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Trainer wanted
My newest character, a runt of a human called Kyvar, finally managed to run away from the farm he lived on after he mustered enough coin together. His lifelong dream is to become a master of the bow and become one with nature just like a Kaldorei huntress he once saw.

To that end, he has booked the first ship to Kalimdor in order to find one of the proud Night Elves and convince them to teach him their arts.

The skills he is looking to attain are: learn how to survive in the wilds with nothing but a knife or a bow, mastery over bow and dagger, taming beasts, tracking, herbalism/skinning and leatherworking.

He is young, brash, impatient and most likely to get in a lot of trouble.

So, if there are any Kaldorei out there who are willing to take this human under their wing and keep him in check long enough for him to learn something, leave a reply.

[ I am in the GMT +2 area, so people from the same time zone are preferable, but as long as RP can be held, I don't really mind the zone difference. ]
My human hunter, Frederich, can provide training to those things, seeing as he's a human archer with around 20 years of experience, a Son of Lothar (Draenor Survivor from the Second War), and generally was trained over the years by many others, including of other races.
[Image: 8.jpg]
Liridon has been looking for an apprentice for some time, if Kyvar doesn't mind the company of a prissy Sin'Dorei. He's a fairly neutral lad.
[Image: tle2012sportsliridontar.gif]

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