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Time for a new shooter.
PS2; Quick thoughts since my previous post as I tried it.

Performance/quality wise? No probs, looking good. No lagg what so ever.

Combat wise? ... I keep finding myself running for 1000 meters because of some wise-nut that destroyed all the terminals. Seeing as I can't change class, I'm stuck on foot. .. Combat is over as quickly as it starts, with fights only lasting a few minutes resulting in a base captured or lost. There's no clear help in-game apart from a message at the map, nothing is explained and you are literally dropped right into the combat. "Good luck!" Got myself up to level 3 then closed it.

Tl;dr - Decent? I don't like the walking for miles thing with a 10 minute delay on your teleport.. spawn pod thing. I think I'll pass on it and look for something with -smaller- maps and more clear objectives. That's what I liked about TF2. Several game-modes, doable maps and objectives were so clear that it smacked you in the face.
The game isn't pay to win.. at all.. Everything is cosmetic, even the stranges. The items are dropped to everyone equally no matter what. Yes you can spend some cents on those weapons but it's pretty worthless as you will get them anyway. I traded for about a year now on TF2 and I've seen people with backpacks so much worth.. Bu that is because they spend money in the game, and I don't mean money to buy something from the store. No, that's stupid. Money to buy unusuals, unusuals which can be anywhere between 20 dollars and 3000. The unusual trading is pretty much like real life trading, you can go BIG and get some nice money out of it if you trade them properly. I don't really get it why you care so much about this market thing.. People have been buying games with tf2 keys for a while now and that ain't gonna change. It's pretty much the same thing really. Nothing changed, Valve just made it a littler easier I suppose.
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Quote:Yes you can spend some cents on those weapons but it's pretty worthless as you will get them anyway

Not the point. Point is the trading for steam wallet funds only encourages trading instead of actually encouraging the shooter. Soon that marketplace disease will spread to other games so people start shouting for trade requests on every server there. It encourages to be online on several accounts, botting and idling to get more of those tools; and sell them at the marketplace aka getting free cash. (Which was already happening, but this just encourages it considering they can now earn money while doing it.)

Valve should stop making it easier. Valve should remove the focus on it entirely.

Shooter + Hats -> Trading + hats and shooter on the side.

But we are bound to disagree on the latter. ^^
Have you tried Tribes: Ascend?

My favorite shooter currently is Halo, but that's for Xbox only (And belongs only on Xbox)
Ah, that's the one I meant in the original post. All that gliding and jumping all over the place; Not my thing.

Thanks though! Appreciate the input. :)
Just as a random update; I was stupid enough to buy WarZ with the previously misleading steam information. Then I was stupid enough to buy it from their main site (Because hey.. it was 2 bucks cheaper then steam) which held pretty much the same information; Filled with lies and false promises; And now I'm fighting like many people to get a refund.

Game was pulled off steam within hours of it's arrival and while steam gives no-question-asked refunds to the users that bought it there; I'm fighting with a paypal dispute.

Don't get the game, really. Don't. Everything they wrote about it is a flat out lie. This guy named Sergey who's the CEO is a complete derp and doesn't know what he's doing; Other developers are less bad but as it shows, they don't got listened to what so ever. War z forums were madness last night, haven't checked now but in an attempt at crowd control there, they banned people on a whim; Deleted threads freely as they went including several that guided people to the steam refund page.

Not sure if I still got access by now. But hell, this game is a money-grabbing scam and scandal.

Few flat out lies;
- Steam showing it as fully released game; It's an alpha. A poor one.
- Offering maps that range from 100 to 400km.
* Truth: They got one map that's 62 km, no eta on others.
- Up to 100 players per server.
* Truth: They only offer 50, when people shouted about it they apparently added 20 of the 240 servers to be 100.
- Play with friends.
* No friends list, no private server, no way of communicating except over a radius chat.
- Skill points/tree
* Not implemented, no eta on when.
- Two modes of play; Normal and Hardcore.
* Truth: Hardcore ain't working.
- Dedicated private servers.
* Lol nope, not rent-able. No ETA on when.
- "No pay to win game!"
* Truth: You can instantly revive yourself and buy ammo for real cash, as well as a gun. Pay to win.

