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Title Review
Yes, yes of course. My apologies! Truthfully, I wasn't thinking about that... not in the least.
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Apologies from me as well, if anyone interpreted my post as a wish for a title more adapted to my character, as those were not my intentions. And thanks for all your hard work, it is very much appreciated.
Upcoming Revised Prestige Class Title System FAQ

Okay, to answer some questions that have been cropping up!

Q: Fawee, when will this be ready?!
A: At the moment I can only estimate, but I'd definitely give it a good two to three weeks still as we have several classes to design.

Q: Who can apply for classes?
A: Anyone who meets the criteria of the class. Some classes have racial or class restrictions. Some have alignment restrictions. Others are more open. Don't expect to be a Blademaster unless you are an Orc!

Q: How do you apply for classes.
A: Applications will have both an In character and Out of Character expectation. It currently looks as though GMs will accept applications through PMs on the forums or through In Character interaction in game. However, just because you apply does not mean you will be accepted for training.

Q: Who is most likely to be accepted?
A: Prestige classes are a lot of work. Earning a title will likely take weeks to months. This is a long term investment in your character. There will often be a forum writing component. What GMs are looking for in a successful applicant is someone who has shown commitment to the server and the character in question, who has strong writing skills, and who shows the maturity to handle the added power their character will earn.

Q: How many applicants will be accepted at one time?
A: It is up to the individual trainers how many students they take on at a time. It may range from 1 or 2, to whatever they feel they can handle. It is most likely that only 5-10 students will be accepted in system at any given time.

Q: What are the benefits of Prestige Titles?
A: Characters who train under a mentor will receive added skills and spells for use both in text based roleplay and some that are usable in PvE/PvP. As well, characters can expect their stats to slowly increase over the duration of their training. Upon completing each level of training, characters will receive a reward gift from their trainer to reflect their status. As mentioned above though, characters are also expected to use these gifts responsibly.

Q: What is the training process like?
A: Individual training will be up to the mentor. However, each class is made up of four training levels. Beginner, Advanced, Master, and Trainer. Each level of training awards new spells or skills, improved stats, and a gift upon completion. Currently, the characters may learn the first three. If at any time we feel a character has shown the maturity and skill to become a trainer, we may open up the fourth level of training. However, each level of training will likely take weeks to complete.

Q: Who are the trainers?!
A: At this time only GMs are accepted as trainers. Each GM has been assigned Prestige Classes on their mains. The classes that are not covered by their mains have been assigned NPC trainers from around the game. GMs will play these classes when a student is accepted into them. However, the NPC based classes may require a little more forum work.

Alright! I'll accept any other questions that haven't been answered in this post. What I will NOT answer yet is:
Tell me the spells of <such and such> class.
Who trains the <such and such> class?
Can I be accepted for <such and such> class?
[Image: Sig.jpg]
Very cool! I'm personally exited for my Gnome, you guys smart and compasionate *bows down to GM's mighty avatars)
There you go Non-Gm Players, a goal:
If you want to make a class, get to trainer status...

unless the Gm's don't want people making new classes with/without consent however you work it out....
Genehareal Redorian: Grey Militia, Journeyman Smith
We are only accepting classes inside Warcraft lore, and the number of classes are limited to what we can realistically handle. Player trainers are possible, but don't expect to see them within the next year. It will take a LOT of training, dedication, and maturity to even be considered.
[Image: Q1-1.png]

"We are here on earth to fart around, and don't let anybody tell you different."
~Kurt Vonnegut
Releasing title classes!

The time is upon us oh fair Azerothians. The GMs are ready to release some of the Title classes. Rather than release the whole shebang at once, we have opted to release them slowly to allow both the GMs and the players to adjust. Each GM will be responsible for releasing their own classes and the NPC taught classes will be released last.

There will be a new sub-forum for accessing information and engaging in Trainee story lines.
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*Trembles with anticipation*
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[Before a stupid question]

Just saw the "don´t ask questions about spells" sorry, have to read stuff through better next time.
All makt åt Tengil, vår befriare!

Huh. Just had a chance to glance through all of the prestige class titles, and I gotta say I'm very impressed. Love how they all got their own lil graphic and quote down at the bottom and everything. Should be interesting to see what comes from it.

"What a mess we made, when it all went wrong..."
All I can say is, BRAVO!!! These classes look wonderful so far and hope that they will be successful. Just waiting for the Blademaster title to come out :wink:

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