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Tyrin's Shadeweaver Trials
I am Tyrin, Shadeweaver Aspirant.

Shadeweaver. The title of my mentor. He has shown me how to fight, and how to control my rage. Why he chose me is beyond my knowing but with my training, I might be able to learn. To understand, I must finish my 100 trials.

The Hundred Trials are to be faced alone, which can easily lead to the death of an Aspirant. The Aspirant is not allowed to have injuries magically healed, and they also are not allowed to have a mate. After being trained in the basics of combat by their mentor, a Shadeweaver is sent out into the world to seek out their Trials. These challenges are to be chosen by the Aspirant, but must offer some sort of experience or wisdom to the Aspirant. After completing the Hundred Trials, the Shadeweaver Aspirant must return to his or her mentor and explain the encounters of each challenge they have faced. If the Aspirant's mentor accepts the Hundred Trials, they will challenge the Aspirant to one final fight. Should the Aspirant succeed in the fight, they will then be accepted as a Shadeweaver.

My journey begins.

Trial One
Opponent: Celia
The Trial of Aspirants

My first trial was against my fellow aspirant Celia. We had met a couple of times, trained together once and a while and even sparred. But this was different. I learned today that these trials will be filled with danger and pain. It ended with my success, but only barely. I have a rival, and I expect we shall fight again soon.
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