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Vin Aena'dor [Blood Elf, Windwarrior]
Player: HolyHiveMind

Character Full Name: Vin Aena'dor

Character In-Game Name: Vin

Nickname(s): None

Association(s): Silvermoon, The Horde, The Shattered Sun Offensive

Race: Blood Elf

Class: OOC: Hunter, IC: Windwarrior

Skills and Abilities:

Acrobatics: Vin has a high level of dexterity regarding mounted combat, able to perform tricky aerial maneuvers thanks to intense training.

Birds of a Feather: Vin has a high level of trust with her mount, and has trained it extremely well. As a result, it is able to understand her body language and act accordingly. Vin also has an empathic connection with her mount, able to feel it's basic emotions and it's approximate location as long as it resides within a mile of her.

Taste the Wind: Vin has a high level of stamina and is particularly adept at resisting the various winds, temperatures and height changes she may experience in flight.

Hawkeye: Vin has excellent vision, able to pick out minor details from far above. She's able to take advantage of these details using excellent aim with a bow.

Grounded: Vin is lacking in melee combat, having a rather small frame and little experience in swordplay. She is also less able in combat when not with her beast.

Age: 562

Sex: Female

Hair: Light Brown

Eyes: Green

Weight: 127 lbs

Height: 5'6”

Usual Garments/Armor: Vin can usually be found wearing armor made of flexible leather, with hardened plates covering her vital areas. When not in armor, she usually wears a simple tunic, although much changes based upon her mood. She always carries her bow, and usually a sword. The upper right side of her chest is covered in burn scars.

Personality: Vin is quiet, preferring the company of her mounted companion to that of other elves. She is not easy to anger, as well as being quite difficult to phase. However, she can be awkward around people due to her self-inflicted solitude. Vin is loyal towards those she befriends, as well as being extremely loving and caring towards her current mount. She can be slightly difficult to approach, unfortunately.

History: Vin was born in a small ranch dedicated to raising Dragonhawks just outside Silvermoon. Her parents, a retired Farstrider and a longtime dragonhawk trainer, raised Vin and her two brothers with as much affection as any child could ask for. And, being raised on a ranch as they were, all three children were taught to ride the beasts as soon as they were physically able. All three learned quickly and with no small amount of enjoyment. As the children grew older, it became apparent that while the two boys enjoyed nothing more than wrestling with each other, Vin preferred to read amongst the animals. Her father, wanting her to engage in physical activity as well as mental, began to teach her archery. Vin took to it naturally, spending her days amongst the Dragonhawks shooting, reading and riding. Eventually, her two brothers left, one to study magic in Dalaran and the other to open a small jewelry shop in Silvermoon. Vin remained for a while longer before eventually taking up a job as a messenger. She enjoyed this job and the freedom it gave, as well as inuring her to the effects of long distance flight. However, after a hundred years she tired of the same thing.

Taking example from her father she joined the Farstriders, easily being accepted thanks to her skills in archery and her ability to befriend most Dragonhawks with ease. However, as she was trained her lack of both melee training and talent was noticed. Vin attempted to improve her skills for a short while before abandoning all but the most basic of melee abilities in order to better improve her archery and riding. Vin also got her first experiences in combat during this time. She was quickly placed as an advanced scout, soaring over the trees and reporting back potential dangers ahead. She found herself quickly growing attached to her current mount, a beautiful blue beast named Vala'dal. As the two bonded, she noticed that she was beginning to pick up far more subtle cues in her Dragonhawk's behavior. Time progressed, with her abilities regarding her mount becoming more unusual. She was able to find Vala'dal when he was not within sight, as well as discern his basic feelings. Instead of panicking, Vin rejoiced at this deeper connection. However, this connection was soon to be severed. While out on patrol, Vala'dal was felled by a well placed throwing axe. Vin survived, albeit wounded by her fall.

