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Tyler Dunn [Human Mage]
[Note: There is another character named Tyler, but he is a character of mine that is retired. These two characters are in NO WAY related, they just simply have the same names.]

Player: Valicor

Character Full Name: Tyler Dunn

Character In-Game Name: Tyler

Association(s): The Alliance, The Outcasts

Race: Human

Class: Mage

Skills and Abilities:

Age: 34

Sex: Male

Hair: Tyler has long, dark blonde hair.

Eyes: Emerald green

Weight: 215 lbs

Height: 6'0"

Usual Garments/Armor: Tyler is usually found in white garb, mostly due to his involvement with The Outcasts.

Personality: Tyler is a relaxed person. He doesn't especially avoid conflict, but he doesn't dwell on things or hold onto past feelings. He often meditates, and likes to keep his mind clear. He is one to make sure he repays any types of debt, and is somewhat of a charmer when it comes to women. He's often the type of person his friends come to for advice, and he's not afraid to give people the blunt truth. Tyler is sometimes known to joke around more than to be serious, but he believes he creates a good balance between the two.

History: Tyler Dunn was born roughly 34 years ago to James Dunn and Alexis Dunn. His parents owned a small house just inside the skirts of Andorhal. His father was a hedge-mage, but publicly presented himself as a farmer. His mother was a simple housewife, not doing much besides staying home and taking care of Tyler and tending to the house. Some of her duties consisted of cooking, cleaning, or knitting.

As Tyler was raised, his life stayed basically normal. As soon as he was of viable age, Tyler would either help his father on their farm, or be taught the ways of the magi by his father in secret. Things carried on this way for years, Tyler sticking to a rather quiet lifestyle. The Dunn family, though, became a part of the group of other families that ventured to Hearthglen during the Second War. This put a halt to Tyler's training, although he did have a family tome to read which did slightly help his magi skills.

After their time in Hearthglen, the Dunns went back to Andorhal to help restore it and to secure their home once more. After some time, normal life resumed. After a few years, Tyler signed to aid the local militia combat some of the bandit attacks. He accomplished very little achievements as he wasn't allowed to use magic, which he seemed to excel in. Nothing besides farm work, magic study, and the occasional bandit beat-down happened for another several years.

When Tyler was roughly 24, the Scourge raided Andorhal. Tyler's parents sent him to join a small group of young adults such as himself, and they were sent away in a last-ditch effort to escape Andorhal. Tyler still remains unknown as to what happened to his parents, but he did manage to escape from the Scourge.

Tyler then spent most of his time alone, keeping distant from the group he traveled with. He spent much more of his time thinking, and studying the family tome his father sent him off with. As this time progressed and his group traveled, Tyler kept up his studies and practices in magic. After much time spent venturing, their group came upon the city of Stormwind. When they reached the city, Tyler broke off and goes upon his own path, seeking out any type of work possible. Tyler found some work, beginning to save some coin, but his true purpose was to find a tutor for his magic. In his search, he was successful. He found a mage that hesitant to undertake him as a pupil, but agreed after finding Tyler's skills and his lack of parents. Tyler lived with this man for several years, his studies flourishing as he was introduced to new types of material and information to learn from and practice.

Tyler only spent a few years studying under this master until he decided to go his own way, only taking a few tomes and giving his regards to his trainer. He left Stormwind, beginning to travel by himself, discovering new lands and continuing to practice his magic.

Recently, Tyler had been wandering the lands in an area he cared little to find the actual name of. He pitched a camp for himself, and lived off goods he purchased from wandering vendors, whom he often bought from in bulk. Unknown to Tyler, this land was riddled with naga. In little to no time, several naga found a way to overwhelm Tyler, discovering his magic powers in the process of the fight. The naga then bound Tyler, tying his hands and feet. They also covered his face with a mask, using it as a gag to stop verbal casting. From the lands where Tyler was staying, he was forced unconscious and taken to the naga's lair.

Unbeknownst to Tyler at the time, the naga had taken him to the residing area of the Outcasts. As this group came to reclaim their home from the naga, they managed to ward off the sirens keeping Tyler silenced, freeing him in the process. From this experience, Tyler swore himself under the command of the Outcasts, determined to pay back the debt of saving his life. He now travels with them.

Present day, Tyler is roughly 34. He embraces whatever untold adventures are currently coming his way in this unfolding new world of the Cataclysm.

(This is my attempt at human history. Feel free to bluntly correct me in any mistake I've made, and I'll gladly correct it.)
[Image: 4ab673a110e5324a7acf57e330a6c8eb.jpg]
Please note that your previous character named Tyler will be considered unapproved when this one is wikified, so you won't be able to remake him and have him levelled up.

Quote:<The Outcasts>

Lose the <> signs.

Quote:Skills and Abilities: N/A

If not needed, simply remove.


Lose the dash between dark and blonde.

Quote:found in white garb, much due to his involvement

Replace much with mostly.

Quote:(no relation to in-game characters)

Remove this.

Quote:His father was a magi

Magi is the plural form of mage. This should be mage.

Quote: (cooking, cleaning, knitting, etc.)

Parentheses don't look great when writing formally. Could you incorporate this point without them?

Quote:aid the local Militia

No need for a capital here.

Quote:He made little reach achievement

Could this be reworded?

Quote:When they reach the city, Tyler breaks off and goes upon his own path, seeking out any type of work possible

Reach should be reached, and breaks should be broke.

Quote:travels by a group of naga, which fought with Tyler

Which should be who.

Finally, there's a couple of instances where you use The Outcasts - it should be the Outcasts.

Couple of things to pick out in the history, too. You mention his father pretended to be a farmer but was actually a mage; was he a hedge mage? Please expand on this. Tyler being conveniently brought back to the Outcasts' old headquarters is also a bit contrived. Could you change this around a bit?
[Image: RtK7PiZ.png]
[Image: 4ab673a110e5324a7acf57e330a6c8eb.jpg]

[Image: RtK7PiZ.png]

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