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The State of Play
Hello, ladies and gentlemen.

You will excuse me if I move directly to the point of this post, as opposed to pausing for pleasantries. Through the disbanding of CROW, the death of its leader, and the subsequent hubbub it generated, a much more sinister and persistent subject has come up again and again: the fact that Gale's death may have not occurred in the boundaries of an entirely fair situation.

I've been lead to understand that either a form of god-moding, metagaming, or both was involved in the scenario. The reason that I bring this up on the forums is so that the truth can be revealed for all to see, in plain view as opposed to a rumor that can travel masked and dangerous. The situation, as I was lead to understand on several occasions thusfar, by several different people, was that it was determined that Gale had to be removed from play in order to facilitate another plotline that was under development by the GM staff. The rumor, as it is, went on to say that this is why he was denied a chance at a resurrection, even though during the controversy spawned by Yalo's death it was stated that you cannot deny a player their shot at their second life.

I would like all the players and GM staff involved in Gale's death to step forward and explain the details. A rumor like this cannot be allowed to circulate unexamined, and I pray that the truth will reveal the innocence of all involved parties as opposed to a damning specter of favoritism.

Thank you.
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I'm glad you brought this to the front, rentreality. I've heard much the same and was trying to formulate a post of my own. You've done so, far better than I could have and managed to address what I wanted. Thank you.
Have some MIND CONTROL JERKY! (Care of Drukag)
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Gale came into the battle in his own accord, he DID not have to get into this battle and technically the final blow was dealt by someone who wanted him dead for reasons I will not go into to prevent Metagaming.
[Image: classic-76561197997915481.png]
I have no stake in the matter, so who it was that struck the last blow doesn't matter to me. All I want in this situation is for the entire thing to be brought to light and explained. I'm looking for a blow-by-blow analysis here of what lead up to the fight, what warnings were issued, and why he is not allowed his resurrection when previous statements on the matter have indicated that you cannot deny a player their second chance at life.

In short, I am simply trying to "audit" the situation to make sure that all the proper rules were obeyed, that metagaming or godmoding weren't used, that there were no abuses of power, and that there was no favoritism -- just to make sure that this rumor can be put to rest.

What I would like, thus, is for people to answer this questionnaire:
- Were you involved?
- If yes, as who?
- If yes, can you describe to us what happened?

EDIT: You will have to excuse me again for interjecting. When I stated that I have no stake in the matter, I truly mean I have no stake. I don't care if it gets retconned, or whether Gale is allowed to rez. I'm not gunning for a specific outcome. I'm just trying to clear the fog away from the scene so we can get a clear look. I'm doing this because it's the precedent. It's the principle. Avoiding godmoding and metagaming are the lifeblood of good RP -- without these safeguards in place, this ability for a player to ask and receive information on a given roleplaying scenario, roleplay is destined for an ignoble doom.
[Image: 2mhzmdy.gif]
The reason I said he couldn't resurrect RIGHT THEN after the battle (Which he asked Rok'har OOC'ly for) was that Felin took a part of his essence in a soulshard. My intent with this was to keep him from a quick and painless rez (Severe penalties being incurred through coming back from the dead), while allowing him to RP his way back to a full life again. I believe all deaths IC must carry IC penalties corresponding to the severity of the death.

At no point did I say he couldn't resurrect, I simply wanted to create a storyline involving his character and mine. The initial intent of the fight was to kill one of the Night Elves, and I know for a fact that they wouldn't have OOC'ly complained about my killing their characters. The only reason Gale died was because Felin IC'ly hates Night Elves, but not as much as he hates traitor Blood Elves who defend Night Elves. There was absolutely no metagaming involved on my part, and he could have come back to life if he accepted the penalties therein.
Thank you, Kaghuros. That clears up one section of the fog -- the sun of blatant truth burning away the sea of misty deception, if you will allow me a poetic moment. If you could just state who you were playing as during the scene? I'm just trying to keep all the cards on the table, if you understand my meaning.

With this section revealed, I would now like to move on to the next chapter of the information that's found its way to me. I had heard at some point that there was a possibility that, as you confirmed, a piece of his soul was taken. Where the story goes downhill again was, again according to the "rumor," when it was mentioned that the person who held his shard would consider themselves invulnerable from attacks designed to recover the shard -- thus, preventing his resurrection.

The rumor went on to say that he was told to delete Gale, and offered a sort of "compensation prize" of gold in return for his cooperation.

