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The day of a Raptor Vendor.
The sun wakes up, so do Trolls. At least most of them. Beacuse De'Ja opened his eyes, when it was reaching it's highest point. And he was late nowhere, beacuse he has nothing to do. The job of training Raptor does not need necessary mean waking up early. The job of training Raptors is what De'ja is master of.
After he took a bath in the waters between Sen' Jin Village and Echo Isles to clean himself, he took a nap on the beach.
Trainer was waiting for two baby raptors, which were supposed to be delivered by Orc named Urkush. He still had some time, so he headed back to his hut, and rolled some weeds into dried leaf from Ashenvale. The time was passing. After about two hours he saw Ukrush riding a cart with two cages.
- Finally - He thought.
After short conversation and sack of money given to Orc, he looked at Raptors.
- You be Human - named the green raptor - And you be Stinky Dwarf - named black one.
He feed them with boar meat, gave them some water and inspected their weight and overall conditions.
- Shouldn't be hard wit' ya'll. - Said to them. - For today it's enough.

Next day he woke up earlier, about two hours after dawn. He rolled a blunt, feed raptors and decided, that he woke up too early. So he took a six hour nap.
The main point of training is to gain animals' trust. The easiest way to do it, is food. If mount trust it's owner, it will be his closest and loyal friend.
He feed them. Next day he did it two times again.

On the fourth day, when he came to their cages, they were not growling at him.
-Oh, Ya like me now, bastards, aint'cha?. Human, ya be first.
He tied thick rope around Raptors neck. -C'mun mon, C'mun. - He pulled animal out of his cage. Close to his leg, he walked with Human around village, time after time giving him pieces of dried meat. - Goood boy, now get back to cage. - Troll pushed green raptor into a cage.
- Now you, Stinky. Come, Stinky, come, come. - The second walk went as easy as first.
- Me luv dis job, boys. - Trainer said to his animals. - See ya'll tommora'. And headed back to hut.

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