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The reason I logged out angry.
Well, as you guys had seen, I logged out quite angry today. The reason? I was tired of going into Stormwind, and policing you kids. I'm one person, that gets overwhelmed by a flood of information, just like anyone else.

This Guard thing and SI:7 thing has gotten out of hand. I'm tired of people arguing with me when they are told something, and I'm tired of people telling me what to do as soon as I log into Harmonic. I come here to have fun, just like you guys, and when you do asanine things such as what you were doing, I get fed up.

I'm not pointing any freakin' fingers, since pretty much ALL of you pissed me off.

The two people who were booted were only PART of this obviously larger problem.

You kiddies need to get your crap together, and learn that IC =/= OOC, and that IC actions have IC consequences and reactions, NO MATTER WHO YOU ARE, or what the hell your character does.
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△Move along.△



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