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Torchlight - Best Diablo Clone Evar
Torchlight is this game those penny-arcade dudes have been OMGWTF'ing about for the last few weeks. That, coupled with some solid reviews and a...convincing demo got me to get my own. It's a really fun game if your into action RPGs, and just recently I discovered I don't actually like action RPG's that much, so I dunno what that says. It's very easy to hop in for like 30 mins and get your game on, or you can even get into some 5 hour plus grindfest. I think it's worth a try for anyone into RPGs and you may even get it. How you get it is completely up to you. LOL

Now, does anybody have it already, because I have a Lev.26 Alchemist who runs around with two giant steampunk robots.
ಠ_ಠ : Like Fo Fi Cops.
Quote:two giant steampunk robots.

Me want.

I think I'll get this, you can play with friends like in Diablo I guess?
All makt åt Tengil, vår befriare!

I'm pretty sure it's only singleplayer. The developers say they're working on an MMO adaption though!
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No multiplayer to speak of, but it's an enjoyable single player experience. Of all the action RPGs I've played... Er. Kingdom Hearts comes at the top, Mass Effect follows up, Borderlands is up there, and Torchlight is followed up after. And they are all single player - Er, I played all of them on single player, at least. (Nubcakes on Borderlands cant handle my Siren sk1llz.)

I'll shed a little light on the game from what I've picked up:

Your character arrives at the town of Torchlight, think of a sort of Gold Rush town, everyone's trying to mine this stuff called Ember, which is a magic stone. The 'magic' characters/skills are all based on technology exploiting the Ember stuff, hence the Steampunk-Zords. The character development system is pretty casual, there are sort of tech trees, but you dont have to follow them. You also don't have to kit your character in their expected role. My Alchemist, the wimpy mage archetype, is a Warrior/Hunter with an Iron Man laser. Its a clean little game that will work on your computer if it can run WoW. (There's also a little 'Netbook' mode for people in hotels and airplanes. :) )
ಠ_ಠ : Like Fo Fi Cops.

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