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Today is Earth Day!
[Image: earth-transparent.png]

Not going to use this as a post to go on some ecological awareness spiel (might be lying), but I do want to reflect on what this day means: that globe I see pictured above this text is the thing that I live on. It's huge, and I'm tiny in comparison. But it's tiny in comparison to the rest of the universe; it's just a speck of life amongst the non-living. The earth isn't alive, no, but it's filled to the brim with life, which is something that it doesn't share with any of the planets we know (although there is a chance we might find microbial life on other planets or their moons).

Life is a unique and fascinating phenomenon that not only are we both blessed and cursed to have, but blessed and cursed with having developed enough to become aware of the process itself, thanks to a long chain of evolutionary events that occurred on that little globe pictured above. And so for me, today is another Thanksgiving, but more specifically a day to give thanks to the bigger picture: the world. Earth Day for the rest of the world is seen as a day dedicated to ecological awareness, and my way of giving thanks to the existence of Earth is similar to the rest of the world's on this day: I want to protect the many things that live in it that are in danger, and this day can be used as a reminder of that ambition. But ambitions are things that can't exist by themselves, and the idea of 'it's easier said than done' applies to them. I'm just one person, and can't do much other than hope to achieve a job in field biology or biotechnological research (or something else, I don't know what the future has in store for me), putting our natural resources into use and in doing so highlighting the importance of the natural world. Approaching a career is often a difficult process, so this annual event helps slow me down and remind me of what I'm doing with my existence. And so, that's what Earth Day means to me, and why it means a lot to me.

Well...it looks like I did end up going on a spiel about this day. I needed something to blabber about with all of the stress that's building up from the semester coming to an end. And hey, I have a blog just sitting here.

So what about the rest of you? What does Earth Day mean to you?
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