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Vande Siftale[Forsaken]
Player: Kenshiro

Character Full Name: Vande Siftale

Character In-Game Name: Vande

Nickname(s): Van, Professor, Professor Siftale

Association(s): The Apothecary Society, The Cult of Forgotten Shadow, The Horde

Race: Human (Forsaken)

Class: Shadow Apothecary (Priest)

Skills and Abilities:

Shadow Alchemy: He is able to invent various unique poisons and potions, by combining his alchemy with shadow magic. (IC posts required for a potion/poison invention using the two) He is also able to identify any potion.

Toxicity: His blood is a very toxic venom and he is able to poison an enemy with a single (physical) touch on an open wound or orifice. He is immune to most poisons/chemicals.

Shadow Tendrils: He is able to launch shadow tendrils from the tips of his fingers, able to stab or bind a target. They are extremely weak to any form of light (natural or magic) and weaken slowly the longer he uses them.

Age: 66

Sex: Male

Hair: Medium-length, messy and green. Eww.

Eyes: Glowing yellow and surrounded by broken glasses.

Weight: 150 lbs

Height: 5'7"

Usual Garments/Armor: He is usually seen in dark-colored robes that have many stains from his experiments on them. He -always- has a pair of broken glasses on his face.

Other: He's got a Gilnean accent when he speaks.

Alignment: Chaotic Evil

Personality: Vande is a meticulous intellectual. He is also quite sadistic and views others as little more than research material. He thinks poorly of non-Undead, and hopes that they will someday be wiped from existence. He has both a superiority and inferiority complex. He believes himself to be superior to everyone and will not acknowledge someone for being powerful, however when someone proves to be better than his predictions, he obsesses over it.

He can also be very cold, callous, dispassionate, and is rather aloof, brooding, and indifferent, willing to harm both his comrades and enemies should they ever get in his way. His cold demeanor allows him to stay completely calm and in control in most situations, and he is not easily surprised or caught off-guard. He is also highly perceptive, cunning, and analytical.

History: Vande was born in Gilneas, the only son to Michael and Melissa Siftale. Both were priests of the Light and when Vande was old enough, they began to force their religion down the boy' throat. Not knowing anything different, or about free-will, he continued to do what his parents wished for a good many years.

At the age of twenty, Vande had become a deacon within the Church in Gilneas city. He spent much of his time studying the Light and spewing forth its various meanings to everyone he could. He was an excellent speaker and he preached like a professional. He also helped during the masses when the High Priest would give them. However, he discovered something interesting on one of his readings.

Alchemy. The art of mixing various natural elements together to create potions, elixirs, etc. He spent the next few years mastering his art, while slowly losing focus of the Light. He was ridiculed by his fellow priests, which drove him to become very secretive in his works. Eventually, he left Gilneas city and found his way to Lordaeron, where he continued his studies of alchemy.

He did not participate in any wars, as he obsessed over his work in the laboratory he created. He believed he could create a potion for eternal life and he worked on it until the Scourge came. He may not have completed any potions, but he certainly obtained eternal life. He rose as a mindless minion of the Lich King, until being freed by Sylvanas.

Following the Banshee-Queen, he helped to take the capital city Lordaeron from the dreadlords who controlled it. Upon claiming victory, he quickly began to make a home in the city, where he continued his work silently. He followed the other Forsaken to their new Church, the Cult of the Forgotten Shadow, where he spent time learning to harness the power of shadow. But, once the Royal Apothecary Society was created, he threw himself into their R&D department.

He helped to create various potions and toxins and he soon moved over to the testing department. Although he preferred research, he loved to see the effects of any sort of potion he created. He stayed with the testing department, until he decided that he would move through the world and test his own, unique brand of potions.
Quote:Toxicity: His blood is a very toxic venom and he is able to poison an enemy with a single (physical) touch.

I'd say this is a touch (...) too powerful; he ought to at least need to break a foe's skin to pass along a harmful ailment.
Perhaps the acidic stuff can spill out onto his enemies when they attack him.

Exempli gratia, a swing of the sword cuts open his hard, dead arteries and splatters the poor footman. Inhaled, touched, or what have you, and the victim is thusly affected.

...If it doesn't reach the actual enemy, maybe it would dissolve the fellow's weapon.
(11-20-2011, 08:00 PM)Kenshiro Wrote: Toxicity: His blood is a very toxic venom and he is able to poison an enemy with a single (physical) touch on an open wound. He is immune to most poisons/chemicals.

Fix'd. And this is a venom we're talking about, not an acid. It has to enter the bloodstream to take effect and won't be dissolving anything. Except maybe the insides of someone. Beat Up

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