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Ulfarr [Worgen Druid]
Player: Grakor456

Character Full Name: Ulfarr Bryant

Character In-Game Name: Ulfarr

Nickname(s): Ulf

Association(s): Gilneas, Cenarion Circle

Race: Worgen

Class: Restoration Druid

Age: 26

Sex: Male

Hair: Short, dark red. Grey fur as a worgen.

Eyes: Green.

Weight: 250 (Human)

Height: 6'1" (Human)

Usual Garments/Armor: Ulfarr is usually in a kilt and harness, "barbaric" clothing that suits his new nature as a worgen and his affiliation as a druid.

Other: Ulfarr has a rather sturdy build. He keeps a staff on him as his only weapon, though he seems to rarely use it.


Ulfarr is a man with a dry wit and an appreciation for the absurd. Combined with his sarcastic tendencies, this makes him come off as generally unsurprised by anything he might see, however outlandish. This certainly helped him deal with the worgen curse, and after a few moments of uncertainty he took to it easily enough for its many advantages over his human form. He isn't afraid to use his worgen form to his advantage when necessary, and the intimidation he may be able to inspire is both useful and amusing to him.

He has an affinity for the out of doors, finding himself uncomfortable cooped up inside too long or in too large of a crowd. Being sarcastic as well, this can make him come off as hostile towards contact with other people, though that is far from the truth. He is not afraid of physical pursuits, and tends to find them more interesting than anything scholarly.

The goings on of politics are all outside of his interests. He's aware of the civil war that happened in Gilneas and he's aware of the war with the Horde now, though neither struck very strongly with him. Having had no personal losses because of the Horde has made him rather ambivalent to the whole affair. He has no reason to fight, and having no desire to risk his own life over a war he has no stake in, tends to keep away from the conflict in general when possible. His only real exception is when dealing with Forsaken, a people who have proven quite hostile time and again.


Ulfarr was born of a minor noblewoman, one who had a moment of indiscretion with a passing man from another nation. Illegitimate, Ulfarr knew quite quickly in his youth that he wasn't the favorite of the household, and a reminder of a moment of weakness on the part of his mother. While some would have gained angst over this situation, this was not so for Ulfarr, who adapted well enough as he grew up.

His family did, however, have ties with the older religions, and thus he picked up the old faith. As he grew up, he decided to make something of himself and get training the magic of said faith, learning a fair bit about natural magic, though nowhere near the level of a true druid. It nonetheless served as his main form of living, often fending for himself once he was old enough to do so.

Far from Gilneas City, the Northgate Rebellion had only a minimal impact upon him, instead making him even more determined to stay away from the city than he was before. The people of the city unsettled him in a way he wouldn't be able to explain for some time, though he nonetheless took brief trips within whenever he needed something.

It was like this that he lived when the worgen suddenly attacked Gilneas. In the city to make a purchase at the time, he was one of those attacked and infected with the curse during the battle for the city. Locked up as he went mad from the curse, he was one of those cured. It didn't take long for him to adapt to his new form, and he was released soon after to return to his life. Working to heal those that had become injured during the battle with what magic he knew, he stayed in the city for a short time before departing once more.

As the Worgen officially rejoined the Alliance, Ulfarr was one who gained more complete understanding of the druidic arts from the Night Elves. Armed with his new knowledge, he had no particular goal in mind for his newfound skills that he picked up, but the war erupting with the cataclysm gave him the idea that he'd be needed soon enough.
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