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Torsek Boarsbane [Orc Rogue]
Player: Grembomb

Character Full Name: Torsek Boarsbane

Character In-Game Name: Torsek

Nickname(s): The rainbow Orc. The Green whale. Web-spinner.

Association(s): Orgrimmar, Steamwheedle Cartel, Gadgetzan, Ratchet, various other cities and ports.

Race: Orc

Class: Rogue

Age: 34

Sex: Male

Hair: Black naturally but dyed on a consistent basis to other colors.

Eyes: Light brown.

Weight: 180 kg (28 stone)

Height: 6'2

Usual Garments/Armor: Normally dressed in bright colored silks. Each finger is covered with different sorts of rings sometimes more than one ring on each finger. The rings are made with emeralds, rubys, sapphires and other gems.

He has several hats in his wardrobe each adorned with a feather of a different kind of bird.

Other: Torsek likes to live extravagantly always staying in the finest inns, eating the finest food and drinking the finest wines. Sometimes if a port is to grubby he will stay in his pleasure barge or litter if he has to move around the city. Leading such a life has made him rather fat, fatter than most. One time he got mistaken for a midget Ogre for example.

Personality: A crafty merchant with a silver tongue. He knows who's who in most ports and what palms to grease so he can conduct trade at the location. Although being a merchant he hasn't forgotten his roots, he employs mostly Orcish orphans or Orcs who are looking for work but they have to have very specific talents to be taken on.

He knows he isn't a fighter or doesn't have a shred or Orcish honor. Realizing in his teen years that he could utilize other talents uncommon among others of his race he became excellent at wheeling and dealing, keeping a sharp ear out for the right things and most importantly making a profit. Torsek isn't aggressive at all by nature, another person alive is potentially another coin in his purse.

History: Born during the Rise of the Horde era into a large family consisting of 6 brothers and 4 sisters. His Father a hunter and his mother a spear wife. Most of his brothers went down the warrior route all for the blood and glory for the Horde, some of his sisters became early widows and warrior wives, with the exception of Grealeh who studied healing. Being but an infant during the first war he was left back with the women and children while the mighty Horde marched on under infamous Blackhand and later the famous Doomhammer.

Being raised through puberty in the internment camps was not easy, as every Orc there knew you would face beatings and other inhumane acts at the hands of the humans. So instead of beating his chest and resisting like some of the jumped up honor blooded fools Torsek would learn to read and wright from the elder Orcs to frail to resist or had given up hope of release he spent hours on end learning in between cracking rocks and manual labor of course which Torsek was useless at and earned many lashings for his inability to crack stone properly. That was when he knew the deadliest weapon he could ever have would be his mind.

After being sprung from the camps by Thrall, Torsek made his way across the sea to the lands of Kalimdor along with the rest of his people. While the strong part of the Horde were fighting the demonic forces of the Burning Legion Torsek was once again left behind to start building Orgrimmar. He was a peon, now being a peon wasn't that bad they are the ones who usually couldn't fight or prove themselves worthy. Yes peons had a bad reputation of just being mere "Laborers" to the Horde but getting to know the other peons was intriguing they took up other talents like wood workers, outstanding craftsmanship, painters, mathematics and a handful kept journals or wrote about the wars and days of imprisonment and with this new city being built these were going to be some of the first books of history new generations were going to see, if it wasn't for these guys these Orcish warriors would be slowly forgotten. So no, being a peon at the time felt right at home.

Still with the city being built Torsek was starting to make a name for himself with the other peons and one or two less aggressive overseers to. He was dealing with goods that were found while working and trading them for better goods to simpler minds than his. That was when he knew he could earn a much better life for himself trading goods, but not for other goods but for gold. He would have to make a name for himself though before the high ranking Orcs of society would even think about paying a peon for his trade.

A black night it was when Torsek creeped out of overseers gaze and started digging a hole near a rare tiny bit of water in Durotar only he knew about and lined the bottom with spikes and covered it with a net and some red sand on top. A few days later he managed to sneak off once again to check pit. When he arrived there he couldn't believe his eyes, the biggest boar he has ever saw was laying there dead in the pit he had dug, what luck! He snapped out one of the bigger spikes in the pit and tied it to his waist while dragging the boar back to what was now main part of the city. The looks on the faces of the overseers and older warriors was a look Torsek would never forget, absolute astonishment! From that day he was no longer Torsek the peon but Torsek Boarsbane, an Orc who was now worthy of their gold for his goods. With a boar he said he had slain and a lie he had spun.

Now the "mighty" Boarsbane was taking gold he had purchased one of the medium sized buildings in Orgrimmar after a few years of climbing his way up the rooster, he even had one or two of his former peon friends in his employ. Sitting there one dawn looking at the sun begining to rise and heat up the red sands of Durotar Torsek knew he was still a small fish, he had to expand. He traveled down to the new Goblin port of Ratchet to set up a meeting with one of the main merchants there proposing to him a mutual beneficial deal. The first trade route was shortly set up between himself and this new goblin merchant named Azzuk'nei.

Business was now booming he had trade going to most new Orcish ports and one or two in the Eastern Kingdoms. Although with all this new business he had less time to hang around in his Orgimmar home so he turned the home into a shop that sold various things some being fine silks, good non moldy cheese and wine. For the transport of his goods he set up a partnership with several trust worth ship captains. Although there were losses because of the war but that was to be expected no trader could move cargo without risk, it was impossible.

Even though Torsek had a lot of people in his employ he does still enjoy to go and do business himself just for the thrills, well and because some of the rarer items he posses should be sold by his hands as they are worth to much to trust to a lesser merchant of his to sell. That not being the only reason though he loves being in the loop on all the gossip he would hear in the ports and towns he visits, sometimes the right bit of information picked up could be worth more than a full cargo hold. So now he still spends his days travelling.
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