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Top o' the morning!
Good day!
As you might have guessed already, I am quite new to this strict, yet amazing role-playing haven. After going about these libraries of threads, I did manage to get myself acquainted with the necessary information. Now, here I stand before you with my introduction post.

First and foremost, I shall talk about myself as a player and perhaps more.
If I think about it, I started role-playing ever since "Warcraft I" came out. Oh! The good ol' days. And, I have been ever since. Back then my English knowledge was not so-so vast. And I am not implying that I am a perfect English speaker, no I still have flaus wich I intend to fix.
Since I involved myself into this great world of Warcraft, I fell in love with, who else than humans. Hey! It is not my fault. 'Could say that being the same race in real life influenced the decision. Nowadays I tend to go with either a dwarven lad or a voodooish troll, ya dig it mon?
I consider myself a calm player, one that takes into consideration every element of the world around him. Yes, I offer my characters severe punishments so to speak if they do not drink, eat or sleep for a while. They never forget about wounds as I always role-play them. Even had about, three characters dying out of hemorrhage, poor souls. Yes, not that kind of person who cries out the whole day, because I lost a character! And no, not an -emo-. Call me an ol' school role-player, as I sure am one.
Hobbies? Well, I am an adrenaline junkie. Love doing all sorts of things that put my life in danger, both in-game and real-life. Crazed maniac, that is me. Of course, things such as those do not make me impatient and such, no. As I said I am a calm person, and hey! Mature person, consider myself I will. My dream is to become a movie director, you know, dreaming on!

Now, about my beloved country. Not!
I was born in Romania, in a town called Or?ova. Spent there six years of my adventurous life. Moved to "Drobeta Turnu Severin" after that. Hence the word school. Brings back old memories, eh? Finished that part, and, well this is where I am right now. Working up to fulfill my dream. I can not say I am a big fan of Romania, hate it to be honest. Not much of a patriot. My primary language would be, you guessed it, romanian. Soon the moment shall come, when I finally move out of it. Have no fear as I speak English quite well.

How did I get into Warcraft?

Oh-ho-hoh! How can I forget that! Started when the first Warcraft game came out. I was not the person for games such as those, yet alone role-play. Although I admit it, was doing some real-life role-play. Spiderman! Anyway, I was playing with a friend of mine, gaming addicts none the less, when two others just barge in with two games in their hands. "It's Warcraft! It's finally out!" they shouted. At that moment, I was in some kind of war with another lad. Hated each other. After I did some spying, birds told me he was going to buy the last copy of Warcraft I in the local store. I plotted up a devilish plan to get that game before he did. My reason was obvious, not to play the game but to annoy him. Wasn't much of a plan to be honest, two of my friends distracting him while I ran to the store. A day of sweating, running and I got it. The joy! Victory! Wasn't so interested in the game, and just as I was about to throw it, curiosity killed the cat. Why did everyone like this game? Why was it so popular? I had to try it. Ever since then, I fell in love with Warcraft, and have been playing it almost everyday. No, I sure don't spend my life playing it.

What made me seek this server?
I originally come from Epilogue, wich is lost now. Was in charge of war developing. As the whole community went into disarray, looking for a new server, a new haven to role-play on, I was recommended this. And I must say, so far I am utterly impressed. Jolly good job. All the work that went into it can be seen, just amazing. I don't intend on leaving anytime soon.

What kinds of role-play appeal me?
Fighting mostly, love sitting on top of a hill, shouting towards my army to move forwards. Military role-play if you will. Although, recently I shifted towards a more traveling type of role-play. I love jungles, love exploring. In pairs of course, but only if my partners are good at it. Such as taking count of hunger, thirst, wounds, sleeping and other elements like that. A group of adventurers, oh yes!

My favorite class and race?
If I think about it, I'd say either a dwarf or troll. They just fit my role-playing ways. True adventurers, having a blast with them. And, about classes, I'd say a warrior. Simply because it offers the chance to equip everything you want, and because that's how my characters fight, if they have to.

My expectations here?
So far all of them have been met! Well not all, I still have some left. I hope to find lots of active players, talented role-players, wich undoubtedly I will. Maybe a guild? Who knows. Sometimes I am a player with lots of expectations, sometimes I am not. So far, server's living up to everything I thought about.

Out of all the rules the following appeal to me the most.


Maturity usually means respect, respect means language, tolerance. Might as well include the rules in one. Can't say much here, just that they're put there for a reason, I intend to respect them.

Now, a story. Oh well, better get creative.

"A long time ago, when the world started to exist three ethereal entities were born. Out of what little life there was the first titan was created. He visited the far reaches of existance, and yet there wasn't much to see. Life was meant to flourish, and he could do it. And so the first civilization appeared, out of nothing, over a night, it rose. They were called "H'ak T'an" , and with their briliant mind, life reigned supreme. Milenias passed, and somehow the "perfect" world, was stabbed. Something vile, putrid was made. The second titan. Out of everything that meant death, hatred he was born. For him, life had to be obliterated in order to restore peace. Years passed and there he stood, at the borders of the H'ak T'an empire, ready to purge their civilization from the face of the world. A great battle took place there, between the two titans. It is said that in the end, both were destroyed in battle, and the H'ak T'an mysteriously dissapeared. Behind, something new was created. Out of death and life, lies and honor. A new world. A new begining. Galaxy Alpha. It is here that legends will be born, and rise to power, but also fall into their own pride. Yet, nothing is known about the third titan. Some say he's the most powerfull of them all, that he controls everything that happens today. Many worship him, also reffering to him as the Emperor. The one who guides over them all. Ever vigilant, ready to crush all who stand against the might of the Emperor, the Imperial Legion stood ready. It is here a legend was born, a young boy, who would change everything. Nikoro Kelen...

Chapter I : The beggining.

Galaxy Alpha, First December, 2510. Chorus, capital planet of the galactic alliance. Of all the noise, machines ripping right through your heart. People going in every directions, trying to reach their destination. Total chaos, one might say. Chorus, was more of a floating city. It's whole surface covered by one floating city. No one was granted access to the planets surface, what secrets it holds few know. Out of all the city one building stood tall, over them all. The royal palace, where all state affairs were held, be that military or diplomatic. Yells came from within it. Congressman who were triying to make themselves heared. Yet something, else was moving this state. A cry was heard from a local hospital, a young baby boy. A legend soon to be. His eyes shined with greatness, as the world stood there, awaiting for it's next victim..."

That was just a quick story, thought on the moment. Please bare with me.
Other than that, nothing else I'd like to add, besides:
Keep up the good work lads n' lasses. You're doing a great job!

,my best regards
My, my. Seems we've got more and more Romanians churning in.

Welcome to CotH. :>
[Image: lichkingfell.png]

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