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The cry of the Stormwind crier
With the recent events of Worgen joining the Alliance, problems have undoubtedly arisen. Not everyone is game to accept the reinstallation of Gilneans, former Alliance allies, back into the faction. Last night was no exception:

Hear forth, hear forth!
An incident occurred at The Pig and Whistle last night! Hot argument between three humans and a handful of Worgen! Guards' intervention was required!
Hear forth, hear forth!
Worgen are, by law, part of the Alliance now, and they are allowed no more and no less than any other full-fledged Alliance member!

"Why all the hate?" - you wonder. People are simply afraid of change. Unavoidably, more incidents like this will happen. Maybe it escalates into a civil war, maybe not. This, of course, is a choice only -you- can make...
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Navares groggily exited the inn, shaking his mane haggardly. It was certainly an eventful night, considering he had only come for one purpose originally - to simply drink and relax after his morning hunt.

As he heard the crier holler through the streets, his interest was perked.

"... Bloody hell. We get thrown feeble insults by an old man and his milkmaid, and now it's suddenly big news?" He mumbles to himself, a gruff laugh escaping his maw.

"Fools. C'mon, Ebon. Wonder if I'll encounter a protester on the way out?"

A fox with sleek black fur looked up at him curiously before quickly bounding after him.
"I am more afraid of one hundred sheep led by a lion than one hundred lions led by a sheep."
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              It's not against the law to spite a person. That's what bothered Lt. Kogan as an arrest or a fine couldn't be placed. Impartiality was only placed due to his position in the guard, and for the first time in a long time, it sickened him.

              He was irritated when people witnessed Haegwynn giving him coin before the Knight-Lieutenant could give it back; they saw it as bribery. This could spoil his good-knight image. This could get him in trouble with his superiors... what would Inspector Chastain think? Then... an idea. As Kogan listened to the crier while making his patrol routes, a smile lit up beneath his helm. A reminder. The King's law. The Worgen are a part of the Alliance, and as such, the Alliance must work together, a united people, not to be torn with internal conflict. The memories of the Stonemason Riots still hurt the young guard.

              Dr. Frederich, I hope you have a good lesson plan in mind, or I will find someone else to speak. I wish I can speak myself, but the crowds scare me.

              A bakery. Kogan knows what to use the coin for. He enters inside, looks for a specific cake for sale... a small but beautiful red velvet cake with a cream cheese topping and decorated with a chilled, edible rose. The note on the wrapped box read: "A beautiful red for a beautiful name." For Scarlet, a cursed.... looks like Uncle Matthew's lessons came through after all. Kogan ordered the whole thing before sliding the coins he was given... oh, look! Change. As the guard stepped out with the little gift, he passed by the crier to slip the rest of the coin into his pocket.

              Bribery, hah. The anti-worgen accusers didn't buy anything from Kogan but a gift to a worgen. It's not against the law to spite a person, after all.
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