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The battle in Southern Barrens
CoTH, hey, how you doin'?

Look, I gotta say, I've been all for this Horde thing for a while and figured its about time to do something about it. Drawing inspiration from others I've come up with the idea to create a cavalry, centered around Champion Karmaul Swiftblade, to fight for the Horde.

This organization has been drawn to the Southern Barrens region, where the Alliance of Fort Triumph and the Horde of Desolation Hold are locked in a violent dispute. The establishment has already been laid with the coming of the Cataclysm. Fort Triumph and Desolation Hold make great centers for each side, and the active battlezone in the middle is perfect for some vicious war RP.

I've put forth a small recruitment effort for the Swiftblade Raiders, to aid the Horde, and thats all good... But I felt this potential for RP could be unleashed with an active opposing force. I've come here to seek active feedback and possibly find a suitable representative of the Alliance to oppose the Blademaster Kenchu of the Horde.

Who among you will stand for the Horde, and who among you will rally under the banner of the Alliance?

I would like this to be a lasting RP gathering between two forces. Champion Swiftblade would be serving under the Warlord in control of Desolation Hold and I would like a suitably equal opponent on the Alliance side, serving under the commanding officer of Fort Triumph. I would like to get some feedback, so throw whatever you've got at me in this thread.

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