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Troll Healing
Brutalskars Wrote:Trolls will regenerate any wound that hasn't been caused by acid or fire, EVENTUALLY. Please not that it would take about a month to regrow your whole arm.
Any wound caused by acid or fire can be healed once again if the say, stump of the arm was sliced off, then the cells would begin to regenerate the arm once more.

I thought I had covered this in the first post. I'd be very interested to know your sources, especially as some of your points go against established WoW lore.
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What is "vorpal"?
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To go with WoW lore simply look at the WoW D20, trolls, if they are paragons of their race, or in other words, spiritually in tune with their heritage gain a trait called fast healing. Fast healing is pretty much, every six seconds wounds stop bleeding, start to seal and the like.With this in mind, it would take longer to regenerate a body part, and the body part would take a longer time than say a cut would. A slash on your chest would heal in anywhere from 18 seconds to a minute and a half. But a whole hand for example needs full time to regrow bone, bone is nearly 10 times as long to regrow so, your say day and a half worth of healing in cuts turns into a whole two weeks of hand regrowth.

And "Vorpal" is like a weapon that leaves an open bleeding wound every time it hits, regardless of damage reducing effects and natural healing. Vorpal blades are easy to use when you want to decapitate someone also. An example of this is Frostmourne, it will cut you open and the wound won't close naturally because of the enchantment upon it.

The sudden necromancy was me skimming through these articles and finding this exact one not paying attention to date.

With my research it seriously looks like Zul'jin when he cut off his arm and his eye went he willed them into not healing. This may be possible, but it would be strange if he was an exception to the ruling.
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I'm not sure anything supports bone regrowth. Only flesh regrowth would support why there are multiple trolls with missing limbs that won't grow back. And even then, it might only be skin regrowth, with the muscle only regrowing over time through need of use.
A troll at the Darkmoon Faire does mention cutting off his hand and eating no living flesh until it grows back. So extremities are okay, at the very least, as it says in the intro post.
The point is though, even if the body regenerates in this manner or no, it takes long amounts of time.
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I remember in the comics, that a troll lost his arm. Annnd. He couldn't regenerate it, at all.

Limb loss is pretty major. I coldn't imagine them growing a whole arm. And if they lost a hand... they could probably grow it back, but the fingers would probably be stubbed.

And yes, it'd take a long time to regrow these things. You couldn't lose and arm and wake up, perfectly fine.
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I have to say the worst thing about losing the arm or other body part to a troll is the psychological damage that would be dealt to him or her.
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Hehe Well if the Elves have fought trolls for so long, they'd know to do something about his regeneration to keep him in poor health jaja?! hehe :P

EDIT: Just relised I necro'd teh post v.v
Well.. trolls CAN regrow lost limbs.
Zul Jin can't because he is too old for that.
LORE: At the battle of Stromgarde, where the amani trolls fought a great battle with the arathi empire, the humans and elfes used fire magic to stop the troll's regeneration so they could win.

<my first post on this server xD>
Blood elfes are mutant high elfes who are mutant night elfes who are mutant trolls.
Welcome Wiktor! :)

And yeah it does say something about using fire against trolls on the Wiki
Nah, Zul'Jin couldnt regenerate cause he was captured by the High Elves, interrogated and even tortured. If a normal troll escaped with his life and was allowed to recover, probably. Why would the High Elves allow Zul'jin to recover his wounds in captivity anyway?
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I'm willing to believe that regardless of how large bodyparts a troll can regenerate, the regeneration is based on the state of the wound. Let's take human wounds as an example:
If a human loses a hand in the wilderness, and is unable to treat in(aside from a simple bandage to stop the bleeding), the wound will grow ugly, and most likely be infected. This could result in the whole arm, or even more, simply dying, or even lethal fevers.

If the wound is treated at a hospital, however, the stump will heal itself nicely, regrow some skin, and the rest of the arm will likely be fine. Might be the same applies to trolls? If a hand is treated properly by healers/medics, the chances of regrowing may be increased.

I dont see how an infected, fevered wound could regenerate at all, even if it's a mere fingertip.

I think too little is known about Zul'jin and others like him, to determine exactly why his arm never regrew.
That honestly makes a lot of sense.

With what you've said in mind, Troll healing would seem to me to work like this:

A Troll who is able to keep a wound from infection (Immediate visit to a healer, immediate tending of the wound, washing etc.) is able to regrow what was lost to a degree. Hands with stubby fingers, or perhaps the stump of an arm are regrown over a period of months.

A Troll whose wounds get infected loses regeneration. The Troll's body has to fight the damage already being done, and in the end sacrifices regeneration to avoid death or greater injury from disease or otherwise. This works for any severe trauma like burns of the 2nd or 3rd degree, and internal bleeding and organ damage from bashing wounds.

Any thoughts?
I might also add that regeneration in real life(on humans and other animals) is hindered by bandages and other things that cover the wound. This most likely applies to trolls as well.

This seems to make regeneration severely difficult for large limbs, as it's hard to stop the bleeding without covering the wound(or block the blood flow, which would obviously stop any regeneration, or other signs of life for that matter).

This may explain why Zul'jin didn't regrow his arm. If he were to escape captivity with a freshly amputated arm, he must have bandaged it, in order to not die from blood loss. Perhaps, when/if he removed the bandage, the stump had sealed itself already, thus hindering further regeneration.

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