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This is Combat!
This is combat, you can die in combat! You don't wanna die, you should avoid In-Character altercations if possible.

Now, onto the topic, I want to throw-out and around information regarding fighting.
I've been noticing a new influx of players, and many of which are a little bored with good ol' fashion tea-party. This is fine, and if you will be role-playing out of relative safety, you need to know where you stand. First off, Levels don't matter IC'ly, or rather a whole lot.

New guys out there, you see a level 70 running around, this should be the first thing that comes to mind: "He/She's a good role-player, I can trust them OOC'ly and expect quality IC'ly.", At least for the most part. In a /duel or some sort of PvP setting, 70's are always at an advantage, so your better off sticking to your level. A 70 should not request a PvP fight to be counted In-character, against a lower level, it just isn't fair. Low-levels, don't be afraid of us just because you see a big ol' 70 next to our names. That 70 is just a stamp, in fact role-playing with 70's is a good idea. Now, if the 70 you plan on fighting has a whole lot of armor and weaponry and looks intimidating (And is In Character) you can role-play a certain fear-factor if you'd like, but don't take stats and levels too literal.

There are 3 ways to fight on our server that I'm aware of. The first and most recognizable would be PvP fights, which I think are fine if they have been discussed first between the two who plan on fighting, Ganking is not allowed. The second way is just emoting fights, using the '/e'. There is a bit of maturity and responsibility needed to have a good emoted fight. It's real easy to godmode while doing this, and you'd be doing both sides a favor by being fair and realistic. Friends can do this easily, and 70's are usually skilled and responsible enough to keep the fight sensible. New guys, get acquainted with it, because those can be a lot of fun. (Almost like playing with toys, in a sense.) The last one, you would do yourself a favor to know is /roll'ing. Look up the 'Roll roll roll my...Dice' thread in the Articles and Guides section for the whole thing. As a general roll, you use the roll command, highest number wins. Feel free to discuss with whoever your fighting on changing up the rules, like changing the range (1-100, 1-50, 1-10, anything like that.) adding in modifiers or restricting a character's roll. It's up to you the player to recognize when things need changing, but above all, try to be agreeable and support your reason for why 'this and that'.

Combat situations, you can't throw on the punching gloves and put up your dukes in just any ol' place. Fighting is a no-no in the Drudaen Tavern and probably most cities. Don't assume it's outlawed all the time in cities, I could see the guards rooting on a friendly boxing match in the middle of Goldshire for a while, for instance. (No one would be killed or injured however) Orcs are kinda scrappy, and may be lenient. If your not sure, message up any of the friendly GM's about it. IF you plan on killing a character, IC'ly, these are best done with the roll command, no one wants to emote their own death, I think. Also PvP can be used in the instance too, but try and be a little lenient with it. (Maybe a 2/3 fight, just to be fair.) Your character can be resurrected only once, after that if you die again, kick the bucket and make sure it stays down. If you kill a character, and knew of it, try to understand that killing another person is pretty nerve-wrecking. Only the most hardened of characters could brush it off as nothing, most civilians or younger-in-age characters might be very bothered by it. Maiming, injuring a character permanently, is beyond scars. Maiming could be an eye poked out, an arm torn off, a broken shoulder, the works. Discuss who you were role-playing with, the extent of the damage and if it can be restored normally. Other than that, if your missing an important IC limb, and don't get an IC replacement (Mechanical or something like that.) Remember to remind everyone around you that your missing that limb with emotes, or even LookingForGroup.

The state of magic, it's important. You may find yourself in a fight with someone who uses magic, understand that magic has it's little perks. A Fireball could maim a character with burns or something, while a bolt of Ice could freeze limbs. (frostbite) Demonic magic can be treated as Arcane and it can be assumed they just 'hurt'. I don't know how and why. Holy magic would most likely hurt demons and undead alot, whilst shadow magic would enhance it. It's yours and whoever your playing with's call.
Healing is still allowed, but in a roll fight it should take up the turn of whoever used it.
Using guns and bows works along in the same way any physical damage is done, don't worry too much about it.

Multiple combatants! This could get hairy in any type of situation, PvP, emoted, and rolls. If emoting or rolling, make sure to specify who your planning on hitting/dodging. Also if you plan on intervening with magic, or putting your body in the way, or tackling the aggressor be sure to roll for it if your rolling.

Lastly, Don't fear the reaper. You were looking for death as soon as you realized you didn't want to Role-play in regulated circumstances. Do yourself and everyone else a favor, warn people of the nature of your character, OOC'ly and IC'ly if need be, about homicidal tendencies, GM approved abilities, and anything that would change the tide of battle. Don't meta with this information, however, if your character fights, make sure he/she stays and fights, or find a good reason for them to run. If you *really* don't want to die, request your character be maimed or injured or robbed, We are all friends here and we can all talk about it.

That concludes this little post, if I think of anything I might come back and edit. Please discuss or add your own bit, I probably forgot something very important.
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Hey, hey! This is a good guide for new players! G'job, mate!
"War doesn't determine who's right. War determines who's left."
Moved to the Articles and Guides section, because it is very nicely written!
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very helpful. thx :D
Thanks man, i find this very usefull
I'm not really sure if this is too important or not, but I'll say it anyway.

In regards to magic, specifically of the fel and arcane persuasion, it is my understanding that the following happens;

Arcane: In the case of a bolt-like or burst attack such as Arcane Missiles or Arcane Explosion, it would be akin to the victim running into a brick wall, basically a large, 'heavy' object rushing at the opponent. In the case where there is minimal magical transfer between the two combatants, such as the spell Arcane Blast, one can assume that the spell assaults the opponent's mind directly, resulting in a draining, migraine-like pain.

Fel: The fel magister usually uses curses and rituals (Often including some sacrifice and consumption of demon blood), with little bombardment of actual bolts of magic. Some examples of this would be the Warlock spells Corruption and Curse of Agony. As such, little concussive force can be applied to fel magic. Fel magic can actually be seen as a living entity, somewhat of a leech or parasite, as it drains life energy from both the caster and the victim. It seems to have a larger effect on the victim, often rendering him or her completely drained of energy, sometimes to the point of the victim becoming comatose.

I'm sorry, I didn't realize I committed forum necromancy. Feel free to disregard this.
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It's a relevant addition of useful information to an intelligent discussion. I'll let it slide. *grins*
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"We are here on earth to fart around, and don't let anybody tell you different."
~Kurt Vonnegut

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