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The Silverfang Returns [Event Chain]
The Silverfang Returns

Silverfang. Once a name branded upon simple jewelers and mages with the fortune to be named nobles. Now a name held with some pride and merit. While the upper ends of the House of Silverfang focus on regal and theatrical details, the Blades of the Silverfang, their personal soldiers, have been ignored and left jobless. They have practically disbanded, their banners dusty and torn. The name Silverfang once again sinks into the bottoms of Silvermoon's houses.

A name that bears title of both commander and coward, Xaiden Silverfang, appears once more in the discussions of the houses of Silvermoon. Rumor has it among the houses and also in the streets of Silvermoon that the Blades of the Silverfang are to be resurrected as a force to be used in Silvermoon's service. The name Silverfang holds banner high and sword strong of steel in the name of Silvermoon City's great banner.

Xaiden Silverfang, the coward-lord, calls for aid in his efforts to answer the many calls of Silvermoon's banner. The call, for now, encompasses the great defense of Eversong Forest from its internal threats. For too long have the enchanted northern lands of Quel'thalas lay under siege by wretched, arcane, and rebel scums. Now the Silverfang banner shall hold true in its defense of Silvermoon's lands.

The first course of action will begin with a recruiting effort on Sunstrider Isle, hosted by the noble Xaiden Silverfang himself. For Quel'thalas we stand!


The Silverfang Returns is an event chain centered around creating Silverfang RP, bringing the Blades of the Silverfang back up as an active body of CotH, and giving the Blood Elves some attention outside of house feuds. All are welcome to attend the events, and it is encouraged that other Horde races attend as well. The event chain lacks an overarching storyline, so people can jump in and out of the processions at any given time for a break from the event chain.

The first event, being on Saturday, April 27th at 1:00 PM Server Time, will begin as a good ol' recruitment RP in Sunstrider Isle, but will develop into a quick jump to Silvermoon City for the first bit of this fine event chain. If anyone wants more information, feel free to toss a post in my feedback thread, and I'll make sure to elaborate on it in here.
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On Crimson Sails

Xaiden Silverfang, a name branded upon one that many consider as much a coward as a respected commander of the Blades of the Silverfang. The test to see if the Blades of the Silverfang are protectors of Eversong fast approaches.

In answer to the great Cataclysm and in preparation for the naval defense of Silvermoon's lands, an officer within the Silvermoon Naval Forces has requested that the ships of Sunsail Anchorage be recovered for the war effort. The problem, as it is commonly known, is the remaining Wretched that keep the main building of the Anchorage in their control.

The banner of the Silverfangs eagerly raises to answer the call. An assault is readied, and a call spreads throughout Silvermoon asking for all that are able to answer Xaiden Silverfang's call for extra forces. The day for Eversong's reclamation comes. For Quel'thalas we stand!


On Crimson Sails is the second event in The Silverfang Returns, an event chain centered around not only creating Silverfang RP but also RP for all Blood Elves and Horde. All are welcome to attend this event, and it is encouraged that other Horde races (not just you, elfies!) attend as well. The event requires no pre-knowledge regarding this event chain to understand where anything's going.

This second event, being on Sunday, June 2nd at 12:00 PM Server Time, will begin in Saltheril's Haven in Eversong Woods with a short gathering RP followed by a march to Sunsail and an objective-centered assault on Sunsail Anchorage's wretched defenders. If anyone wants more information, feel free to toss a post in my feedback thread, and I'll make sure to elaborate on it in here.

(postponed a week)
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Soooooo... Found out that I'm busy all this Saturday, and I have a wedding to attend next Saturday, so... Next Sunday, I suppose. Event postponed to Sunday, May 26th
Biggest of big apologies to those of you who were eager to see the event, I got caught up in my family moving to a different apartment this last weekend. Hopefully, and I mean -hopefully-, I should be fully moved in by this upcoming weekend, which means the event will be moved to that time.
Nevermind on that, seems real life still has different plans for me. Event postponed to noon ST tomorrow!

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