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Ursilvar Frostthorn (Kaldorei Totemic Druid)
Player: Jhorend

Character Full Name: Ursilvar Frostthorn
Character In-Game Name: Ursilvar

Association(s): Cenarion Circle

Race: Kaldorei, Night Elf.
Class: Druid (of the Claw)
Skills and Abilities: Limited to mostly what is the usual skillset of a Druid of the Claw.

Age: 3,374

Sex: Male
Hair: Dark green with a blue tint. Typically long and matted.
Eyes: Amber.

Scale/Height: 1.05, influenced by parents and bearishness.
Weight: In elf form, 322 lbs. due to extra muscle/fat weight.

Usual Garments/Armor: Just robes, adorned with leaves and such. Undergarments too of course. Simple druid's clothing. A thick hide serves as his armor in Bear Form.

Alignment: Lawful Neutral.


Ursilvar is quite lazy.. until he's in combat, of course. He'd like a snooze any time of day, and always seems to be tired what with the dark rings beneath his eyes, but his own values as well as those of any Druid's are what drive him to take action. He'll be impulsive or unreactive; you don't typically see an in-between.

He also absolutely hates anything that should get caught in his coat of fur. Anger can manifest quickly, from irritation to infuriation and indignation. That, of course, can be caused by more than fur problems. Endangering of nature is an obvious example. He's not the most vindictive, but don't think he won't chase you with everything he's got if you sufficiently irritate him. His overall laziness does however include much apathy, at least from a visual perspective. He's not the sort to be excited frequently, that's a given.

When speaking to someone new, he does so with some caution, but isn't opposed to a friend. As long as they let him nap when he wants to. (That said, bug him all you want.) He doesn't really have any true friends, even with the fellowship among other druids. He is capable of love, though not many would agree with his lethargic tendencies. He's not a talkative person, though he'll make a comment every so often, be it humorous or serious. You might end up hearing him yawn more than talk.

In a fight, he's different, save for his lack of frequent speech. Thinks a bit slow, but fights powerfully with conviction and determination. You'll see no shortage of energy there; it might be where it all goes. Afterwards, it's back to the same quiet, nonchalant demeanor. His gait as a bear is typically, well, lumbering. Like many a bear's body, it's slow and possibly overbearing when idle, but agile when it needs to be. As a Kaldorei, it's not much different for him. He doesn't hold himself high or proud, just goes about his business and avoiding exertion unless necessary. This reflects in his unkempt hair style, despite concern for keeping it "clean". Maybe because it's so hard to get stuff out of it.


Ursilvar did grow wanting to be a druid, in the snowy lands of Winterspring. He was fortunate enough to have the right qualities to become one. He wasn't always so lethargic, though. When he first entered the Dream, he personally found it exciting. It was fascinating to him. He slept, until the War of the Shifting Sands. He was eager to test what he'd learned, how ready he was, and to serve for his people. Now he looks back on that emotion, and disdains it. He had remained with Fandral's main forces as Valstann went on to try to secure Southwind, to fail. To see Valstann torn in half, in front of his father at that, was an emotional sight of considerable weight for Ursilvar, set beneath the months of fighting and death past that. After the battle, his general countenance was darkened. He was ready as ever to return to the Dream for hundreds of years.

When next he awoke, it was for the Third War. He was among the many Druids of the Claw, deep in the barrows of Winterspring. If you asked whether he had gone feral with many of the others, he typically responds with silence. Nonetheless, he diligently fought with Tyrande and Malfurion's forces, right up to the very Battle of Mount Hyjal itself.
He faded into the wild for some time after that, contemplating and collecting himself while living a quiet, completely "natural" and "raw" lifestyle. He was on a path to becoming a Savagekin, though the transformation did not get the chance to complete as he forced himself to return to civilization in brief intervals (though each more distant than the last) until a year after the end of the decade, but it left a mark of change. As of late, he's primarily been assisting with abating the effects of the Cataclysm and combating Deathwing's allies. And naps. Lots of naps.
[5:56:48 PM] Sachimo (幸子前田): My old teacher makes the best damn deer chili you'll ever stick in your throat hole
[11:54:13 PM] Kaghuros (Neal): Ok guys
I have a great business plan
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Well, you're solid lore-wise. I like the personality given he's a druid of the claw, it really imitates the nature of an actual bear. There's one thing that needs to be addressed:

(01-05-2015, 12:12 AM)Jhorend Wrote: Scale/Height: Slightly taller than an average Night Elf.
Weight: In elf form, 363 lbs. due to extra muscle weight.

You need an actual in-game scale here. It can be found in this guide. As pointed out in that guide, he'd be quite overweight for a Night Elf, even at 1.1. You can have him be 1.15 with special permission but that isn't just slightly taller than average, but abnormally tall. And so when you have that kind of scale we ask you to give us a reason in the profile, usually genetics with the tall folks. Small folks can be genetics or developmental. Anyways, I assume that the weight in the guide already accounts for muscle mass, so when deciding/redeciding on a weight, that needs to be taken into account. But bears are musclefatty so if he's bearish it would make sense. But anyways, you'll need to check that guide out and edit this section accordingly.

Also, if you could fix the spacing a little that'd be helpful.
[Image: anim_500.gif]
Updated. I had followed the Wiki guide and also assumed it was averaged, but among an "uninfluenced" group. Also, spacing is organized regarding to the questions that are similar, though I added some more spacing to History and Personality.
Edit: Mentioning I'm on mobile, so the page is a tad warped and I'm not entirely sure how it looks for you now.
[5:56:48 PM] Sachimo (幸子前田): My old teacher makes the best damn deer chili you'll ever stick in your throat hole
[11:54:13 PM] Kaghuros (Neal): Ok guys
I have a great business plan
We scrape up all the dust in the Fuhrerbunker, mix it with potting soil, take it to the Netherlands, and grow some marijuana in it.
Then people can smoke hitler
Approved, pending gruntship!

It's probably the phone thing, yeah. It can be fixed upon wikifying, it's not a big deal.

[Image: anim_500.gif]

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