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The Search (Feedback welcome on my Feedback thread!)
Grand Master Engineer Williume Blitzcog searches an old Gilnean House. The Moonlight glistens throughout the abomination of a structure. As a small gnome, Blitzcog will take ages to search the house entirely. Thus is why he made a small army of bots, the item must be here somewhere. With years of research and brutal interrogations behind him, he was sure of it. He couldn't let anything like this into someone elses hands, it would just be apocalyptic.

He presses every wall with his tiny palms, every large book shelf and every odd placed lamp in the giant house. Thousands of gnomes could pile up on top of each other and around but that still wouldn't be the size of the house he thought.

He whips out a slip of paper, "Mega Seaforium Charge" the title reads, all the statistics and schemata are on the page. But the items are the hardest to get. Some are scattered around the Outlands and in the outskirts of Northrend. But those metals or gases are now extinct in Azeroth. Over exposed to some other evil projects. Besides that, he believes that this is the last one in the face of Azeroth and the Outlands, besides the one that a famous engineer has created in the past, which has been disassembled.

If this has been used as a war weapon it will destroy the city of Stormwind or even Orgrimmar, he's sure of it! He doesn't want this being used for evil, of course. Blitzcog has always been dedicated to neutrality and goodness. But this may change his views entirely.

"Kheeeeeerrrr" his thoughs stop immediately. Was that a door way? He starts to shake lightly with fear, and even excitement. Has one of his bots discovered a secret door upstairs?

He teleports to the stairwell using a famous magi spell named "Blink" he begins to climb the stairwell, all four stories...

He reaches the pinnacle to the house, a bot sits beside a wall, that is opened. The light on his head is blue. The doorway leads down the abomination of a chimeny...

To Be Continued

gnome guy

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After a small one person debate whether to go alone into the dark cavern in the fortress sized mansion, Blitzcog ended the hiatus. He decided to bring another dozen of bots into the dark passage way down into the chimeny.

Though the chimeny was vertical, there was a small elevator typed of machinery. The chimeny was large, but there was a lamp at the buttom that was dimmly lit. Blitzcog and his army made it down safe and sound.. But more importantly, in one piece. The underground of the mansion was vast, many rooms and many schemata on the walls that were made out of steel like the halls of the now glorious Gnomeregan. Where Blitzcog once called his home.

He pulled out his High Powered Flashlight to guide him through the darker expanses of the 'lab'. His bots began to scan each room for the item, hastly. Many creeks and sounds of water hitting the floor were numerous. "Bot X-23! I need a Copper Wire, A Bottle of Refreshing Spring Water and my Super-Copper Gizmo. Now!" the bot looked through his backpack as he eyed down a large door.

He receieved his items as requested, he used a rock as a step ladder as he tried to pick the lock. But the attempt was unsuccessful. "Poop." he said quietly. "Looks like I am going to use desperate measures." he mumbled. He pulled out a small seaforium charge and became to arm it as it stuck to the door.

"10, 9, 8" the charge began to countdown. Blitzcog jumped backed and waited anxiously to see what was on the other door, which was the last he had opened. The charge exploded, leaving a large hole in the doorway. But what Blitzcog spotted was mysterious.

A white room, with self-luminating walls lit up the room, a man in the center dressed in all black leather gear. A single shoulderpad, which was black. With a belt fitted with daggers and flares and a black pair of goggles fitted to his head prefectly, he looked like an enemy too strong and big for Williume.
"I've been expecting you William." the man said in a deep voice. His black hair was recently cut, One scar was present on his face, one that went down his entire face. Looked purposeful he though.

"What do you want?" Williume was irriated that he said his name improperly, it's actually Will-e-oome.

"To stop you from getting what you want, you thought you were sneaky killing all my associates.. You thought this would go unnoticed?" he chuckled lightly. "You were everything but unnoticed, you were reckless."

"Don't doubt me." Williume stealthily was bringing out one of his own daggers, well more like dirks. But before he even pulled it out the man was half way to him, charging with the speed of a gryphon!

To Be Continued

gnome guy

The man swept Williume off of his feet, thank goodness he didn't try and punt him he thought. The adrenaline was pumping quickly through both of their viens, Williume was a notorious assassin the man knew that. Williume layed there, on his back. The man was just about to kneel down and deliver the final blow, but a second too late.

Williume pulled out a throwing knife before he got to stab the gnome in the neck, but instead Williumes knife went right into his left trapezius. The man growled in pain and fustration. Williume jumped back up onto his feet, pulling out the dirk he was originally intending to wield. He jumped, stabbing the dirk into the mans right oblique.

Using the dirk as a perluding rock in a mountain, he climbed up onto it. Then he grabbed the throwing knife, pulling it out and landing on his knees on the ground. He looked up quickly, the man was groaning in pain. Williume felt a rush of accomplishment. But that was worth nothing now, the man now pulled out a high powered steam gun.

