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Undead Taurens
So, I've been trying to find some information about this and I can't seem to find anything, so I'm going to turn to you, the knowledgeable friends of CoTH.

Is it or is it not possible for a Tauren to be raised from the dead in the same manner as how Qaza raises her 'brothers and sisters'.
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Yes. There is an undead Tauren in the comics, from what I remember.
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So, it all just falls upon the dead Tauren's will to live then? And I take it they would partially lose some of their physical strength and endurance then as well, depending on how long they have been rotting/decomposing.
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Please don't quote me on this, but to my knowledge the original plague only affected humans, dwarves, gnomes and elves. But was targeted primarily towards humans. I suspect other races are more resistant to the plague, although the Royal Apothecaries have continuously developed new strains of the plague to affect even broader populaces.

If you look in the undercity, there is a female tauren afflicted by the plague, but instead of curing her, the apothecary accelerates the sickness so she dies. So evidently it can affect them, but you will notice how you can't tell the difference between which ghouls were once human, elven or even dwarven. Because the plagur actually renders the body beyond gender and race, to become a monstrous ghoul. The undeads do not retain any intelligence or distinguishing features, unless this was the specific intention of whoever created them, but that would be the work of a necromancer, which would mean that the subject would be under her control, not their own.

In short yes, taurens could very well become undeads, they can die, after all. If they become plagued while alive, or afflicted after death, they would become another homogeneous gibbering zombie, but if risen by a necromancer, they would likely be a thinking replica of their former self, except dead and possibly very cranky.

Hope this helps.
I don't imagine an undead tauren would be very happy.
Generally speaking they are very naturalist as a people and the raising of a dead Tauren (aside from the shamanistic form of reincarnation or something similar) might be seen as a desecration of the natural order.

Not suggesting it couldn't happen since - after all - they would also be vulnerable to the undead plague wouldn't they? Just guessing that it would be very difficult for said Tauren to come to grips with being undead.

Just my 2 cents. Not sure if it's worth anything.
Well... for some reason decomp doesn't affect strength, and intelligence, or even.. eyesight in WoW. So, an undead Tauren could be strong still, if not stronger.
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Rensin Wrote:Well... for some reason decomp doesn't affect strength, and intelligence, or even.. eyesight in WoW. So, an undead Tauren could be strong still, if not stronger.

It stands to reason that strength relies on how much a body can endure before exhaustion sets in. When this factor is removed, the body can exceed normal limits and thus display what others would see as supernatural strength.

An undead creature is also not affected by pain, which is a very important limitation in a living body. However, the older an undead grows (if not kept fresh by magic), the more it would decompose and fall apart, eventually becoming a skeleton.

Undeads in WoW work without blood, muscles and tissues to keep them up, and unlike undead/zombies in popular fiction, they do not seem to be affected by things like rigor mortis which would normally mean that their muscles would contract and tighten, thus causing them to move jerkily and erratically. This doesn't seem a problem for most undeads in WoW, whom move relatively fluently between recently dead, decomposing and skeletal. But as I mentioned, unless the body is protected from falling apart (like the forsaken), the undead tauren would eventually end up a skeleton.

Either way it would probably be an abomination in the eyes of the Earth Mother, and certainly in the eyes of other taurens. especially Shamans and Druids.
I´d say that it´s likely that almost every creature in warcraft can be raised through necromancy.

The plague specificly was created to target humans, yes, and the non-human undead we see have been riased by other means (nerubians by the Lich King´s necromancy, many banshees was raised during the Scourge of Quel´thalas etc).
All makt åt Tengil, vår befriare!

Ah, thanks a bunch, you guys and I can see what you're saying about the 'strength' part. Got'cha.
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