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Varyis Sinaviel (Slight butchering/rewrite) (Blood Elf Hunter)
Alrighty, this and the next profile I put up are edits of two characters of mine. I'm slightly chopping their history up and changing the last names.

Changes in pink because this ones the sister.

'''Player:''' WindZealot

'''Character Full Name:''' Varyisillia Sinaviel

'''Character In-Game Name:''' Varyis

'''Nickname(s):''' Varyis, Vary.

'''Association(s):''' The Horde, Silvermoon City, Dawn's Reach (Formerly.)

'''Race:''' Blood Elf

'''Class:''' Hunter

'''Age:''' 115

'''Sex:''' Female

'''Hair:''' Varyis is always seen wearing her black hair in a headband. It presently reaches down to the middle of her back.

'''Eyes:''' Fel green.

'''Weight:''' 132.5 pounds.

'''Height:''' 6'0/Scale 1.02.


'''Usual Garments/Armor:''' Varyis is usually seen wearing a set of mail armor, often varying in color, from red and silver, to red and gold, to brown, with at least some form of headwear ranging from a hat, a hood, or a helmet. At other times, she may be found wearing a dress.


Varyis is often described as an elf with a fuse of questionable length, and a soft side somewhere in there. Sometimes, she seems uncaring, other times, she seems rather…distanced as she is often thinking of the events that have happened throughout the day, and forming a to-do list for the next day, and that is often when it is easiest to anger her. When she is angered, often as that may unsurprisingly happen, you either have the most adorable tantrum of all time, nine times out of ten, or something that is actually potentially deadly, one time out of ten. If anyone that knew her were asked to describe her, she'd likely be that one elf that tries to be organized as long as you don't interrupt her when she's making said to-do list.


Varyisillia Sinaviel was born to a scholar mother and a soldier father with a brother 85 years older than her. She lived a mostly typical childhood. Well, it would have been if she weren't a practical introvert, choosing instead to ignore rather than assess, such as when her mother decided to make Aenstus (that's her brother,) accompany the father while he was off doing soldierly things. Varyis did somewhat recall some of the things she learned. First War came and went, and Varyis asked her mother how many had died once. Simply put, her brother had also asked. Both were grounded. Mistrust fueled both of their future interactions with mother.

It was during the Second War, however, when the High Elves were assisting the humans in dealing with the orcs, and attempting to protect their forest, which was burned anyway, that kept Varyis in the house more often than she was used too, her mother fearing what may await her if she ever decided to exit Silvermoon. During those years, she only went outside for the purpose of learning how to defend herself, with a sword and a bow, and she did find that she was quite the markswoman, and a mediocre swordswoman as well. She finished training right as the Second War ended.

Her parents marriage hadn't already been doing nicely, and her father's return from the second war as a bitter shadow of his former self sent her mother over the edge.

Varyis' mother divorced her father, and both parents received custody of one child, Varyis was stuck with her mother. During that period, she attempted to isolate herself, this time by going on long trips into Eversong. By chance, usually, she ran into her brother, and they both spent some time catching up on what the other is doing.

As if to pour salt into the wounds, the attack on the Sunwell happened, and she found herself fleeing for dear life, like mostly everyone else, and she did escape. Like all other elves at the time, she suffered from the arcane addiction that came with the loss of the Sunwell. And after returning to help with the recovery of Eversong, turned to the Fel almost immediately after it was introduced, becoming a Blood Elf along with the rest of her kind.

After all that had happened, and the Blood Elves joined the Horde, Varyis departed Silvermoon with her bow, her sword, and the most practical set of clothing she could find, merely to see the world and find a good place to retreat to in case her home ended up getting attacked by vicious undead again, and eventually was approached by a troll that offered her and a group of others a place in the Dawn's Reach, she was the only one that accepted that offer, wanting a purpose other than selling animal hides. She remained a loyal member of the Reach till it disbanded, and now, she knows nothing of what to do next. She has recently gained the companionship of the worg, Angaeris.

[[Category:Blood Elf]]
Perhaps it is your imperfection that which grants you free will, that allows you to persevere against cosmically calculated odds. You prevailed where the Titans' own perfect creations have failed.

- Algalon, The Observer

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Nicely done.


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