Williume pulled out his own, much smaller though. He eyed the mans goggles. "Give up now, you don't have to die now big guy." Williume threatened,

"You as well." the mans voice was cold, and no sense of a bluff was evident. "Surrender now, or die now.. Willia-"

"KABOOM" the gun echoed throughout the large room. The man fell to the ground, shooting his own weapon but missing Williume by a sliver. He laid there, finding the will to fire another shot. But Williume shot him in the forearm he was wielding with. Thank goodness he thought. He threw the bloodied throwing knife onto the mans knee.

"Who do you work for, idiot?" he demanded. The man didn't reply, Williume ripped the goggles off his head. The man had one eye missing, another was blue with a busted blood vessel in it.

"Why would you want to know?" the man said nearly unaudibly.

"So I can annihilate them too."

"Have fun taking care of this big fella'."

"How big is he?" Williume was becoming curious of course, something his race has a feel for.

"Bigger than me."

"What is your name?" Williume demanded, maybe this can give him the lead in the race he was trying so desperately to win, the race to save the weak cease fire of the two factions.

"Derek." the man hurled a dirk at the gnomes thigh, but the pockets had many gizmos inside of them. Williume didn't hesitate, after feeling a sense of backstabbing he shot the man in the head.

"Thank goodness for the battery pack." he sighed. He walked to the end of the room, an open door with another room with self-lighting walls. There it was, the Mega Seaforium Charge.

He looked at it, the size of a bomb. A small one though, it's a little package with a big surprise he always said to himself. Talking about his size and the bomb. He thought, how is he going to dissamble this by himself.. How is he going to keep this a secret... He needs allies.

gnome guy

The bomb was secured in the gnomes hideout, of course. It had to be, the bomb was very powerful and it can create havoc in all of Azeroth and beyond. The bomb was brought to his manor in a small wagon, covered in drapes and all those things from the mansion Gilnean house. Now it's time for sleep, he was extremely tired. The bomb would be put in the work room, and his bots would do his work. He was too small, way too small in matter of fact.


Williume crawled into bed, nearly falling asleep when he hit his pillow. It took a dozen minutes but he finally would sleep happily.


A man with a hood looked in the window, a red shirt underneath. A beared man in matter of fact, armed with several daggers, dirks and a like. A steam-pistol and a sword. He looked in the window, with a murderous intent, starring at Williume. Several minutes later, he made his move. He busted the window and jumped into the house, right on top of Williume!

He pulled out his dirk and stabbed the gnome in the throat, then another stab in the forehead then the heart. Blood soaked the gnome, no words came out of his mouth or beats from his heart. Williume was deceased immediately.

The mans name is Kaisen von Kloffenstein, Grand Master of the Order of the Kloffensteins, a family born from weak roots and a poor family. The family originated in Elwynn, same with the Order. After the First War they moved north into Dun Morogh, they had weak links with the Alliance, the small family grew large. They hunted orc and stole the food from the civilians and the Alliance Army alike.

The family began to help the Alliance in a subtle manor though, they began to take out Orc Commanders or Scouting Party Commanders, over the years the war began to come to an end. Living on the Mountains, they had very little to hunt besides the bloosoming ram population and the little amount of boars. As von Kloffenstein began to age, his skills became increasingly better. He learned how to fire a rifle, the vital organs of an orc and human and how to evade pursuers.

All the training was done near Orc encampments Post First War, but when the news of the Second War began, the family put his skills to the work. Eventually, he killed an Orc Commander just south of his families hideout, and his family routed the rest of the sqaudron. They secured all the food, and news about the war. It seemed the Alliance were winning. They stayed in the mountains for years to come, the family were protecting their areas at high costs. Eliminating dwarves if it was nessesary as well! But von Kloffenstein had a greater vision for the family. After the wars, and the weak ceasefire of both factions.. He got his family to help him keep the war on hold. They stopped around sixteen threats now, bombs.. Summoners, Necromancers and all of that.

But now the link between the Horde and Alliance is becoming heated, and he needs to help cool it down. He successfully thwarted his 17th threat, with the help of his family. Also the allies of the family were extremely helpful as well. He knew Williume had the best interests at heart, but he wasn't the man for the job. The gnome was becoming old, and if he let the secret out many organizations would be on his tail.

Kaisen von Kloffenstein had lots of allies already, and family. But to dissamble this he needed more allies, gnomes and goblins alike! But now the bomb is going away, away to the Orders stronghold in Alterac. Kaisen was also not as notorious, many didn't know about the Orders existense either. But him and his family worry that this might put the family in danger, and the goals they all share.

gnome guy


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