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To quell rumors...
Since people love talking, I want to lay a couple of things to rest regarding what the GMs have been doing lately...

For a while the database editor that we use to create items wasn't fuctional. This obviously halted item production. Until around yesterday we weren't able to edit existing items without delving into the database itself, which if a fairly time-consuming process due to how slow it loads. Naturally this slowed us down a lot, and Kretol made an announcement to this effect that not everyone may have heard.

As mentioned in another thread, Kendei has been absent due to IRL issues. He's explained this all already, so I'm not going to go deeper than that. As for myself, I've been dealing with some RL issues of my own, lack of sleep and stress caused by depression. I see no need to go deeper into than that...but if you wonder why I'm even more snappy than normal, you know why.

We're trying to get things sorted so items and homes are done in a more timely manner. Bear with us and please continue to be patient.
Have you hugged an orc today?
- I am not tech support. Please do not contact me regarding technical issues. -
*snuggles and hugs Grak*

December is kicking my @$$ as well so I can relate. And the holidays will undoubtedly steal peoples attention away from the game for a while. Patience seems to be a good motto. I hope you feel better soon.

I'd like to remind everyone that GMs and Overlord--- err... Farseer Kretol, have real lives too and need to be given the courtesy to attend to them. They provide this server of their good will and for no pay/fee. So I wish you all happy holidays and no guilt in taking time to celebrate in whatever manner you choose. For those who do not celebrate this season, much loves and see you when I'm feeling a bit better!
Isebella Drudaen - Merchant, entrepreneur and fire mage.
Drusilla - Shadow Priestess and Mistress of all things sadistic.
This is a stressful time for a lot of people. I've had my own issues but they're really not anything important. Right around the holiday I will be gone for a few days visiting family, and come mid-January my schedule will have a BIG change which will mean the times (and amount of time I am on) will change. I'm still not sure if it will be more or less.

*hugs to everyone who is having a rough time, and everyone who is being patient*
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"We are here on earth to fart around, and don't let anybody tell you different."
~Kurt Vonnegut
While I'm thinking about it, I'd like to thank Qaza for all the work she's put in. She's been absolutely wonderful through-out all of this. Thank you!
Have you hugged an orc today?
- I am not tech support. Please do not contact me regarding technical issues. -
Qaza has indeed been awesome, but don't forget your own awesomeness Grakor! Depressed or not you are a great guy. Not as great as Saurfang, but damn near close. *Sage nod!*

Not even Kretol is as great as Saurfang. He hacks servers with his axe.
Big hugs and please feel better Grakor, and thank you for roleplaying with Chay over the weekend even though you were tired, and looking forward to RP-ing with you again. I know you're usually very busy whenever you are on, so making time for me is very much appreciated.

To everyone else - let the GM's play and relax once and a while! ROFL, but true :D

The holidays have been tough for me too, there's a point where you're looking forward to them and there's that magic in the air, and there's another time when you just want life to get back to normal again. Depression is a terrible thing, and if you feel the need to unplug, de-stress and take some time for yourself - just do it!

Looking forward to seeing you in the game, and take care of yourself :)

Shademoon - Human Priestess, Humanitarian
Chayne - Human Paladin, Tradewind Mercenary
I hope things get better for you, man. You're definalty one of the greatest guys here, and you dieserve to feel good man. Hope things are better for you.
"My name is Ozymandias, king of kings:
Look on my works, ye mighty, and despair!"
I concur with Shmoo!

If ya' need some mind-time to yourself, go ahead and feel free to curl up with a long book , blanket, some warm tea, and take some time off to get some perspective on things. *backpat*

I appreciate everything you and Kretol have done for us. In the end, I will look back on my stay here as well spent with many memories of good times. What I have had here has been worth more than any physical gift people have given to me this season.

Good Game guys, and thank you as well Grakor.
The holy passion of Friendship is of so sweet and steady and loyal and enduring a nature that it will last through a whole lifetime, if not asked to lend money.
- Mark Twain

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