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The Ten Commandments of Character Descriptions
Quote:Chiabella wrote:

Live is flawed because the purpose of skills is not to reflect what is possible in this world. It is to balance out PvE and PvP for gameplay. I personally feel being limited to this mechanic is frustrating and unrealistic. That doesn't mean we should all have a free-for-all on character skills, but that creative use when accepted by all parties is welcome and lends a depth to the roleplay.


I agree that Live is flawed, and powers you had today are gone tomorrow because of a dev's whims, so it's not a terribly reliable measure of ability. It is a good base though for newer players to go by. I don't mean this as a general rule, as experienced players can go beyond the bounds of Live and explore new things as you say.

A lot does depend on the player, and how responsive they are to someone else's ideas. I've seen a lot of abuse, so I tend to shy away from people who want to use mind control to make a fool of you, or blatantly ignore your class' normal abilities because they have a railroad story they want to take you on. In short, I guess people with closed minds are never fun to play with.

I feel you have some good points for going beyond what Live gives us, and I would love to share in that.

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Vampire paladin frogs.. oh my!

No seriously though, I -do- agree with the need for standards of conduct. I find that I tend to play weaker characters in general because I refuse to get into e-peen fights, lol. Dru's conflict strategy = run away!! Bella's = usually get her ass kicked or trip over her own feet and knock herself out <.<;

With the exception of my succubus, my other girls are just normal commoners (of their races) with a lot of eccentricities. I generally follow the spell guidelines as well, to give me a basis, but I've seen some really great conflicts between others who stretch it to a new level. I'm not that creative a text fighter though.

I think like... well, with the exception of Vampire paladin frogs, many ideas can be done either absurdly or with credibility. For example, because it was brought up by the player: I've known Addra's character for some time now and I think he's really developed it into a mature and deep character. Another person may take a similar character arch ad it would be totally silly, but done well and with maturity, it just enhances our Roleplay world. Similar to Kretol being a demi-god and to Sulfaran being possessed. In capable and mature player hands, these can work out to be wonderful characters. I do agree it should be kept within the lore though.

Omg.. I took more headache meds and I'm totally rambling... Or thinking out loud or something... Weeee *toot toot* <makes train noises>

Do you know that I have someone in my guild on live that is named Marysue? Kinda makes you go "hmmmmmmmm"

Okay.. shutting up before you all think I'm a nutbar.
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Quote:...mg.. I took more headache meds and I'm totally rambling...

Ever try taking a Claratin? They usually kill my migraines.

But anywhoo, it's hard . on a public server to legislate moderation, in a perfect world people would play believable characters and not superheroes/Inyuasha's. Personally I get a bigger kick out of corrupt politicians, and Defias crooks than some far flung raid target/MOB I have been killing for the past 2 + 4 years in MMO's.

But the golden rule is: to each his own! I play with what collection of characters people made there are as best I can. You can only advocate and not dictate.

The base spell stats are a good starting point for reality, though. At least they are constant and we have to accept them.
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hehe well iam kind of in a mix with this one <.< >.> because my characters parents died and they happened to be the noble family of her village....T_T but! it is all for a reason, i personally enjoy playing very closed off impersonal people, mainly because irl i care to god damn much XD so to play someone who just generally does not care, its a beautiful thing best way i could figure it was...KILL HER PARENTS BUWAHAHAHA :twisted: <.< >.> but yes because she lost that she doesn't like to form bonds...if she was walking down the street and you were being stabbed to death, she would look and keep on her way...its kind of cut her heart off from all that...thats why i did that T_T hope its still acceptable =Þ but yea shes definately no show offy oh iam the best you are all peons buwahahahahaha! while yes she USED to be noble, that was all take away from her a couple 200 years ago ..g2g!
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