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The Regiment: Mission Log
Event and mission thread for The Regiment, to be updated regularly. Check back for updates!

Thane Haiko Modanson opens a thick tome, filled with both scribble and sketch. This is his mission log, a place where he keeps his upcoming and completed excursions charted. He mumbles about preferring to be on the front lines than feeling like a librarian. But he knows he has a duty, and the only way to organize himself is to keep notes.

(completed) Dark Iron Mortar Plot (pre-Cata) - "Managed ta stop three teams o' Dark Irons from sneakin' an' blowin' up th'front walls o' Ironforge. That woulda been a drafty day in th'mountain ta say th'least."

(completed) Dwarven District Dime Dropper - "Met me contact in Stormwind finally, after a long search due ta th'dragon crash landin' there. That lad damn near don't resemble a Dwarf anymore. Any Dwarf that cannae finish one single pint o' ale be off th'wagon. Anywho, th'lad mentioned somethin' about a gatherin' o' forces in Loch Modan, led by an ugly Ogre. But with th'cripplin' o' th'dam there, may be more that needs ta get looked at. Gonna need some muscle ta push through there.

Somethin's Fishy In th'State o' Loch Modan - "There seems ta be multiple groups vyin' fer th'Loch. It be up ta us ta find out what they want, an' ta figure out how ta stop 'em."

PaStromgarde Sammich - "Th'hunt fer answers gonna take us farther north, an' fer some in th'area, tha's gonna be a welcome arrival."

A Lil' R & R - "Thassilo's been a welcome addition ta th'team. After years spent in th'hell o' Outland, he deserves ta see his homeland, so we be takin' a few days break at Aerie Peak, if our cousins dunnae mind us there."

A page with a folded corner peeks out from the top of the ledger, reading "Operation Wolfpack: Classified".
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Thane Modanson scribes the following notice to all members of the Regiment.

Attention lads an' lasses!

In eight days time, we be movin' out ta Loch Modan, makin' our first stop in Thelsamar. Me knows that our original plan was ta aid in Northshire, but our brethren in th'Loch be facin' increased pressure, an' we be needed. Be prepared ta move out. Kiss yer loved ones an' tell em yer gonna make all o' Khaz Modan proud! Once we handle th'situation in th'Loch, me has a special surprise fer ye recruits.

Magna ta Lorn!

Thane Haiko Modanson, General o' th'Regiment


((OOC: The Regiment will be making the trek to Thelsamar Loch Modan next Tuesday, August 13th, at 2PM server time! Assignments will be handed out, and all are strongly encouraged to attend! New recruits looking to join may also join us either before we leave in Ironforge or upon arrival in the Loch. If you cannot attend, just shoot me a PM and I'll give you your mission!))
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Thane Modanson scribes the following notice to all members of the Regiment.

Attention lads an' lasses!

In two days time, we be strikin' at a force o' Ogres campin' in th'mountains. They be dangerously close ta Themsalar, an' that position needs ta be secured! Be prepared ta move out an' give those smelly bastards hell!

Magna ta Lorn!

Thane Haiko Modanson, General o' th'Regiment


((OOC: Tuesday, August 20th, at 2PM server time!))

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