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Travis Farley [Pre-Approved]
Player: Volshi

Character Full Name: Travis Farley

Character In-Game Name: Travis

Nickname(s): None


Race: Human

Class: Rogue

Age: 25

Sex: Male

Hair: Black and tied back into a ponytail

Eyes: Brown and Green

Weight: 190 lbs

Height: 5'11


He usually wears a brown baggy jumper, along with a fisher mans hat.
His left eye is green pigmented.


Travis had a standard up bringing within society, so he equally respects all other races accordingly. He isn't greedy either, and is very easy to get along with. He chooses the difficult options when he feels like a challenge, but none the less is more of a person who tries to get the job done quickly. He is rather lacking in intelligence, but knows more then most about labor and the common society around him.


Travis was born in Elwynn in a small barn where his parents worked, and was born with two different colored eyes. As a child he had a normal upbringing, working in the farm with his parents. He had quite a few friends from the local area, so he wasn't a lonely kid either. He did well in school, he loved his parents, and he did everything everyone asked him, he was next to the perfect child to his mother and father.
His adolescent years didn't thwart his respect for his family and friends. He still worked on the farm with his parents, and also had a part time job in the city of Stormwind, selling meat and vegetables at a stall, and gave all of his salary to his parents. He hadn't attended school in his earlier years, and still doesn't throughout his teenage years, so he was solely a manual labor worker, while the rest of his friends studied, but he didn't want to go to school, he wanted to earn for his mother and father.

On his 24 birthday, his parents gave him a gift. The gift was a jar of gold, not much as they were a generally poor family, which they had began saving for him on his first birthday. Travis respectively refused it, and talk his parents to keep it, but they didn't take no for an answer. The gold sat in Travis' bedroom at the farm, as he didn't know what to spend it on, as all of his life he never had anything above the standards he was given.

Two of his friends approached him the next day, wishing him a happy birthday for the day before, and told Travis they were going on a gambling trip to Booty Bay. Travis, never being taught the rights and wrongs, and never having approached the subject, had no knowledge of what gambling was. His friends asked if he would join them, so he thought he would put his money to good use.
Upon arriving in booty Bay, they quickly bought a room in the nearest Inn. The night ran past, as they began drinking, shouting and laughing at each other, throwing money on bets here and there. Everyone seemed to be winning, except for Travis. The sun rose, as Travis woke with the worst hangover in the world, to see his friends packing. They were getting ready to go, and hurried him to do so as well. They had a sense of panic on their face, as Travis questioned them what was wrong. They replied that some Goblin bruisers were coming to jail them as they were in serious debt by betting too much on the gambling the night before.

After gathering their stuff they managed to escape Booty Bay and get into the Stranglethorn Vale jungle, as the Bruisers had been patrolling the ports, preventing them from getting onto a ship. His friends eventually told Travis that it turns out he was the only one actually in any debt, and he was in a lot of it. They hid away in the jungle, fleeing from creatures and goblins alike. Much debate was issued as to how to fix this problem, until one of his friends said; that Travis should fake his own death. So, being as reckless as he was, and thinking it was the only way out, Travis proceeded to do so.

They walked towards Duskwood, as Travis departed from his friends in fear, thinking the Goblins would hunt him and his family down. The two friends ventured back to Elwynn, and told his mother and father that Travis was mauled by a Jungle tiger on a sightseeing trip in the jungle. From there, Travis learned the began learning a different way of life, by making friends with thieves and stragglers like him, who taught him tricks of the trade, like pick-pocketing. This took Travis a while, concluding into countless scraps and fights, but he eventually begun to get the hang of it. He always watches his back, and has a constant fear the bruisers were still looking for him, so he changed his appearance to keep himself safe, dying his hair black.
Minus a few grammar errors, this doesn't look all that bad, outside of a few other things.

First; the jar of gold. Unless I am mistaken, gold isn't as easy to acquire like it is on retail. So a jar of gold might be the entire life-savings of a farming couple, let alone something they were saving for their child. Might want to revist that.

Second, you seem to shrug off the rogue training, or at least that's my impression. Just a final sentence of "and so he learned what he needed"? If you're making him a rogue, I'd recommend greatly improving that. Otherwise, anyone could just go "Well, he wandered off by himself, learning what he needed to. The End." So, maybe you might include a few things that would have made him choose that lifestyle, or give a few experiences that help him learn the tricks of the trade.

Just my two thoughts there, hopefully you consider them, but other than that the profile is pretty good.
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In addition to Thoradin's thoughts, I'd question whether goblins would go as far as canceling ship departures to catch a gambler in debt. At most, I reckon they'd tell all the bruisers to keep an eye out, but I don't think it'd be anything "fake your own death"-worthy. Once he was out of Booty Bay, he would probably be safe.
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Edited, thanks for the feedback :)
Nice work! Let's see...

All you'd need to do is space out History from Personality(the sections) and you should be fine.

I wonder if he's illiterate. Considering he never went to school...
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Done. :)
Looks rather fine to me.


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