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Valicor's School Schedule
Arrive at school ->
Homeroom ->
Athletic Conditioning ->
Stress & Tension Relief ->
English 10 ->
Chemistry ->
Creative Writing ->
Latin 2->
Lunch ->
World History ->
Geometry ->
Day is over.

Be jealous at my beautiful school schedule.
[Image: 4ab673a110e5324a7acf57e330a6c8eb.jpg]
Ohh, Latin, Creative Writing, and World History! Do take advantage of your courses, as you can even use what you learn in RP, among other things! :)

How far back are you learning for World History?
[Image: 3HQ8ifr.gif]
Is that World History, or AP World History?
It's regular World History because AP would kill me
and I'm learning as far back as World History teaches. I'm not in a position yet to choose the content I am taught, just the courses themselves.
Updated schedule because I had some classes moved.

(Note about Athletic Conditioning, as some people don't know what it is.
AC is a class that is basically gym class, except x100 harder. Very intense working out and training, weight lifting, running tracks around the school, etc.
To put it simply, it's the hardcore workout class of the school. I've heard stories of people being worked so hard, that they throw up. It's the class that I look forward to the most.)
[Image: 4ab673a110e5324a7acf57e330a6c8eb.jpg]
Had my class changed, second class of the day is now Stress & Tension relief.
That's basically yoga.
[Image: 4ab673a110e5324a7acf57e330a6c8eb.jpg]

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