Speaking of cooperation, I'd like to thank the people who were involved that stepped forward to clear up this dilemma.
[Image: 2mhzmdy.gif]
I sincerely DO NOT appreciate this thread in the SLIGHTEST.

And for the record, I was asked NOT to bring Gale back. PLEASE. Just STOP.
Einhander Wrote:I sincerely DO NOT appreciate this thread in the SLIGHTEST.
I understand, Einhander, but the truth must come out in one way or another. The situation is no longer about Gale and what happened -- it has spread out to the server, and if there was metagaming or godmoding, it must be revealed. If there wasn't, this thread can be locked, deleted, and fade into the mists of time, and we'll be a better server for it.

Einhander Wrote:And for the record, I was asked NOT to bring Gale back. PLEASE. Just STOP.
Then that element is dealt with. The question remains as to whether or not you would have been allowed to resurrect if you had wanted to due to the actions of the person who held your soul shard. It is now about the precedent and the principle of the thing in general, as a metaphorical situation as opposed to one based on your exact experience.
[Image: 2mhzmdy.gif]
The fact of the matter that if anyone should be posting this it's him... Your starting drama... PM A GM BEFORE POSTING ON THE FORUMS AND CAUSING DRAMA. The situation has been dealt with. Done.
[Image: classic-76561197997915481.png]
I want this thread to die. If I was content with it's result, you should be as well.
Head shot.

Next time you hear rumors, ignore them or pm one of us. Don't rumormonger and drag it out into the open.
To address all which has happened in the course of recent events...

There has been nothing but distrust and OOC drama that has emerged from this storyline, first and foremost.
What initially began as an excellent idea, has slowly devolved into a debacle on a very slow downward spiral that has been invariably been proving detrimental to everyone involved. When this plotline was first created, those involved had demonstrated collaboration, deep thought, and open communication of one another.

When things began to go terribly, this not only tarnished the overall storyline and potentially the reputations of those involved; it also decimated the morale of fair play, as this also arisen from the exact same source. Those involved ceased that collaboration, and open communication; and it seems that as time further went on, they only began to grow wary of each other's OOC motives, which devolved into a lot of untruths regarding the overall storyline for the sake of leverage. I see that this trend of OOC accusation still bears its momentum, much to my chagrin. I realize that Einhander (Gale) is not online at the time of this writing, so perhaps that is why it seems everyone is left in the dark.

Gale was not truthful OOC of IC events. Meaning, he has used his free resurrection upon his character on his first character death. Then, in continuity with the storyline, the progression had led to Gale being taken on by several at once, some of these who were GM's, and was slain in finality. Gale had mentioned to me that he felt that he was unjustly slain, as he has always provided mercy to other players that did not wish to die; and further stated that he felt wronged because he was not given the same consideration of mercy. This was not any form of deliberate strong-arming, but due to OOC dishonesty regarding his character. (Because he was wary of the metagaming of others, he stated that Gale was dead the first time. Then, upon his second death, he stated that Gale was only 'faking his death' the first time, therefore felt applicable for the free resurrection.) He essentially metagamed, to eliminate metagaming. This has severely warped the overall outcome of a storyline which, sadly; has devolved into such an OOC-oriented plot, that it ceased becoming a true story, and instead has become thinly-veiled puppeteering with nothing except the players' sole benefits in mind.

After a long chat with Gale as his discretion; I have stated to Gale that his character is not applicable for resurrection, and advised him from making his second character which would have been the sole inheritor of CROW, to give continuity to this already long-defunct storyline which should have died long ago. Taking his personal feelings into account, both feeling wronged and coerced into death, with his furthered deep attachment to his characters. In compensation for the loss of two characters; I did not suspend his characters, but allowed him the opportunity to salvage their currency and belongings, and to further contribute, I have awarded him a 4000 gold sum in their place - basically allowing him a benefit of life insurance payout for their demise, to make this much easier for him to forge something much more constructive in return.

I will state again, that this is a storyline which has caused far more damage than it has good; and I believe it would be for the betterment of the overall community if it simply died. I can only apologize to the players that feel wronged from this, as I realize that many of you were hinged upon Gale's interaction, but after many factors, this seemed to be for the best. I hope this alleviated any ambiguity surrounding this, as I realize that sending PM's/tells to the parties involved may not have warranted any truthful responses in turn.

Einhander has stated that he is satisfied with the outcome of this, and I believe it would be best for us to respect that.
I am furthermore locking this topic. Any further questions can be directed to those involved, as I hope that this will incite players to be more truthful, and trusting with one another.

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