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Tides of Change
For years, the population of Azeroth has been slowly recovering from the devastating effects of the Plague. Varimathras went missing shortly after the barriers came down, and after a cursory investigation, he was forgotten. Indeed, in the years of recovery and healing after the Plague, it seemed many forgot the threats of the world. However, these threats never truly disappeared...they merely waited. And now, with the population of adventurers greatly diminished, it seems they've chosen their time to strike.

The Scourge, still under the power of the Lich King, has gained strength. Due to the numbers of humanoids who died during the Plague, the Lich King has managed to nearly double the size of his mindless, shambling army, and the Plaguelands are seething with undead. However, these undead seem to have even more purpose than before, almost as aware as Forsaken, and they are not merely standing to be cut down by the young hero, but forming rank and file, choosing their targets wisely. They are on the march, and the Argent Dawn - undermanned as ever and shocked at the change in their enemy's behaviour - are hard pressed to stem the tide. For the first time in many years, they have sent envoys to the Horde to plea for aid before the Scourge bursts forth and destroys all in their path.

But it is not only the Scourge which is once more making itself known; the Legion too has found its servants among pockets of zealots who managed to survive. Even in Ogrimmar itself, they grow in strength, and have chosen the time to strike in the name of their gods. Rifts and tears in the very fabric of reality are opening up all over Azeroth, and unless the tide is stemmed, it could be that once more the Legion will walk Azeroth in great numbers - and there are few now who live with the strength to stop them.

Of course, not all threats can be seen. When all aboveground were dying or hiding in domed refuges, the insectile armies Aqir and Qiraji have been breeding and plotting, waiting for the humanoid races to be at their weakest. They expanding their hives, digging ever closer to the cities were the last of Azeroth's people called home. Now, they have chosen their time to strike, bursting forth out of the ground and and preparing for a final assault, unless their numbers are controlled or quelled.

Now comes a sense of urgency to the world...old threats upon the horizon, and so few to stand up to battle the forces which would make Azeroth their own. Take up your weapons, adventurers; only two choices are available now to you.

Fight, or die.

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