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The Skybreaker/Orgrim's Hammer?
The Skybreaker and Orgrim's Hammer are two gunships that do near-perpetual battle above Icecrown, they are massive war-machines, with an extensive crew, and a massive array of weaponry.

So, I Have two questions here;
1) Does anyone who has played live know anything about these two War Machines lore wise? I have looked around a little, and I can't find anything to give me information on their background, planning, building etc.

-Edit- Removed Event question, now's not the time for asking about that kind of thing!

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No idea, but they are pretty badass. :)
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Straight from the ol' Wiki.

This is about the Skybreaker.

" The Skybreaker is an Alliance gunship currently patrolling above Icecrown and serving as the mobile base of operations for the Alliance forces in the area.

A marvelous feat of gnomish and dwarven engineering, the Skybreaker is driven by numerous powerful propeller engines, armed with over twenty cannons, and crewed by a full complement of marines ready to fight at a moment's notice. Under the able command of High Captain Justin Bartlett the Skybreaker is the first line of attack for the Alliance war effort against the Lich King. There you may also find Thassarian, the first human Death Knight.

All is not quiet in the skies above Icecrown, however. The arrival of the Horde's new airship, Orgrim's Hammer, has sparked open hostilities. Only time will tell if the brave crew of the Skybreaker can stand up to the Horde's newest behemoth in addition to the ravenous Undead of the Lich King's Scourge. "

This is about Ogrim's Hammer.

" Orgrim's Hammer is the Horde gunship in Icecrown. It sometimes does battle with the Skybreaker, the Alliance gunship. It is named in honor of Orgrim Doomhammer. It is a powerful war machine, but still has to fight all of the Scourge forces from the ground below as well as the Skybreaker, so it is safe to say it is not invincible. "

EDIT: The information is limited, but I can say Orgrim's Hammer is just giant zeppelin with the fancy name 'gunship'.

As for the Skybreaker, it looks like it's being carried by a bunch of propellers much like a gyrocopter.
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Aye, that's all I got, but I wanna know some more information, like WHY are they there, and HOW were they built, and that kinda thing. I was expecting Wowwiki to have that stuff, but, sadly, no.
Someone on live who's done the quests might be able to provide us a better answer though, eh?
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Well, if you read them both again, you can see the WHY they are there part, but the HOW they built it? I can't find anything on it either.
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Ah, thankee!
Also, I'd like some more general information on them, and I think that's the kind of info I can only get from someone who's read the lore in the quests about these, but thanks for pointing that our Kainue.

I guess they fly so then they can skip all'a Arthas' guards and stuff, but I dunno!
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Cry Havoc! And let slip the Dogs of War!
I don't know why, but I think an Alliance played made that entry.
Sounds like fun....... to blow up.
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I thought I'd illustrate with pictures!


img386 imageshack us/img386/4489/skybreaker1gv5 png

img383 imageshack us/img383/324/skybreaker2md7 png


img399 imageshack us/img399/5264/orgrim1jm6.png

img367 imageshack us/img367/2589/orgrim2ze3 png

Just paste it into your url bar and replace the spaces with periods. For some reason the board won't let me post urls...?

EDIT: I took all of these myself, in game.

As for the reason WHY they have airships? Have you seen Icecrown? Getting around on the ground is neigh impossible. Huge cliffs and architecture, not to mention huge armies of ghouls pepper the ground like ants!
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