All of the above was advertised as key features on the steam sale list; They altered it slightly after in attempt to do damage control, Steam ended up removing it and refunding cash to all those that send in a support ticket.

Edit; Got Arma to try out DayZ, worth a shot there. Else. Eh, I've been having fun with Saints Row 3 lately.
From the makers of Big Rigs: Over The Road Racing!....

Google it.
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I wish I had before buying; I wish I had.

Oh well. Lesson learned; Don't buy stuff from main gaming sites when it's two bucks cheaper. Stick to steam.. Stick to steam.

Paypal; "Lolno, it's not a tangible good. You are out of luck."
Bank; "If several people file a police report there might be something we can do."
Me; "... Police report over twelve bucks?" .. I was tempted for a moment, for the lulz.

At least for those twelve bucks, I've had a night filled with forum ragings; rantings, attacks on the developers; attacks on the executive and lulz all over the place. I for some reason -adore- forum riots like that, they amuse me in a strange way. I guess that's the most fun I'll have out of this purchase. Just reading the massive hate, the logic people use; Those that have a valid one get swarmed, those that have none get listened to. Then there's the mods under new accounts to post good things just in an attempt to keep the atmosphere from going worse.. It's just a lovely, chaotic mess of immaturity from all sides, spiced up with a good portion of hate and served on a curse platter.

.. I think I got an issue. Probably for the better that I'm not a FH. lol.

Here's TB's (in my opinion) spot on review;

(12-20-2012, 05:46 AM)Clovis Wrote: From the makers of Big Rigs: Over The Road Racing!....

Google it.

Wait... Really? REALLY!? AHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAH! OH MY GOD! That game was the biggest disaster I have -ever- seen! It was up on the video game exhibit on Stockholm Technological Museum as "what not to do when developing a video game." Oh my god, Big Rigs, origin of the almighty reverse!
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I've been having fun with Far Cry 3.

The story is kind of dumb, but it's a nice sand-boxy type of FPS that you can lose yourself in. Lots of places to explore, lots of baddies to kill. Solid stealth mechanics and good fire physics. Throwing a molotov at the right thing can cause a forest fire.

It's pretty neat.

"What a mess we made, when it all went wrong..."
So, Krent. Does that mean they kept the dynamic fire engine from Far Cry 2? Where the fire spread according to wind in a very realistic way? Because I had stupid amounts of fun with that in Far Cry 2.
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No STALKER fans??? I'm depressed. What a great game...

Just get shadows of chernobyl and call of pripyat, don't even bother with clear skies unless you really want to. Play them once vanilla, and then mod the hell out of them. IIRC, yer gonna have to give shadows of chernobyl a BASIC modding if you even want to work it properly, and even then, the end game lag kills me. CoP does not have these issues, thank god.
I found it for me; Natural Selection II.

A strategy Marines vs Aliens game; With a lot more depth and tricks then you at first realize. I bought it on sale, four hours later it is now 5 AM. This game is awesome.

Weapons are fun, community is friendly and at times it's just scary with the aliens having camouflage. Don't watch yourself? Bam. Dead. The motto "Don't go out alone" really works for the Marines in this game. You fight over the map for control areas, your commander (1 per team RTS style) builds up the base and you can ask him for stuff and upgrades. It's good fun! :) Objective in the end is to destroy the other persons lair/base thing. Matches lasted so far from.. 10 minutes to about a hour, the last had an amazing comeback for the alien team I was on. Got crushed till mid-game, I was about to just surrender but bam. Stuff changed and we won in the end.

If you don't know it, find it on steam!
Good game. Hard as hell though...
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That does actually sound a bit interesting.
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