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The Regiment [Guild]
Special thanks to Krilari for allowing me to continue this awesome tradition, and Piroska for both the guild post as well as general awesomeness.

[Image: Theregiment-emblem.png]

The Regiment

"I, though of separate ancestry, do so join in brotherhood today. From this day onwards, I will combine my strength and purpose to perform my duty to The Regiment and protect the people of the land. Neither law, nor love, nor league of swords shall keep me from my duly appointed task. Let my brothers and sisters here today bear witness to my resolve. May the Light and man condemn whosoever fails this vow."

About The Regiment

The Regiment is perhaps best defined by its motto, "Magna ta Lorn". Dwarven for "Protector of [the] Land", it embodies the primary purpose of the military organization: to protect Khaz Modan and its people from threats both actual and perceived.

I. History of The Regiment

The Regiment traces its institutional roots to the War of the Three Hammers, which began almost two hundred fifty years ago.

Prior to the war, the dwarves of Ironforge Mountain lived in peace for many long centuries. However, their society grew too large within the confines of their mountain cities. The tenuous peace between the three factions -- the Bronzebeard clan,the Wildhammer clan, and the Dark Iron clan -- ended when High King Anvilmar passed away from old age. The three ruling clans went to war for control of Ironforge itself. The dwarf civil war raged under the earth for many years. Eventually the Bronzebeards, who had the largest standing army, banished the Dark Irons and Wildhammers from under the mountain.

The Dark Iron dwarves, cuckolded by their loss, launched a two-pronged assault against both Ironforge and Grim Batol. The Dark Irons were intent on claiming all of Khaz Modan for their own. The Dark Iron armies smashed against their cousins' strongholds and very nearly took both kingdoms. However, Madoran Bronzebeard ultimately led his clan to a decisive victory over Thaurissan's sorcerous army.

Formed at the start of the war as one of the units that fought in the victory over the Dark Iron army, The Regiment served with distinction in numerous battles. Their most significant contributions were delaying the Dark Iron dwarves at the battle of Grim Batol long enough for the bulk of the Bronzebeard army to arrive and holding the Stonrwrought Pass following the eruption of Blackrock Spire. By the end of the war, The Regiment had acquired a well-deserved reputation as capable fighters.

While many other military organizations were disbanded following the war, The Regiment persisted and, surprisingly, gained new members to fill their ranks. After having fought in the war, the outfit continued its goal of protecting Ironforge and the city's surrounding territories.

[Image: Theregiment-02.png]

When the orcish horde, led by Warchief Doomhammer, moved first to conquer the lands of Khaz Modan and the southern reaches of Lordaeron during the Second War, The Regiment was among the defenses at the gates of Ironforge. Try as they might, the orcs were ultimately unable to breach the ancient doors. The Regiment also participate at the final battle of the war, at the slopes of Blackrock Mountain; the Horde were finally defeated by the combined might of the Alliance and their dwarven allies.

The organization's participation in the Third War led to its ultimate demise. When the dwarves of Ironforge once again sent their fighters to the aid of their allies, The Regiment was among the groups sent to battle the undead plague sweeping across Lordaeron. They suffered significant losses -- including that of their leader, General Thaim Wodanson. Its remaining troops were amalgamated with other Ironforge units following the war.

When General Thaim returned following the Battle for Light's Hope Chapel, freed of the Lich King's control, he could have chosen to go to Northrend and aid the efforts of the Knights of the Ebon Blade, led by Highlord Darion Mograine, and the Argent Crusade, led by Highlord Tirion Fordring, against his former master. He chose instead to return to his homeland and assume his prior command. Upon his return, Thaim was dismayed to learn that The Regiment had been disbanded in the aftermath of the Third War; Thaim recruited fellow death knight Hajnal Guthhrafn to help rebuild the unit and once again work towards the protection of Khaz Modan.

The reins of the Regiment are now in the hands of Thane Haiko Modanson, a veteran of the wars and explorer. He seeks to continue the legacy left to him by General Thaim, as guardian and protector of his homeland.

