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Vadim, Draenei Shaman [Pre-Approved]

Existing Profile: http://wiki.conquestofthehorde.com/Vadim

Any Changes Made?: (If yes, specify in what area(s)) corrected a few spelling errors I noticed. Added back in the "flesh" category, noted it was missing. added suggested information and field.

Character Full Name: Vadim

Character In-Game Name: Vadim (The Draenei usually don't use surnames)

Nickname(s): Elder, Old One

Association(s): The Naaru, the Exodar, the Alliance, the Prophet Velen, Farseer Nobundo

Race: Draenei

Class: Shaman (formerly a priest of the Light)

Skills and Abilities:
Retains an insight into how the Light functions but no longer functions as a priest and thus only channels it as other Draenei do. Divination via runic crystals, scrying, and visions as appropriate to Shaman. Particularly skilled at wielding lightning effectively. Skilled healer outside of spells (supplementing with crystals and various herbs and concoctions and has been known to apply cold and heat with shock spells though with greatly reduced effects).

He favors a staff or a pair of dual weapons, being proficient in their applications in combat and usefulness in magical function. He is a scholar and studies obscure lore and often records his findings. He is also a Jewelcrafter of some skill.

Age: 27,025 (Among the Adult generation at the time of the Exile)

Sex: Male

Hair: Silver white

Flesh: Described once as being like a living sapphire or the blue of the ether given form and substance.

Eyes: Electric blue

Weight: 620 ibs

Height: 7'5"

Usual Garments/Armor:
He commonly wears the vestments of his calling, being a Shaman this often entails mail and leather or furs. At all times there is a scent of a storm about him radiating from the electric orbs near perpetually hovering about his person. He favors an ironwood staff crafted from a single piece set with runes down its form and fetish feathers to dance in the air during his spellcasting. Tiny lightnings crackle along it when imbued with shamanistic power.

He is not shy about showing off his Draenei physique and will wear whatever is most comfortable and appropriate at the time.
Vadim is a towering, powerfully built example of a male Draenei coupled with the wisdom and insight associated with his calling.

Alignment (if applicable): Lawful Neutral (strong Good tendencies)

Vadim likes to watch and observe. He is a student of life, and of death and everything between and after.
He is always polite and generally well mannered while being aware of his surroundings, particularly in dangerous company and situations. (Orcs he is cautious with most)
The elder Draenei usually approaches everything with an even hand and unless someone proves themselves to be his enemies he is not immediately hostile to anyone.

Vadim has been around for thousands of years, countless generations of time by the standards of mortal races and yet even the elves. He does not actively remember everything he has seen however every evening when he seats himself to enter a trance called "reverie" he relives much of his past and draws new wisdom from the experience. He has had many friends and not a few lovers one of which was female and produced a Daughter for him upon some long forgotten planet the Draenei visited in their endless exile from Argus. This Daughter was a treasure to him as the creation of new lives and the closing of present ones is a rare occurrence among the Draenei. The Prophet Velen congratulated the parents and blessed the child as he does with each birth among his people, naming her "Zia".

Zia grew up under Vadim's tutelage, her mother choosing to marry another and move on. Over the centuries Vadim nurtured the child which taxed his patience at times he will admit "Thank the Naaru that one seems to have such tolerance for your own young" he was quoted saying at one point when he returned home to find half his domicile burned... He discovered the child had manifested a great potential for magic, much like he had. For her safety and understanding he entrusted her to the wise tutelage of a Mage friend of his while always remaining close by when duties at the temple were not calling him away. Eventually the time came that hey had to move again, the endless journey from place to place. Zia traveled with the Mage and remained safe until Vadim was to find her again a few years later upon the world of Draenor. He was not prepared to discover a new life with them. Zia had given birth to a spirited girl who was twice as troublesome as her mother and perhaps five times as devious. The mother had named her "fire" which proved too hard to pronounce for those not used to the Draenei tongue and so they took to calling her some word that meant or was related to fire in the common tongue, upon reaching Azeroth, Vadim took to calling her "kindle".

As time progressed the Draenei built the great holy sites upon Draeneor, Shattrath, the city of Light, and several satellite settlements in Shadowmoon Valley and even as far north as the lush green fields that would become Netherstorm. Times were good, they made peace with the Shamanistic Orcs and traded with them freely. Vadim came to respect the Orcs and was always gracious to any brown skinned companion he played host too, a few of which perhaps were very friendly visits indeed.
After some time the Prophet's fallen brother Kil'Jaden discovered the lush paradise his prey had called home for many years now and made his steps to destroy it and the Draenei while creating a new kind of foot soldier in the process. The orcs fell under his sway and became corrupted by the blood of demons, the merciless slaughter of hundreds began without warning.

During the conflict at Shattrath Vadim and the now nearly grown Kindle were separated from her mother and friends. They fled with the Prophet on their journey for Tempest Keep where recent history would play out. They survived the crash and searched for Zia for weeks before deciding that what will be will be and set about making a new life from the ashes of this tragedy as they and their people have done countless times now. Some time just prior to these Events Vadim and several of his peers were approached by the Prophet, speaking of lost wisdom and a task that the willing and fierce of spirit may undertake to serve the future of both their people and others. So advised the priest sought out a krokul gifted with an ancient power long forgotten to the Draenei and heeded his wisdom. Vadim did as he was instructed, wary at first but quickly discovering he had a natural affinity for Shamanism. He studied under Farseer Nabundo for some time before Vadim realized that his grand daughter had inherited a similar gift and brought her before his teacher. She took his place studying the spirits and the elements while her grandfather went out into the world. As time progressed the Draenei found new allies and came to love their new home in the northern reaches off the coast of Kalimdor.

