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Thoughts, on profiles, players, and the GM's.
No it still is on topic, Nub. :D Profiles is even in the topic. :D
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Pfft. Rensin was totally making a statment and then it got all dilluted!
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I think this topic and what Cressy are talking about meld nicely.
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△Move along.△


I just want to also add empthasis that this goes for being rude whenever even a PLAYER makes a comment, yet alone a GM, whenever we tell you go fix your story, or tell you that you can't roll a certain class because of your race, or whatever. So please, don't throw a hissy fit over it whenever we do so.

Contrary to some people's belief, we don't do this to be pricks. We do this to help you. So throwing it back in our faces doesn't make us happy. Not one bit.
"I am more afraid of one hundred sheep led by a lion than one hundred lions led by a sheep."

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