Bear Cavalry

[Image: Theregiment-bear.png]
The Regiment further distinguishes itself from similar outfits in its unusual choice of a mount. Members of the Second Battalion use -- almost exclusively -- Big Battle Bears. Its members strongly identify themselves with their chosen mounts and have appropriated the bear as a symbol; for example, the current emblem prominently displays a bear and the banners of most companies past and present tend to incorporate the image as well.

The decision to use these unique mounts was founded on two facts:
  1. The bear is exceedingly smarter than its counterpart, the ram. As such, bear mounts are able to be trained to obey detailed commands and will even fight alongside their riders in battle;
  2. In Dun Morogh, where The Regiment is based, fodder can be difficult to obtain. Wild game, however, is far more accessible.

Riding bears into battle does present its own difficulties. Bears tend to be much more temperamental than rams and, as such, require far more intensive training. As a result, while the initial training is done by a trainer, each member possessing a bear is expected to work intimately with his mount in order to build a rapport.

[Image: Theregiment-03.png]

II. Structure The Regiment

The Regiment draws its manpower from volunteers who wish to serve Khaz Modan and its interests. It currently consists of of two battalions comprised of a total of four companies. First Battalion is the militia unit of The Regiment and consists primarily of foot soldiers.

At the core of The Regiment is a group consisting of troops serving a lighter role. These light infantry skirmishers are lightly-armed and armored infantrymen who ride into battle but dismount to fight. They provide a skirmishing screen ahead of the main body of The Regiment, harassing and delaying the enemy advance. They are considered elite units, since they require more training and the self-discipline to carry out the roles of light infantry as well as those of heavy infantry. This elite cadre makes up the Second Battalion of The Regiment.

Each battalion is overseen by a Colonel, while each company is under the command of a Major.

Please note: players who choose to join The Regiment will be assigned to join Second Battalion. First Battalion is comprised primarily of non-playable characters (NPCs) who only exist through conversation and written roleplay. This has been done to underline two important facts regarding our roleplay:

The Regiment is a large military body that exists beyond the player characters (PCs) and
PCs are considered members of an elite cadre within the organization.

NPCs will most likely be documented on this thread or an appropriate wiki article so that people may reference them in conversation or interact with them in written roleplay.


Each individual's rank is determined by insignia worn somewhere (most likely on some sort of band worn around the upper portion of an arm; we haven't decided yet). Each rank is aligned with a type of ore; as one gains rank, the corresponding ore becomes one that is much more valuable. For example, a Recruit may have an insignia partially made of copper while the General would perhaps have one made of titanium.

Promotions are determined by the first officer directly above a member's current rank. That officer will petition the merits of that soldier to his immediate superiors, who will then render a decision. This discussion may or may not be done while the candidate is present.

Upon joining The Regiment, each individual is presented with a pair of spurs that signify acceptance into the elite cadre of the organization. Once obtaining an officer rank, these spurs may be gilded. Officers also are presented with a ceremonial weapon (most likely a sword or saber) during their promotion ceremony when they renew their oath. These weapons are for ceremonial purposes and are a part of the dress uniform. NCOs (non-commissioned officers) may have a ceremonial weapon as well.

General: The leader of The Regiment. He creates and implements policy.

Brigadier: A commissioned officer within The Regiment, though lacking the leadership powers of the General. The Brigadier oversees day-to-day activities within the guild and may organize and lead events. She is also responsible for ensuring that members of lower rank have the rank appropriate to their season, activity, and standing. They are promoted and demoted by the General.

Aide de Camp: Aide de Camps are tasked to serve as counselors to other members, offering both the depth of their knowledge and exhaustive skills to aid guild members. They are NCOs. They may also serve as liaisons with other organizations.

Veteran: Veterans serve as the elite units within The Regiment. They have demonstrated courage, valor, and self-sacrifice on and off of the battlefield and so have been awarded with this unique rank. Veterans exhibit a selflessness and willingness to serve that embody the ideals and mission of The Regiment.