The neighboring Nightelves were wary and even outright hostile at first, thinking they were the Eredar, those among them who followed the fallen elders Kil'Jaden and Archimonde into damnation for lust of power. Eventually the Draenei proved themselves a virtuous people and gained acceptance. Kindle, now finished with her tutelage with the Farseer walks the world with her grandfather and together they seek to understand this world and its peoples. Vadim writes a chronicle of their findings and scraps of lore so that he may consolidate the information into a single cohesive body of text to teach the masses the history of their world and perhaps prevent past mistakes.
I request that you space out the history a bit, it's a bit wall of text-ish at the moment.

Quote:Age: His age is great though he will usually avoid giving a direct number.

While he may usually avoid it, we would like to know his exact age as both 2000 and 20000 can be considered 'great'.

Quote:He is also a Jewlcrafter of some skill.
“Without deviation from the norm, progress is not possible.”
― Frank Zappa
Please also add the new Skills and Abilities section.
If you're still active, please make a post. :)
Sorry ^^; I was trying to make the changes and keep the thread clean.

That's okay! ^^

Going back to what Karunzo mentioned, please add some spacing to your profile in the History and personality section.
I hope that cleans it up a bit better. Its a little tricky in the editing field, all the text is clustered together in a far tighter wordwrap, deceiving it is.
There are a few other things which bring up some questions for me in this profile. You say your character still channels the light despite moving to the path of the Spirits and becoming a Shaman. This feels a bit like multi-classing which we don't allow, unless you can explain it better for me.

Secondly, Farseers are a class possibility for Drae Shaman, and it would be strange for someone to receive the nickname of such without having become one. If you intend for him to be a Farseer you will have to make a Special profile.

Third, and someone can clarify this for me if I'm incorrect, I believe we decided that characters (for the sake of in-game mechanics) would no longer be able to understand/speak languages outside of the norm.

Just a few things I'll need you to address. Thank you!
[Image: Lirshar_zpscaa814f0.png]
On Farseer... Well, at the time I made the character, Farseer was not an open class to play, and the staff didn't raise any questions the last two times the profile has been submitted. So I saw no reason to change it.

Addressing the light, it is not dual-classing, he is not going to step up and start casting light spells. One, he was a priest for probably 24,500 something odd years... that will not just go away in the span of a human lifetime I would wager. Two, the Draenei have a deep connection to the Light via the Naaru, they cast a simple healing spell due to this connection regardless of class. (Even Deathknights can do this in the game but I'm not sure they should). I will clairify.

The language section is a recent addition, I added it as an after thought because I began browsing other wiki files looking for ways to best help define the character in more recent standards than it was two restarts ago, since they were obviously approved I followed suit adding in what he had acquired last time. (I'm still not sure why the characters were wiped the second time, after the blood oath and stromgarde that is)

I will await a second to your suggestion before I change it, but your concerns are noted.
All Draenei have an understanding of the Light and its use. The way you have it explained in the Skills and Abilities looks fine to me.

As for the language, I think it would be best to omit that from the profile. I believe the policy on languages states that you can claim that a character knows a language that's reasonable for your character to know, but no one is obliged to defend the fact that they know it. For the sake of a profile, it might just be best to take the language section out.

One part of the history I must mention is Vadim's training received from the farseer. Shamanism was introduced to the Draenei by Farseer Nobundo. Please use the link to make the minor timeline changes regarding his training.:)
Ok, done ^^
I was under the impression that exact ages had to be posted. :S

And I thought I read that characters don't know more than their basic languages... But, I might be crazy.
when you are dealing with a race that lives in the thousands of years, I think it a little bit unnecessary to be absolutely exact, especially since the lore itself is a bit spotty in places. He was an adult at the time of the original exile... ok so what exactly would that mean? Is there a listing on the site somewhere that definitively state when a Draenei matures? I haven't seen any official lore about it myself but most agree that they are an ageless race, that the fact they will live past a thousand years makes age tracking pointless as the passage of time is in human perspective anyway... 60 to 90 years is literally a blink and that is the window we are working in.

If in the course of writing I come across a fact that I am uncertain of, I research it... finding no answer I either try to work around it in a neatly crafted way that makes it irrelivent or I try to make an estimation and wing it. Number two more often than not causes people to be iffy and picky so I try to avoid doing it where I can.
Well, this is for the language thing I read. Turns out I'm not crazy.

As for the age, I can't seem to find any that don't give an exact age on the wiki. I remember reading somewhere as well that there needed to be one. But, I guess we'll see what the brass says. *Shrug*
(09-07-2011, 09:58 PM)Grakor456 Wrote:
(09-07-2011, 09:34 PM)CappnRob Wrote: Really seems to me to be an arbitrary and needless rule. Noone complained about this, noone asked for it to change, noone was up in arms about X knowing Y and Y knowing Z.

Actually, they did, or we wouldn't have had to make a statement on this. There was a lot of complaints about people knowing other languages, and the belief that they shouldn't know them.

Given the limitations of the engine, I personally view that it's better to keep with the languages known in-game, as to prevent people from going through the pains of having to type out [Thalassian] at the beginning of every say.

Of course, we said we don't support it, not that we were outright banning the idea. That was the wording Kretol used, so it was the wording I repeated.

ok, so it is not offically provided, but not banned... I would think that sufficiently Mature Draenei would understand at least enough orcish for trade (as in use before the genocide) and Blood Elves likely know common due to being High Elves in the Alliance recently in scope. Then again Forsaken could know Common as well by that logic. I think at this point it is up to the players as an in game thing then?

As for the age, I will synchronize it with another profile's answer that closely matches the same generation and see what happens... it can always be ret-conned if new information comes to light, though I still feel it is a bit irrelevant if he lived an extra century or less as the goal here is to inform the reader roughly when he was around, not sign up for social security. ^^

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