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Think Tank Brain Train Time: Star Wars Edition
Wheeeeeeeeee random thread titles.

I'm making a tabletop Star Wars adventure for use with the Legacy edition of the game, this iteration being created a few years ago by Wizards of the Coast. For those of you unfamiliar with these games, they are role-playing games that are not video games, each player using their imagination to fill in most of the visuals. It's basically playing a more mature, structured version of House or Doctor, like a small child plays.

I'm not really gauging interest (though I'd consider running it for some interested people if there was enough of it), but more looking for contributions and ideas for the story. The tale is a story of some force-sensitive slaves on a mining planet in the Unknown Regions of the galaxy.


EDIT: I've since made the folder visible to all with the link, so here it is: https://drive.google.com/?tab=oo&authuse...GxsYTdnMW8

That's my campaign document. I love Google Docs, so awesome. If you're interested in helping me out, send me your Google account and I'll give you the ability to comment (EDIT: Anyone with the link can now comment.).
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I don't really know enough about Star Wars lore (I've only ever watched the movies) to provide much content, but I could always be used to bounce ideas off of and judge things, if that makes sense. Also expressing interest in this for a game.
What I don't know in WoW lore, I more than double up in Star Wars lore. (Saddens me that a lot of the expanded universe was abandoned.)

I'd be happy to help though.
As someone who is running their own Star Wars D20 Game, I wish you all the luck with this! Heh, good to see Dark Side Campaigns. Let me know if you need the stat books/where to find them.
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I kinda' don't know which edition it's referring to. The Saga one, or the Revised (D20) one?

Either way, I've read the Revised books and it's pretty nice. I like a bunch of the systems put in place there... Add to that the lovely rules in the Dark Side Sourcebook... And you've got a winner.

As for your campaign idea - it's good, but extremely ambitious regarding the later developments. Have you run games of that scale before? It's gonna take a lot of effort to portray something galaxy-wide like that, even given the perspectives of a few characters(the party).

I really like it, all in all. I earnestly hope it takes off. I likely wouldn't mind trying my hand at it, either.
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Recommended reads: Divine and Arcane. Also, elves.
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(08-08-2014, 02:01 AM)flammos200 Wrote: As for your campaign idea - it's good, but extremely ambitious regarding the later developments. Have you run games of that scale before? It's gonna take a lot of effort to portray something galaxy-wide like that, even given the perspectives of a few characters(the party).

I agree. On a galaxy wide scale battle, you'd have to take into account not just the actions of the Republic, but also a -lot- of individual races and societies.

I also see issues in a bunch of slaves just building an empire like that out of nothing. The sith empire built in secrecy over the course of generations until it was powerful enough to face the republic before being beat down only to repeat the building process and it has done this many, many, many times.

And that's just to overpower the Republic, a faction like the one you're describing will definitely attract the ire of the Empire as well and they'll want to crush this new faction before it becomes a threat.

There's also some other small problems present, like lightsabers. Constructing lightsabers is a closely guarded jedi/sith secret and it is a closely guarded secret for the very purpose to stop splinter groups like this to appear.
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(08-07-2014, 09:13 PM)KomodoTheCashew Wrote: What I don't know in WoW lore, I more than double up in Star Wars lore. (Saddens me that a lot of the expanded universe was abandoned.)

I'd be happy to help though.

I think Disney officially declared all the expanded universe non-canon. The movies and cartoons are still canon, though. So, out with a lot of well-developed source material, and in with HAHA MIDICHLORIANS 4 LYFE-

I was going with Revised, but I switched to Saga like half-way through because I liked the character development more. I plan on converting much of the Dark Side source book material to work with Saga. Not to mention I'm going to incorporate unofficial things (mostly sources that people can consider (essential) and things of that nature). As for your concern about scale, I suppose I should bring up a point. I'm not writing the campaign so I can run it. I'm writing it so others can run it too, so that there's more epic dark side/Sith adventure to be had for everyone.

With that said, I have played in similarly scaled games that take the progression route similar to this. In the campaign I played in, we went from villagers to actual deities. We played for a couple of years before we hit that point, but damn was it satisfying. I'm writing this with the direction that campaign went: people don't design their traps and what not with a bypass in mind, especially in, say, a crypt where they never want to go back to. The purpose of the campaign, other than plain fun, is to make players really think and plan their moves out. Makes for better RP that way.

I already addressed the scope concerns in my post to Flammos. On the subject of the Sith, I'm very aware of how they came to power, over and over again. I don't actually intend for the players to create a brand new faction. It's definitely an option, however merciless and difficult it is. If they really get into being a Sith, they will think like one and realize that the quickest way to power is to join an already existing faction and rise through their ranks. That's faster and easier than starting an organization from the ground up.