Colonel: Colonels are commissioned officers tasked with overseeing a battalion. They are the senior-most officers of their corresponding battalions and are tasked with overseeing the management and deployment of their troops, as issued by their superiors.

Major: Majors are commissioned officers tasked with overseeing a company. They report directly to their appropriate Colonel.

Sergeant: Sergeants are NCOs. They are responsible for executing The Regiment's mission and for training military personnel so they are prepared. While in rank they are actually below the most junior officer, Sergeants deserve respect for the wealth of knowledge and experience that they typically possess.

Corporal: Corporals may assist their Sergeants in directing the activities of other soldiers.

Private: Privates are an enlisted rank and are considered full-fledged members of The Regiment, having both completed their initial training and indoctrination.

Recruit: A newly invited member of the guild. Recruits are in a temporary probationary period during which all members of good standing are invited to interact and critique them. After approximately two weeks, a Recruit can petition the officers to be promoted to the next appropriate rank, barring any negative feedback.

[Image: Theregiment-04.png]

III. Rules and Regulations

In Character Rules

The Regiment is a military organization. As such, we have a clearly established chain of command. You are expected to follow it. Issues should most likely be presented to your most immediate superior; if for some odd reason you are unable to do so, you may then skip a rank in the echelon. Furthermore, you will treat superiors -- officers or not -- with the respect that their rank deserves.

What you do in your own time is your business. The Regiment will not dictate how you spend your free time -- or with whom you spend it. If you become friends with another member or forge a relationship, we won't care as long as you are capable of not allowing it to interfere with the unit's mission. If this becomes an issue, steps may be taken to rectify the situation -- including dismissing people from The Regiment.

Out of Character Rules

We're big on respect. We know it's a server rule, but we'd like to reinforce this. You will respect your fellow Conquest of the Horde members. We're here to have fun and unnecessary complications can detract from that. Shame on you!

On Recruitment

The Regiment seeks brave souls of all walks of life to fill its ranks. It accepts members on the basis of personal merit with no consideration towards class, skill, or experience. Seasoned veterans and novices alike are welcome.

Its ranks are filled primarily with dwarves due to its focus on the protection of dwarven lands. Exceptions are made for those of exceptional merit and dedication. Gnomes and humans (and by extension, Worgen) would find it easiest to join due to the rapport that has been built with these races over the past centuries; night elves, on the other hand, would probably not be allowed except in the most rarest of situations. Plus the General doesn't seem too fond of pointy-ears. Of draenei, the leadership of The Regiment has formed no firm opinion.

The Regiment is not a mercenary unit nor will they knowingly admit those who have joined only to make coin by the sword. Its members pride themselves on a grand tradition of loyalty and self-sacrifice that lasted for nearly seven generations; their recruits should reflect or try to emulate that creed.

[Image: Theregiment-05.png]

IV. Frequently Asked Questions

Are the mounts absolutely necessary?

Each recruit is strongly encouraged to obtain a Big Battle Bear shortly after completing his two-week (or so) initiation period. If he cannot afford the mount, we will help him get the gold. If he does not have the levels to learn the appropriate riding skill, we will level him. Members lacking a bear mount will not be forced out of the guild, but they may find themselves singled out by their officers and will not be considered for higher ranks.

Why such a big deal about the bears? As noted, members of The Regiment not only keenly identify themselves by their choice of mounts, but they're also damned proud of the fact that they ride bears into battle. This is a tradition that has persisted for nearly seven generations. It would be unusual for someone within the outfit to not possess one or, at the very least, make effort to acquire one.

Besides, how can you have a bear cavalry without a bear?

Do you enforce activity within the guild?

We're pretty casual when it comes to the activity of our members. We recognize that people have other toons that they'd like to play and lives that they'd like to live. As such, we do not and will not ever require members to maintain a minimum level of activity. We will welcome you with open arms whether you're on your character daily or only sporadically. We'd like you to make an attempt to participate in guild events, but even that is not required.

