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Vindaes Laveas [Human]
Player: Vind101

Character Full Name: Vindaes Laveas

Character In-Game Name: Vindaes

Nickname(s): Kaear Laka, Tarathar Jalrak.

Association(s): Alliance

Race: Human

Class: Gladiator (( Warrior ))

Age: 51

Sex: Male

Hair: Grey buzz cut, as well as a thick goatee

Eyes: Blue

Weight: 265

Height: 6'4


Vindaes usually wears anything that is comfortable. Vindaes has many scars on his face, the most noticeable one starts on his right temple and ends across the bridge of his nose. He has a deep battle scar that starts on his right shoulder and ends on his left hip. He has scar tissue above and under each eye aswell as his forehead. He wears two wedding rings on his right hand they seem to have a meaning to him. Vindaes has tattoos on each of his arms indicating snakes aswell as across his upperbody and back, reminding him of his past.

Alignment: Chaotic Neutral


Vindaes is very torn apart emotionally, from all of the things he's been forced to see, and do. Seeming to not take anything from any race, yet still being able to tolerate them, but he prefers the company of humans. He has a visible soft side through all of the anger he shows. He seems to avoid most people not wanting to be bounded to anything.


Vindaes was born in Stormwind with his father and mother, they were commoners his father was a simple blacksmith making enough money to support his family. They stayed in Stormwind for many years, Vindaes was mostly seen training and working with his father as soon as he became of age. Vindaes and his family left Stormwind and made their way to the elven lands once the orcs attacked. He stayed there until they heard about Stormwind being rebuilt.

Vindaes was an experienced blacksmith at this time, but lusted for battle he heard about the rumors of pit fights in Old Town. Vindaes not having much money he joined the fights, for two years, fighting in many bouts and such. Across his years in the pit he made friends with a fellow fighter by the name of Iscaro. Him and Iscaro trained together in their spare time. Sadly Iscaro was killed during a bout leaving Vindaes stricken with anger and grief.

Vindaes met a woman by the name of Valarie, they flirted and conversed for some time, after a month the two were married, Vindaes then told her his fights in Old Town, she was surprised but stayed with him. Vindaes provided for her from his earnings through the fights, Valarie gave birth to two children he named one Iscaro after his friend and the other Larak. The downside of the twins birth were that he could not provide for three.

Vindaes gave Larak to the orphanage. Vindaes raised Iscaro and stayed with his wife until finally people wanted him dead, for he was gambling and stealing people's money. When Iscaro was six he was kidnapped by a man that hosted some fights in the pit. Vindaes saved his son killing the man, but realized he needed to stop gambling and only focus on the fights and providing for his family.

Vindaes and his family stayed there until the third war ended, he then moved him and his family to Booty Bay for more fame and coin. He underestimated the competition and was forced to train even harder. After a good amount of time he earned the title gladiator, but sadly left his family for he was afraid his new found fame would endanger them like before.

He made his way to Ratchet and joined a pirate crew under the name of Kaer Laka he quickly became first mate, yet the crew was never really successful it provided a place to live. At one point they were sailing back to Booty Bay when the Bloodsail attacked them sinking their ship, he woke up on the shores of Stranglethorn Vale.

He avoided Booty Bay and Gurabashi as to not be recognized, he made his way to Stormwind using the Deeprum tram to get to Ironforge. He stayed there under the name of Tarathar Jalrak for nine years. Vindaes finally came back to Booty Bay after his time away, under his original name.

Vindaes spent many months, returning to his old lifestyle of drinking himself to sleep, fighting in the arena. Becoming six and zero, he was unbeaten, the newfound fame skyrocketed his confidence. He sought out to regain the title of "Gladiator"! Once more, he accomplished his goal. It was a short celebration as he had to return to constant fighting.

He beat fellow gladiators hosted tournaments, and thrilled the arena world! Before he could settle down and relax, his son Iscaro came up to him. After years of not speaking, there were short words, but Iscaro needed his help. Offering him a job, that if he did not complete, they would both surely be dead. For Iscaro had gotten into a bad crowd, venturing into the outlands. They spent many months on the job, before Vindaes knew it, he became comfortable. With the lifestyle. Occasionally training travelers in the fighting arts. He now returns to Azeroth, hoping to return to the arena.

(( Old prestige post, no meaning. Just full story behind Gladiator training. http://www.conquestofthehorde.com/Thread...-Completed))
[Image: 8.jpg]
This looks good! All it needs is that you run it through a spell-check, though. I noticed a few typos, namely "Chaotic Nueteral" and "usually wears anything comftorable". The profile itself seems alright, though it'd be best to check it just to be safe!
[Image: 6RpTZgI.gif]
Changes made. :)
[Image: 8.jpg]
I'm still seeing those typos, unfortunately! "Choatic Nuetral" is still there in Alignment, as is "succesful" in
Quote: yet the crew was never really succesful it provided a place to live

If you don't have a word processor, try using this to run your profiles through. I just tried it, and it caught several more mistakes. Please run the profile through this and change accordingly.

Also, I'm not quite sure what you mean by 'torn apart' here:
Quote: Vindaes is very torn apart seeming to not take anything from any race

Could you clarify that for me? Aside from this, the profile looks good. I remember reading your prestige thread, too! You did a nice job with that.
Changes made. Put in the part you wished for me to clarify, as well.
[Image: 8.jpg]
Cool, thanks!

And I was just about to mention that typo you had in the last paragraph when I refreshed the page and saw you changed it. :P

Just one last thing, though!

Chaotic is still spelled wrong, heh. AO, not OA. Fix that up, and I'll slap this with an approval.
Final changes made. :D
[Image: 8.jpg]


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