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Tweaking Alignments just a bit in your character profile.
Newb question for a moment:

For this reason I haven't posted my Profile yet and I haven't really Rped on the server. The Alignments on the Creating A Character part of the Wiki don't really have all the things my character might do.

So would it be allowed to sort of add to alignments, or even mix alignments to a certain degree, not by much, but just enough so it applies better to my character.

Ex. Character Name: Goril


Alignment: Chaotic Good/Neutral Evil (Probably a bad choice of alignment mix.. didn't check)


Could you write out the base plan for you character's alignment and add and take away things that might not apply to your character, while keeping most of the original things the character might do, the base.


(Note: I looked it up on the forums a bit, but lately my computer has been going really slow and I don't really want to wait 10 minutes for it to load to find out that my search has found 0 results...)
Chaotic good/neutral evil would be a HUGE gap to span, and not realistic unless the character had some serious mental issues (and even then, that's overused and not very realistic).

However, most characters have built-in wiggle room. If your character is chaotic good, they may occasionally swing a little closer towards true neutral, or have a REALLY bad day and do something considered evil, but it would not warrant listing two alignments. Just stick with the one that fits the character the BEST and the MOST OFTEN.
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Alignment is a complicated matter, and really can't be explained in a way that does it justice. I personally believe quite adamantly that the alignments we have are more than fitting-- And I think it helps to view them as open to interpretation rather than concrete objective things:
Quote:Remember, however, that goodness has no absolute values. Although many things are commonly accepted as good (helping those in need, protecting the weak), different cultures impose their own interpretations on what is good and what is evil.
From the wiki.

That being said, people have done it. "Lawful Good with Neutral Good tenancies", "Neutral, but prefers good over evil", and of course... multiple personality disorder. I personally prefer sticking to one alignment... Your character's decisions may not always reflect his ideals, which is how it should be. People make mistakes, or act rashly, or sometimes just ignore their conscious, but it doesn't mean their core beliefs have been changed in any way-- especially if they feel regret over this action.
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I have a small question/comment regarding alignment, is it your character's intended alignment? (What they want to do, what they intend to do) or what usually ends up happening? (The End results)

A character who intends to be good or thinks they are good could be evil? :|
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Depends on if the results were foreseeable or not. Someone can be evil/neutral but they believe they are doing good, and so forth. In cases like these, you pick the alignment that corresponds to what they're actually doing, not what they're deluding themselves with.

As an example, and I'll use an extreme from Warhammer since it is the first thing that came to mind. The character is an overzealous Witch Hunter. Rather than seeing a single heretic go free, he believes it is in everyone's best interest to burn the entire village down and kill everyone inside, just to be sure that the heresy does not spread. While he believes he's doing good, his actions are clearly not, as many innocents suffer from it. In this case, the character is not Good.

If you meant something else, clarify.
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I did not, thank you very much! It's the ends, not the means! Or wait... Erm.

Objectivity > Subjectivity! :D
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