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The Revival of a betrayed companion [RC]
Pain over-encumbers me as I lay propped up next to the cobble-stone comprised wall. My body eventually becomes numb as my vision begins to fog. My breathing slowly becomes languid, almost unhearable to one's ears. As a lay there, gradually becoming weaker, my fogged vision manages to distinguish the outcrop of a wolf-like humanoid figure. I soon realize, this is my friend, my companion, my mate, Sorrowfang. As my frail visioned eyes weakly gaze towards my friend, they catch a glimpse of a blade enshrouded by Light being with-drawled from my friend's side. As this happens, a yell is picked up by my bloodied ears, breaking my numbed state. The yell would read through my bloodied ears, "You ignorant fool! Die! DIE, DIE, DIE!" The light-enshrouded blade would propel towards my left side briskly. As a response, my body would briefly be the bodily material of my Earthen ancestors, stone and soil. My Earthen body would consume the force of the blade before I would return to my plush-skinned self. As I thought that would be the only encounter with that blade, it would once again return, its destination being my heart and neck region. Unable to turn into my Earthen ancestor's bodily material, the blade would reach its destination. An immense feeling of pain would consume my entire bloodied body. The oxygen contained in my very lungs would be forced out, creating a sharp gasp as it was released. With the remaining grasp of life I had, I would say with difficulty, "Y... Y-you... L... L... L-lost.... A... A-A-" My words would abruptly be cut off as I would be introduced to Death's cold embrace. The immense pain I experienced would come to a halt as I would feel as if my entirety was being lifted up. As if being lifted up to the unknown sky above, my vision would only view a single color, not an object, just a mere color. Darkness.

In my blind, darkened state, I was not conscious of time or thought. I remained in the darkness, idle. Though, my idle state would abruptly be put to a halt as the entirety of my lifted body would feel as if being thrown down to the depths below. A falling sensation would consume the center of myself before disappearing. As a result to the disappearance to the falling sensation, the darkness I viewed would vanish as I would view a stout figure hovering above me, peering down at me. A immense feeling of rejuvenation would consume the entirety of my body. A feeling of oxygen running down my throat would be felt as I would experience the feeling of my pupils moving. Being now in a conscious state, I could create thoughts, breath, view, witness, smell, hear and, feel. I knew that I was once again amongst the living and not in my idle, darkened state.

Character: Thagnar

Killer: Sorrowfang

Revivor: Noillin, associate in the Dwarven Regiment and a Wielder of the Light.

Date of Death: July Twelfth, Two-thousand Thirteen.

-Continuous migraines due to head previously being severed.
-Reoccurring Nightmares during sleep.
-Often thoughts of considering own death.

Permanent Issues:
-Minor difficulty with neck movement due to decapitation of head.
-Small amount of pain experienced during neck movement.
-Minor difficulty breathing.
-Some difficulty with swallowing food/drink.
-Difficulty with eye movement.

Temporary Results: Inability to speak due to vocal cord region previously being impaled by Sorrowfang's sword.

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