The damage ran into her mind, however, and taught Vin what losing someone close was like. However, instead of falling apart she resolved to prevent such events from occuring again. She began to practice more tricky aerial maneuvers with her new mount, training to avoid damage, particularly for her mount. This dragonhawk passed away painlessly in it's sleep after long years of service and a few minor wounds. Her next mount was a brilliant orange and red. She named it Salv'alor. The first of her combat mounts that she raised from birth, Vin was particularly attached to her new mount. The two connected quickly, and became fast friends. They'd need each other for what was to come. Vin was one of the few farstriders sent off to the first war, as scouts were needed. While the woman was no stranger to combat she had never truly been involved in war. She was slightly shocked by what she saw, but hardened herself and did her duty, scouting ahead and taking part in what battles she could. As the war drew to a close she and Salv'alor returned to Silvermoon, both slightly scarred but closer because of it. It wasn't long after they returned that they were again summoned to war, this time to defend Eversong. She once again skillfully fulfilled her duty, picking up minor scratches along the way. Once the orcs were defeated she again settled into a rather normal life, scouting once more for the Farstriders. However, everything changed when the Scourge attacked Silvermoon. Vin saw her mother and father die together, their dragonhawks falling to ghouls. She saw her brothers die, one having just returned from Dalaran. And throughout it all Vin fought. However, she was not an immovable object, and so the unstoppable force of the Scourge rolled through Silvermoon. She saw countless companions and friends fall before finally taking an fireball to the chest. Only Salv'alor, with Vin onboard, fleeing to the healers tents set up not long after the fall managed to save her life.

Vin woke up to a dragonhawk and an emptiness, caused by the loss of the Sunwell. She struggled through the addiction to Fel that followed, her eyes turning a bright green along with the rest of her kind. She defended Silvermoon as it was rebuilt, attempting to shut away the loss caused by those she had lost. When the Shattered Sun Offensive began to regain the Sunwell, Vin joined them, simply looking for something to do to take her mind off what had occurred. When that task was completed, Vin remained listless until the assault against Arthas. She took part in every confrontation she could, always remaining quiet and distant from those she fought with. When Arthas fell, she once again fell into a sort of empty state, one that not even the companionship of Salv'alor could shake her out of. With the Shattering of the world, a new war approaches, finally giving Vin a way to take her mind off of things.
HolyHiveMind Wrote:Skills and Abilities:

Magical “Armor”: While not able to perform any serious magic, Vin can cast a weak mage armor on her mount. This spell is not taxing, but offers about the same protection as heavy cloth.

Birds of a Feather: Vin has a mystical bond with her Dragonhawk, able to communicate with it as if they speak a common language, as well as speak to any other Dragonhawk.. No one else can hear her beast unless magically aided. Vin also has an empathic connection with her mount, able to feel it's basic emotions and it's approximate location as long as it resides within a mile of her.

Sorry but I've gotta say no to the magical armor for her pet -- that's kinda pushing the magical allowances for what a hunter can do. (Unless I somehow missed the new Cataclysm spell that this represents in which case please link it my way!)

While a close connection between a pet and its hunter can exist, I believe telepathic or "language" communication has been ruled out in the past. Understanding body language and having a well-trained creature is very different, and I don't believe dragonhawks are among the animals in WoW that can make use of humanoid language.
[Image: 0f084241-4e8f-4ebc-9f46-e942e4c544a8_zps7e42bd8f.jpg]
(04-26-2013, 01:15 AM)HolyHiveMind Wrote: Class: OOC: Hunter, IC: Windwarrior
[Image: tornadoes1-300x181.jpg]
[Image: SVRS15.jpg]
If I may beg your pardon on a more serious level, elaborate on what wind warrior is?
Hand me some feedback!
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Changes have been made!

Windwarrior's are an RPG class. Basically elite Windriders. Good at using flying mounts in combat, like Troll Batriders, Dwarven Gryphonriders, etc. Just a name for those.
Initial Approval
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