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Undead Awareness: A Graphic Novel In Developement
Okay, Tusken and I have been neglecting to release information on this to the curious for awhile now... So here it goes!

The setting: The story takes place on a planet extremely similar to Earth. Because it takes place after a global genocide and apocalyptic war the story seems kind of timeless. (You will see everything from Biplanes to Futuristic airships//jet fighters)

The back story: During year zero humanity reached its peak. The height of civilization came with the completion of the ATHENA space station (being so large that it is visible as a spec in comparison to the moon). Humanity continuously progressed in all scientific and political fields. Finally year 1 AV (After Vita) came with the discovery of a substance known as Vita, in the form of Fungi deep below the planets surface. People eventually discovered that Vita had extraordinary applications to Medicine and Chemical Sciences. Soon, Vita was hailed as more or less a "Miracle Cure" to most serious ailments. Cancer, Nervous System Disorders, Strengthened Immune Systems. The fruits enjoyed by Vita lasted for a decade until the true nature was revealed...

During the height year Zero; the world Government did have its enemies. A very powerful and ruthless military faction known as Rhodes was on the ascension to power. Unknown to the public, Rhodes had infiltrated several of the industries responsible for studying and developing Vita. A genius man within Rhodes known as Dr. Adrian Reed had come to the realization that Vita could be used as an extremely powerful Biological Weapon if it was manipulated. Counseling the highest leaders of Rhodes, Dr. Reed convinced them to begin the construction of several hidden installations. After years of work, Rhodes (at the insight of Dr. Reed) had produced a tainted variation of Vita. Once released in the form of domestic attacks around the world, it quickly ravaged across the Globe leaving chaos and destruction in its path. The global Vita "pandemic" made short work of the "stabilized" governments.

Once all opposition was removed by Vita, Rhodes rose up and quickly seized power (being well prepared for this) and established themselves as the new "world order". The globe slowly degenerated into a desert wasteland (This story was in production WELL before Resident Evil, for the record) and Rhodes slowly erected a monolithic network of bases and fortress cities. Becoming completely dependent on Vita, the natural atmosphere is now harmful to most Rhodes person ell. As a result, in a fanatical view of the future they are now trying to Terra form the planet to clean the slate. Once they change the world using Vita as the building block for ALL new life they hope to rise a new Human empire out of the ashes that they've created.

Present Day: in a short 15 years, Rhodes effectively took over the planet, and allowed all life to degenerate. However, resistance has survived. A group known as SEPTER has risen up, using the remains and crew of the ATHENA Space Station as their trump card. SEPTER has secured a portion of the North Eastern (No map available) continent from Rhodes. They have erected a make-shift city for survivors, and they have a fully functioning military. Although they are no face to face match for the Rhodes war machine, they can easily attack and disappear off of the radar.

The people of SEPTER, in coordination with the crew of the ATHENA space station are planning a mass exodus from the said planet to a colony on a neighboring one. Although before they leave, they are attempting to pull off one last offense against Rhodes. The target is a Rhodes aerospace facility in the corner of the world where Rhodes is developing technology to begin conquest on other near by populated planets. The colonies, still being in infant phase would stand absolutely no chance. Thus, SEPTER has made it their job to buy themselves and their new homes "time" to prepare for the almost certain future.
Is the world in order not profit enough?

Turtles; a Gnomes best friend.
Main Characters:

Dranith Norvash: Main character of the story, and a Veteran SEPTER agent. He is leading the offense against Rhodes in the story. Dran is quiet and very by-the-book. He is an excellent shot with most fire arms. He is in his 30's, and was in the Special Forces prior to SEPTER's formation. Dranith is a well seasoned combatant.

Logan Greene: Rookie SEPTER agent who has been assigned as Dran's "trainee". He is an excellent pilot and can drive most vehicles//aircrafts. He is a bit clumsy in combat, but ultimately remains an essential addition to Dranith's strategy. Logan is also rather young, being in his mid 20's. He was recruited into SEPTER a mere two years prior to the events of the story.

Jack Connoles: A "Leather Necker" (Or person who lives in the wastelands) who is found by Dranith and Logan. He was a fireman by career until the descention (downfall of civilization), and now lives alone in his truck. His signature weapon is a fire-Axe which he uses to fearlessly maim any stray Zombies that may come across him. He claims to be afraid of fire arms, but proves to still be exceptional with a shotgun. Jack is in his early 40's.

Hogart: (Nickname: Rush) A large, and violent Scottish man. Dranith and Jack discover him in the ruins of a town called Brooksburg. He is a little edgy and can appear slightly insane at times, but regardless he is very street-smart. He rides his Motorcycle ("Sasha") and carries a Whaling Harpoon Gun. He joins the group in hopes of killing "Big Red" - a Giant mutant that flipped his trailer over. He spends his time hunting the beast, claiming it to be his nemesis.

Fiona: A SEPTER radio dispatcher who is of a romantic interest to Logan. Her role only comes on later in the story once the "group" finds their way back to friendly territory.
Is the world in order not profit enough?

Turtles; a Gnomes best friend.
I will show some more in the future, as we've got tons of art... But I want to wait till we have everything copyrighted before we throw stuff out for all to see. We've had some problems with this in the past, so it's us being careful =P
Is the world in order not profit enough?

Turtles; a Gnomes best friend.
Oh crap, sorry to the mods... I didnt realize that general only pertained to the game... If theres a more appropriate page on the forums then perhaps we could move this?
Is the world in order not profit enough?

Turtles; a Gnomes best friend.
Moved to off-topic.
Have you hugged an orc today?
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