Please note that if you are not active within the guild it will be very unlikely that you will be able to achieve any rank of significance (particularly commissioned or non commissioned officers). These ranks will be reserved for active members as they will be the ones guiding the guild.

Wait -- so how do I join?

Invitations are done by Haiko (played by Jonoth). We will conduct an in character interview with the potential recruit, during which we'll try to gauge why that individual wants to join and whether he will find a fit into The Regiment. Once that's done, we'll swear that person in and that's it! At this point, he begins his indoctrination and will hopefully be a full-fledged members in a short time.

If you'd like to join, feel free to reply to this post, send Jonoth a private message, or hunt us down on one of our characters.
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I sign up my gnome, Jaque!

gnome guy

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You got meh dorf Jonoth.
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... Jonoth, you are my hero. I've been waiting since I first joined CotH to see this active again in full. It's been almost three years I've waited, and I'm so happy to see this back.

Whenever I manage to get myself back in-game permanently, I'll be totally joining this.
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[Image: 2215-And_my_axe.jpg?__SQUARESPACE_CACHEV...1341749068]
Your stories will always remain...
[Image: nIapRMV.png?1]
... as will your valiant hearts.
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Well, my druid Brandt is somewhat following you guys around, I suppose he's pretty much joined (seeing as he's in the guild ingame) However, it does seem he's currently on the probation period (tho he isn't quite aware of it :D)
Got Thagnar the moody dorf on tha regiment.
As far as I can tell, it says nowhere that this is an Alliance-only guild. Maybe it's self-explanatory, but you should put it somewhere that Horde races aren't allowed. Correct me if I'm wrong.
Quote:It is open to all Alliance characters!

This is on the thread in Storylines. http://www.conquestofthehorde.com/Thread...ecruitment
Ah, thanks. Would they slay neutral Horde members on sight, or what if a Horde race member was aiding the Alliance? Are they just a kill-all-horde-on-sight group?
Seeing as it's based in Khaz Modan, they'd probably be doing most events in the area, which (IMO) would lead to most Horde being Kill on sight. Then again, I'm not in the guild, so someone who's in it may be able to answer your question better.
(08-01-2013, 11:32 AM)ProjectRandom Wrote: Ah, thanks. Would they slay neutral Horde members on sight, or what if a Horde race member was aiding the Alliance? Are they just a kill-all-horde-on-sight group?

The Regiment as a general rule is against the Horde. They do, however, respect any applicable treaties and alliances that aid in the defense of Khaz Modan, and the General won't condone breaking the law in neutral areas just to go after them. Just don't expect them to be particularly trusting of any Horde, especially if they are claiming neutrality without a backer.
Bumping this thread due to recent activity with their new event chain! Get your dwarf on!
Noillin Dawnhammer [Alive] - "We ride ta' battle together, not alone..."

'Gray' [Alive] - "I will not let my sacrifices go in vain... Never..."

Dragor Bloodfury [Alive] - "The cries of our comrades will not go unheard!"
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Making a note here that Noillin (@Franksta96) is the IC/OOC head of the Regiment! Forward all your requests for epic Dwarf RPz to him!
[-] The following 1 user Likes Jonoth's post:
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Right then you lot!

*Blows the dust off this thread*

Let's start with kicking some things off after the first part of Rain on the Mountains. Due to College plaguing me with college work - blegh - I have halted the second part of the Rain on the Mountains chain for now. Want to give you guys a break and RP elsewhere, as well as tend to other characters.

Recently, Immy was kind enough to invite the Regiment to her Guild Recruitment day. It could be a good day to show the Regiment's return, as well as gather more soldiers!


Add my skype - frankie.boyle2 to confirm your presence at this event!

Magna Ta' Lorn!
Noillin Dawnhammer [Alive] - "We ride ta' battle together, not alone..."

'Gray' [Alive] - "I will not let my sacrifices go in vain... Never..."

Dragor Bloodfury [Alive] - "The cries of our comrades will not go unheard!"

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