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The rooster
this is My first all RP privater server and I am rather Excited about it, Ive been longing for some good RP for a while now.
Sinkorel, or Rooster as he likes being called, is a blood elf Male, 6'1, 160lb. He has long red hair and darker than normal skin. he is cocky loud and loves to laugh and joke when off duty, but when performing a task he turns into a dedicated serious warrior, who says little and see everything. He was born and raised on the streets of Silvermoon City. as a young boy his talents for thievery earned him a bad reputation with the city guard, and a bit of respect from the spy and rouges of the court. by age 13 he was saved from a jail sentence by one of the top spies from the royal house Astares. by age 16 he was a servant of one of the House lords sons, spying on his enemies, and lovers. at age 18 He was sent on his first assassination, the slaying of a brigand who had been harassing the caravans of the house Astartes. he caught the eye of the house lord and given a promotion to the lord personal service. at 25 he was adopted by the house, after saving the lord from a trio of goblin assassins during war planing in Lorederon during the second war against the Orcs, and took on the name Sinkorel Lix Astares. he was put in charge of his old mentor whose skills he had surpassed long ago as the lords son and captain of the secrete guard. then tragedy struck, Arthas attack on the Elves was struck while the house Astares was throwing a party at their estate of Suncrow village, Sinkorel was away in Iron forge at the time, having new enchanted blades crafted for him. the news of the attack arrived before the process of forging could be completed, he grabbed the burning blades from the furnace and used the family crest to teleport to Silvermoon, he rushed into battle with the army of the traitor Arthas quenching the blades in the blood of his foes. now, the last member of his house, he searches for a new family to join, he cares nothing about good or evil, and will fight loyally for anyone who would adopt this orphan into their home.

see yall game side hope it was aa good a read for you as it was a write for me ^_^
Aaaand now go read the stickies that describe the format for introductions, and remember while you're with us to always go through all of the "literature" (wiki, stickies, etc,) before posting about something.
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