Taking the lightsaber thing as one instance of difficulty,
  1. That's the players' problem. If they want to ascend through the ranks of the Sith Empire, then cool, it's a good way to learn lightsaber crafting. Otherwise? Better start raiding some caches of knowledge to figure it out.
  2. It is entirely possible they will just have to forgo lightsabers because they don't know how to acquire the knowledge. That's a hindrance the players will have to deal with.
  3. I'm not about campaigns always letting the character survive, no matter HOW narrowly, to see the next session. I like danger and consequences. If anyone can die from a stupid decision, then it is that much more intense!
I won't deny that it would be interesting to see the players plan their moves and to see how they rise to power. If you think you can handle it then I definitely think you should go ahead with it.

Undoubtedly players would be at a disadvantage against other force users without a lightsaber, but as we've seen in the past it's entirely possible to kill a jedi or sith with no lightsaber yourself. In fact some say that a jedi/sith is more susceptible to unconventional techniques when it comes to taking down force users. I recall Jaina Solo turning to Boba Fett to teach her some unconventional jedi killing moves to use on her brother Darth Caedus. Opens the door to some creative combat.

It'd also be interesting to see if any character reached the absurd aptitude in the force required to stop a lightsaber with your bare hands.
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I like when the players are at a disadvantage. That's part of what attracted me to Deadlands, too. The reason is that it's ultimately more satisfying for everyone involved. And if they fail? Make them at least go out with some major consequences and make it worth their while. Fudge the dice during the fight with the womp rat, but let it all play out in boss fights or even strong opponents. The key to making the fights matter is to make each character distinct, unless they're really small mooks. I think a key I need to come up with is, for each character that really poses some sort of threat to the party/character, give a three-adjective personality and a two-word tactic description for each one and hold them to those descriptions.

Bam, idea in the middle of a post. But yeah, this would likely eventually reach out into epic levels, unless the group is just REALLY good at RPing and strategy games.
As an update, I'm stewing on some ideas but am hesitant to include them in the document because I'm trying to figure out the most appealing one. Also opened it for comments by anyone, no account required, according to Google.
Quote:Sith Lord Atarks, a Wookie

For a second, I double taked-ed. I thought Wookies weren't force-sensitive, but, as it turns out, they are.

Quote:Atarks is a Sith Alchemist

Not sure, but wasn't Sith Alchemy dead by 6,000 BBY?

I read somewhat into Star Wars lore, so add me on Skeep if you so desire. Skype name is shadybaroo.


Quote:I think Disney officially declared all the expanded universe non-canon.

Disney can die in a hole, they won't consider expanded universe canon but they're keeping Jar Jar as canon?
Sith alchemy was still alive and well in 6000 BBY. It still exists ABY, as evidenced by Darth Plagueis and his apprentice Darth Sidious (Palpatine, Emperor, whatever you wanna call him). Darth Plagueis used sith alchemy/sith sorcery to manipulate midichlorians, but Sidious was very secretive about his practice of the art. Getting back to the original point, the closest point I can think of that is after 6,000 BBY is Naga Sadow, who was DLotS around 5,000 BBY and was a more open practitioner of Sith Sorcery.

And yes, Disney did a pretty crappy thing by declaring everything outside the movies and their on-television spin-offs non-canon. Made me sad. :(
Bump, still looking for whatever ideas you Star Wars fans might have. Couple of updates on this, too.

1. I've decided the Sith Empire (which is actually founded around 6,900 BBY it turns out) is currently operating under the Rule of One, even though I'm a huge fan of the Rule of Two. My reasoning for this is because it creates larger power struggles but it also allows for multiple Sith to exist. The other obvious reason is that the Rule of Two was established by Darth Bane after meditating on Darth Revan's holocron, and the events of Revan and his redemption don't happen until somewhere around 4,000 BBY I think, meaning Darth Bane's legacy begins much later.

2. I'm taking to a new approach. Rather than do this chronologically and entirely structured and plotted out, I'm going with a sort of organic storytelling method. I'm creating main events and characters, which are going to be key in the campaign in some way or another. I will then look at my database of characters and events and create a web from them to create links. I will build the story around these rather than building off the story alone, if that makes sense. While on this train of thought, if you have a neat concept for a character or event, definitely suggest it and I'll consider it as best I can.

3. I'm holding off on statting and mechanics until I've got at least a skeleton of the full, usable plot (which means that the entire campaign [or perhaps section if I decide to go that route] can be played through pure role-play before I add in mechanics and what not). This is to save me the headache of trying to balance while plotting out the story.

To those who missed the edit in my original post, here is the link to the Google Drive folder (no downloading or anything needed to comment or view, it's all online)!

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