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Vista Help
Well, windows came with my computer but now (after a while later) it is asking me to activate it. I thought it was working fine when I got it. Ok, I thought that was simple so I merely rang the phone number it gave me and followed the prompts. In the end it told me that I'm running my version of vista on too many different computers. It's only on one that I know of. I waited on my phone on hold for sometime and when I finally got connected to speak to someone, the bastard hung up on me.

I'm pretty confused because I don't know how to fix it. Can anyone help? Keep in mind that I now have "restricted" internet acess and connot download anything so maybe someone can just tell me some magic fixing code? Maybe?

I'm not very computer handy..

(I guess this means I won't be in game for a bit then...)
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Did you change any hardware on your PC lately? You may have to tell them that it's the same PC since they recognize them by what major hardware is loaded on it (GPU, CPU, Motherboard, etc. ). That happened to me and I needed to re-register the computer with them.

Edit: You can use one of the options to access your hard drive and your programs. I used that as a fix until I got my issues resolved.
Problem solved. Thanks for the help :)
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whenever you call to activate a product nevar say you have it on more than one computer else the'll get mean and not give you your activate info microsoft is very strick about this D:
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