. When he was nearing the destination, he encountered a formaton of three stones. He got off his deathcharger and approached them. The first one. it depicted a thief. The second one depicted a mage, and the third, a warrior. He approached the warrior and touched it. Immediatly, a blue light shot up from the stone and into the night stars. He continued[Image: arrow-10x10.png] on untill he reached a small settlement. By this time it was early morning and all the shos were starting to open. He noticed a general goods store and he decided to walk in. Upon entering, he noticed two people arguing. He asked if something had happened, after which the shopkeeper asked him for assistance in retrieving a "Golden Claw" from an ancient ruin. He showed Folion the way to get to this ruin and offered pay. Folion accepted, he needed the money. He set off towards Bleak Falls Barrow. He climbed a long elevation, he felt colder with every step. As he approacheed a tower, he saw an arrow fly past him. He dealt with the residing bandits and burned their corpses.When he entered the barrow, he overheard a conversation of two bandits. They were taking about the claw ant about a man called Arvel. From their conversation Folion deduced that this Arvel had the claw. Suddenly, one of the bandits turned his head and saw Folion. He drew his weapon and charged at Folion. Needless to say, Folion's runeblade tore right through the first bandit. The scond one was much more problematic. She was agile, but eventually, she made a mistake. Folion moved through the barrow untill he reached a room with a lever, a locked gate and three symbols on stones. Looking around the room, Folion noticed three plates with symbols. He matched them with the symbols on the stones, pulled the lever, and the gate flew open. Folion stepped through the gate and delved further into the ruins.He eventually approached a spider web. He cut it down only to find that there was a large spider living in the cave that he disturbed. After a ferocious battle, Folion slayed the beast. He then heard a yelling coming from the other web. It was a dark elf trapped in a web. He introduced himself as Arvel, and asked Folion to cut him down. He then started running, as he wanted to keep all the treasure to himself. The second Folion saw what was going on, he tethered Arvel and pulled him towards Folion. He then pressed the point of his runeblade against Arvel's throat.
"You shouldan't have fooled me. Now you will die" Folion said, his cold, harsh voice echoed throughout the barrow. Arves was begging for forgiveness, bu Folion already felt insulted. He pushed his runeblade through Arvel's throat and left his body there for the spiders to eat, the only thing he took from his body was the Golden Claw. He went further into the dungeonand discovered that certain corpses were resurrecting. Folion wasn't surprised by this and proceeded to slay all the undead in the dungeon. They didn't pose much of a threat. He proceeded to a door with some other symbols, and a slot[Image: arrow-10x10.png]. from a method of trial and error, he matched the symbols on the back of the claw to the symbols on the door. He proceeded through the open door and to a chest. In the chest there was a bow. The most beautiful bow that Folion has ever seen.He took it and headed back towards the shopkeeper. He returned the claw later that day. as he was leaving the store, an elf approached him...

(I have to end this thing now since it is longer than I expected, hence pt. 1 of pt.1)

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