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Theodoric Falk [Human Warrior]
Player: Esthrunil

Character Full Name: Theodoric Willem Falk

Character In-Game Name: Theodoric

Nickname(s): Theo, Teddy, Falk

Association(s): None.

Race: Human

Class: Warrior

Skills and Abilities: Theodoric is trained in the use of sword and shield, well-versed in firearm preparation, cleaning and usage, as well as the proper use of explosives. He also is somewhat knowledgeable in small-scale tactics, though that is the extent to which his knowledge runs.

Age: 31

Sex: Male

Hair: Moderately well-kept blonde hair that falls just above his shoulders.

Eyes: Light blue.

Weight: 194 Lbs.

Height: 6'1”

Usual Garments/Armor: Theodoric prefers mobility to full protection, so he typically prefers leather or lighter plate armors. As for clothing, he has simple taste.

Other: Theodoric typically carries at least a one-handed blade and a combat knife, at the least. He is also known to carry a firearm and explosives, if required.

Personality: While Theodoric has a valiant and loyal flavor to his general personality, his past actions have shown him to be a flake at his core. A combination of his fear of committing himself to any one thing and his love for traveling has left him an unpredictable and unreliable person. He has a passion for experiences, but has used it poorly in the past, and it has brought him to where he is. As much as he doesn't give himself credit for it, however, he is a, “good man.”

As of the current moment, his willpower has been mostly sapped from years of drug use and running. It is making a resurgence, however, and he is trying to piece himself together, fighting through feelings of self-loathing and regret for what he left behind.

History: Theodoric was born in a small village in Western Lordaeron to a family of five. He was the middle child of three brothers in a smith's family. His childhood was fairly typical in most ways. He spent his time going to school, learning what he could about as much as he could, and returning home to help around the house and play until he was old enough to begin helping at the forge. They had heard news of the fights going on with the Orcs, but their life was only touched by it through commissioned arms for the local militia.

At the age of fifteen, Theodoric started up a little relationship with a local farmer's daughter, Adele Stahl. They continued their romance on and off for the next three years, mostly due to a fear of there being no-one else. Life at this age was overly dramatic, naturally.

At eighteen, Theodoric took initiative to change his life. Sick of the small town and same sights everyday, he informed his parents that he'd be leaving to join the military. Despite their protests, he was adamant, taking the next caravan after saying goodbye to Adele one more time. The ride was long and tiring, but he soon found himself in Lordaeron, the big city. It was unlike anything the young man had ever seen before – such bustling streets and large buildings were awe-striking. His next move, as a homeless and poor man, was to speak to a recruiter and sign up for Lordaeron's grand military.

The training was grueling, but well worth it in the long run. Theodoric made a great number of good friends over time, and he gained knowledge that would serve him well. After training, he was assigned to a group and given a post. He gained a reputation among his group for being a decent point man. He took part in a few skirmishes with local bandits and thugs, but nothing too substantial during the first few years of his active duty.
After a while, however, the Third War swept across Lordaeron. Many soldiers were re-stationed and most saw active combat with the Scourge – a terrible sight for anyone to behold. Theodoric fought to defend Lordaeron, but after witnessing friends die and noticing a clear loss when he could see it, he quit the field and fled active military service, abandoning his colors and finding a relatively safe town to hitch a caravan from. He let the failure sink in deep, but tried to justify what he still considers his greatest act of cowardice.

Coming down from the failures of his military career, he found himself hiding away in Booty Bay when he noticed a poster looking for able-bodied men and women to do a little work. A lack of money and an empty stomach led the man to check the offer out. The work ended up being a recruitment for a little band of mercenaries that did odd jobs – protection, extortion, infiltration and the likes. Naturally, running on no gold as he was, Theodoric joined up. Bringing with him a good deal of military tactical knowledge, he was a blessing to the group. Job after job went off without a hitch, and each one of them had begun to amass a fine bit of gold.

One night, Theodoric lay awake in bed with memories of his failure as a soldier, however. It took one night to ruin a life he'd built for a good deal of time, with one decision. He picked up his things and, mid job, just walked off in the middle of the night, back for Booty Bay. He left no warning to the crew and said no good-byes. The job was just a bit too dangerous it seems, as the crew was left utterly devastated, with no-one left to run home to Booty Bay the day after.

The man's sorrows finally began to win him over, his demons haunting him night and day while he just tried to find a way to keep them quiet. It was at this point that a conniving, sneaky little goblin weaseled his way into Theodoric's life, offering him a little pick-me-up. It took a lot of consideration, but the man agreed to try a sample. The pick-me-up was Ratchet White, and it simultaneously gave him energy and euphoria. He was hooked. Days blurred together as he ran up a considerable debt to the goblin – Dexxle. He paid it with what he had, but he soon found himself on the wrong end of some chains.

Starting out as a fistfighter with a rather measly pay of food and Ratchet White (though as a slave, what would one expect?), Theodoric started to follow the lowest point in his life. A poor side effect of the Ratchet White was that, despite its wonderful highs, he still felt the lows just as bad as ever. He never forgot the failures of his life that brought him here. He just kept fighting, learning to take out his self-hatred on his opponents, just other slaves like him. At nights, he would sit in his, “quarters” and talk himself out of ending it all for half of the night, getting a little bit of shut-eye.

He became desperate and hatched a half-assed plan, after some time. The plan was simple – get what he needed to escape and get out. It was brilliant for him, really. He was just desperate enough that, at this point, the only two options of being free or dying were good enough for him. It was an amazing stroke of luck that he was even able to find an opening after months of looking. He broke out of his chains, escaped his quarters and escaped with no-one any wiser until the next morning, when he'd already found someone willing to help him run away.

Cut off of his source of euphoria, Theodoric pulled into a deep string of withdrawal, but he forced himself to walk through. His mind was addled and he was still shaken up, but damnit, he was still alive. Failure or not, that was worth something to him. It was clear to him, however, that he was hardly safe in Stranglethorn anymore, after a few scares. Months of running and hiding, slowly recovering from his drug habit, he just tried to find a way to keep going.

Today, he has little more than his armor and weapons to his name. He's prone to bouts of depression, is still in debt to multiple people and has made more than a few enemies in his lifetime. All he can really do, now, is keep running.
10,000 days in the fire is long enough,
You're going home...

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