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Throy Lighthammer [Human]
Player: denisalex

Character Full Name: Throy Lighthammer

Character In-Game Name: Throy

Nickname(s): Thor

Association(s): The Alliance, Stormwind City, The Light

Race: Human

Class: Paladin

Skills and Abilities: He shares the skills and abilities with the other normal paladins, but considering his physical strength and his weapon, some skills and abilities must be added:

"Bone-cracker" - His hammer is very heavy and would surely crack some bones of his enemies, even under the protection of plate armor, on a successful hit.

"Solid armor" - His plate armor, made by his father, is very solid and would deflect the average arrows and slashes towards him.

Age: 28

Sex: Male

Hair: Black, soldier style

Eyes: Green

Weight: 89 kg

Height: 1,82 m

Usual Garments/Armor: He always wears the plate armor that his father made for him, along with a blue mantle.

Alignment: Lawful Good

Personality: Throy is a good person that would generally help anybody in need. His attitude towards the Horde varies since he doesn't attack without a reason, but even though, he would never wait for a Forsaken to act, he will try to kill him/her right away because he believes that they are the source of all evil and they have to be destroyed. He sustains the cause of the Alliance and would be glad to help any race from its membership, considering they never break the laws or act against the Light.

History: Throy Lighthammer, born into a proud family of paladins, was raised in Elwynn Forest and was born two years after the Second War took place. His family had a hard time when they tried to retake their lands from the Orcs, but the Alliance eventually fought the Orcs back and imprisoned them into internment camps.

Throy's father, Telarin, earned a living from his job as a blacksmith and brought a decent amount of money to his family because he was quite well-known and he made armors for many soldiers of the Alliance. He was always busy with his work, but that was not a big problem for Throy since his mother and grandfather, Teregorn, were always there for him.

Both his father and grandfather were knights who fought in the First War with determination alongside the other humans as they tried to defend their capital city from the Orcs. However, the Orcs managed to invade the city and so, the Alliance forces lost control and were forced to retreat to the north. After the tables turned and the Alliance regained their lands, after a hard struggle over a course of a year, Telarin and Teregorn became paladins, but later on, Telarin became a blacksmith and met Throy's future mother who was working as a barmaid at the inn in their village.

After Throy was born, his family was very happy that he was a boy, so he could grow up to become a paladin and continue the family's legacy. Since Telarin was working everyday to make armors for the Alliance soldiers, Throy's mother and Teregorn, his grandfather, looked after the little boy.

Years passed and Throy was getting bigger and so, he got to the age of 19 years old when the Scourge claimed Lordaeron and the Orcs escaped from the internment camps and went to Kalimdor. The great threat of the Burning Legion was also a great problem to the world and the Alliance united with the Horde to stop it. Teregorn went with the other Alliance forces to help the Night Elves and returned home, obviously wounded, after the war was over. He recovered a few months after, but he knew it would be impossible for him to fight in another war since he was getting too old.

After Teregorn was proclaimed a war veteran of the Alliance, he retired and started to teach his nephew how to worship the Light and also how to fight. Throy was doing good and his grandfather was proud of him and was also thinking that he would become a great paladin.

While Throy was still practicing with great determination, Teregorn knew that his nephew was soon to be proclaimed a paladin. Teregorn announced Telarin that he must have started to make a great armor for his son that would offer him protection within battles. Telarin was proud of his son and started to work at the armor right away.

One year ago, after Throy became a true paladin and swore to honor the Light all his life, he was given a wonderful armor by his father in exchange for his wish to keep the family's legacy of becoming a paladin. The armor was very solid and heavy, but Throy was very muscular after his grandfather trained him for many years, so he could move with ease while wearing it. After he received the gift from his father, Throy was honored and felt overjoyed, but Telarin surprised him once again after he gave him the righteous hammer of their family. That hammer was made by Teregorn's father many years ago and since then, it was passed from generation to generation. It is very heavy and hard to maneuver, but considering Throy's physical shape, it is wielded by him easily.

Now that he is a true descendant of the Lighthammer family, he seeks to bring justice to the world and fight for the Light.
One thing!

Quote:Both his father and grandfather were paladins who fought in the First War with determinance alongside the other humans as they tried to defend their capital city from the Orcs.

Paladins did not exist until after the First War! If you mean Throy's father aand grandfather were clerics/knights who BECAME paladins later on, then a quick rewrite of this little spot is all you need! Otherwise, looks good.
Your stories will always remain...
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... as will your valiant hearts.
Should be fine now.
Thank you.
Hang on... Is his armor literally made of titansteel? That's worth a ridiculous sum of gold.

Also. Don't go OP with it. There are different kinds of arrows and different kinds of weapons. A pickhammer'd easily punch through platemail, and a warhammer'd bash it in. Similarly, there are specialized arrows which are meant specifically to pierce plate, with heavy, bullet-like tips.
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Recommended reads: Divine and Arcane. Also, elves.
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Of course it's not like that. It would be too unusual. I just called it so, I have no intention to make anybody think that it's -divine armor-. And yes, I am aware of all the weapons that might pierce through it, don't worry.
Thank you.
It would still be good if you could rename it, so as to clear up confusion.
The lore checks out, I think, but there's an abundance of spelling errors! Mind running it through Microsoft Word or something to clean those out? Otherwise...

Initial approval!
Your stories will always remain...
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... as will your valiant hearts.

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