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Unusual Precipitation
In my roleplay over the course of the past couple of days I have noticed that more than 50% of the time it is raining in Elwynn Forest and Stormwind City (could very well be a coincidence with my log times, but I highly doubt it). I have visited very little of the rest of the world, but it's not beyond possibility that other zones possess a similar condition.

Now I understand that this may belong in the Bug Reporting forum, however I elected to place it here as I do not have evidence to dismiss the possibility of it being intentional. The city is, after all, named *Storm*wind and perhaps the GM's have decided to give the name a literal meaning.

I will however note that the wowwiki article on Elywnn Forest clearly states:

"Elwynn enjoys consistently good weather, warm and humid with few stormy days. Gentle rain falls just enough to make everything grow full and lush."

I understand that this is wowwiki and it is editable by anyone, but the author does cite the book Lands of Conflict as it's source, and is no doubt quoting the book nearly verbatim. (a common occurrence in wowwiki articles; the majority of which do directly quote other, less accessable and/or more costly lore sources)

That said, while the GM's are likely swarmed with more important ordeals, perhaps consider making Stormwind/Elywnn less rainy whenever you find enough time that it is convenient for you? (if it is even possible) It would be much appreciated, as rain can substantially affect what would be outdoor roleplay. No pressure though, after all we are on freeze, but if it is convenient for you it would be appreciated.
I think this was bought up, and the reasoning was that the guardians were trying to cleans the world with rains. This was during the height of the demon invasions.

I think it's hilarious. Clear days are worth mentioning.
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I've found the constant rain to be rather soothing.
It's the flooding I look forward to.
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I need a life.
Heh, any more rain and Eliviara will die from fright due to her fear of rain water. And the mud... And wet hair... And...
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Deepest apologies if I missed another post in regard to this. I can't seem to find the post where it was discussed . . . care to link it?

I'm also curious as to what the *guardians* actually are, the titans? Didn't read anything about guardians in the server lore . . . I'm guessing they must have some divine-type powers to be able to make it rain, however. And while I'll not pass judgement since I don't know what they are, I will state that it seems rather unrealistic for a god-like being to think that simple rainfall will slow demons down much, much less resolve the other sentient conflicts of the world.
I believe that was attempted once, a long time ago.

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I need a life.
Pfft. Let Mr. Raincloud do what he wants. If he wants to sprinkle on us for 8 hours or so then let him. Bah!
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Kialee Wrote:I believe that was attempted once, a long time ago.


lol. Had to read this twice before I figured it out.
Quote:Deepest apologies if I missed another post in regard to this. I can't seem to find the post where it was discussed . . . care to link it?


Something that was brought up a number of times. I'm not sure what control Kretol has over the situation, but he's definitely aware of it. However, I know that his player likes rain, so it's one of them things he really hasn't been motivated to change, even if he recognizes it as a problem (which he may not.)

Either way, I wouldn't count on it changing anytime soon, since Kretol and only Kretol can do anything about it (if even he is able to do so, I'm not sure what he'd have to tinker with for it.)
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Well thanks for taking the time to respond Grakor. Though the linked post was from months before I came aboard, I do sincerely apologize for bringing up an already discussed topic. Guess we'll just have to roleplay in the rain, hehe.
Dont forget to also...

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I'm singin' in the rain...
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