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Visual representatation of Character Height
MoonlightBlossom Wrote:Wake me up when I can have my fat Draenei. :x

Sadly enough, I don't think there's a 'horizontal only' size increase. =(
[Image: BRILLIANT.jpg]

Larshka could be small and mean like I always pictured her! >D
[Image: af7tll.gif] [Image: 4j4aw7.gif] [Image: 33bfrtk.gif][Image: 2jxrg7.gif]
[Click on a character to learn more about them!]
I am Hawk, and I approve of this idea.

*cheesy thumbs up*
"I am more afraid of one hundred sheep led by a lion than one hundred lions led by a sheep."
I am -ALL- for this. Khra, right now, I use Elixir of Giant Growth to represent his height. But I do have a younger character, who is around 14 at the moment, and is short for her age even. To a normal 6' Human Male, she'd come up to about his uppermost rib. (Though I have yet to make a profile for her. She's a character taken from Retail and needs some tweaking.)

But seriously. I'd do almost anything to have this idea installed! I'm quite sure that, as said, our player base is mature enough to handle this and.. Those that aren't? Grab the car batter-- I mean. What? Uh.. discipline.

They'll learn. /shakefist
Y'know, if I could figure out how to do one of those fancy character list thingies everyone has in their signature, I would.. Soso. So. There! /pout
This could actually be made to work. There's a spell called [Test Grow] and [Test Shrink]. On use they tweak the char's scale value by 10% in the respective direction. For the shrinking items, have it On Use: [Test Shrink] with 2 charges, and the other one with 1 charge, and vice-versa for the enlarging items. Ofcourse I think once you die you'll revert back to your original size and will have to get the items again as you will only have a set number of charges in the item. You could also make the item Unique to discourge over use of the growing/shrinking feature... Just a febble little suggestion?

Another possibility is to just have an item with the grow spell, and another with the shrink spell. It seems the server community is Mature enough to handle the power to modify the scale of their character however they shall please.

... /shrug
Making the item have two charges would put you at -20 (or +20) but you'd have to go back to darkshore whenever you die.

I think we could trust the community enough to not use the buffs in a disruptive way. I personally think the benefits outweigh the occasional clown who uses them to ruin RP. (After all, said clown would ruin it in another way anyway, if the growth thing wasn't around.) Making the NPC who sells them tell you the rules about their use should surely make mature RPers realize how to use the item. -Nod.-
I don´t think it´s a question about trust but one of time, Kretol being the one who takes care of all those things (server maintance, custom quests, items, etc) it is up to him to decide if this is doable, and if it is, does he have time between server related stuff and RL to do it?

I dunno, I´m not him but the suggestion sounds decent, though not really necessary so I doubt it´s gonna be high up on any priority lists, hehe.
All makt åt Tengil, vår befriare!

Nostra Wrote:I don´t think it´s a question about trust but one of time, Kretol being the one who takes care of all those things (server maintance, custom quests, items, etc) it is up to him to decide if this is doable, and if it is, does he have time between server related stuff and RL to do it?

I dunno, I´m not him but the suggestion sounds decent, though not really necessary so I doubt it´s gonna be high up on any priority lists, hehe.

I already discussed the idea a bit with him ingame, and we're looking at some technical difficulties with making the buff stackable or not. It could quickly lead to people stacking the buff to grow to the size of buildings. Obviously those would be the childish people amongst us, but it's still a bit of an idea breaker, sadly enough. Though I'm still hoping we can find a fix for it one day!
Aye, what if there was a level requirement of 80 on the items?

Edit: It would definitely reduce abuse and if the character is 80, a reliable source to back themselves up if questioned why they have a shorter-than-average Human or a taller-than-average Gnome.
We're all doomed
I've been on a server where this was allowed it caused a lot of problems. Mainly because characters would be short one day then taller the next. People forget to morph themselves every time they load into a new zone so it becomes a hassle.

If you play a younger Character like myself with Mokos, Just change there personality. Height or size doesnt depict how old your character is or needs to be.

For example the worlds oldest man is well actually quite short, Its the same with the worlds tallest man hes only 29... So it literally makes no sense as to why you would need to worry about this.

If its for individuality only then its rather pointless. If you feel that your char is so so and close to being the same as another, Change his hair, facial features and clothing. Yes it might be a hassle for you. But what about the people that have to Code the size changes?

And yes I know its easy to just modify scale but to be honest is it really needed? We get along fine now and we are all the same size.

Anyway that's my Opinion.
[Image: Mokosig-1.jpg]
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Do Not Pray For Order, Amity Or Surrender.
Ask Only The You Outlive The Day.
We already have a relatively easy way of changing heights, thanks to the growth / shrink buffs ingame. The problem is that we have no effective way of limiting clowns from stacking it to 500 to play "Giant gnome attacks stormwind." And I'm fairly certain nobody here wanted to use the visual height to play a younger than average character because those won't even be accepted. Most races have a one to three foot lower and upper limit for how tall they can be though, which is what spurred this idea. ;)
Pardon me in advance for necroing a neigh month old thread. But, after reading through it again today, the proverbial light bulb was switched on in my head. Could it revive this thread/suggestion? I guess we'll find out. Here goes:

First, the Height Modifier item - which I will refer to as HM from here on out, for no particular reason (Well, I suppose it makes it more official. Everyone knows official things always have acronyms.) - should be a quest reward in much a similar way to the 10 silver tokens and gold nugget, and would be received upon acceptance into grunthood.

This will:
A - Prevent abuse of the HM by uninitiated members (No offense meant to any peons out there, but safety first).

B - Allow only one HM to be chosen by any one character. Preferably, the quest reward (Either a separate quest or added on to the current quest) will be a choose-your-reward type quest - Click on the HM that best fits your character's height, and receive both the specific HM and silver tokens/gold. It goes without saying that the item would be soulbound (Even though I just did say it. Oops). This would make the HM character-specific. That means that once you've chosen a character's height, and chosen your specific HM, you're forced to stick with it.

Next off, I have a solution to people stacking the buffs. It's pretty simple, and Blizzard has used this method countless times before.

Cooldowns. Yup, as simple as that. The duration of the buff will last only as long as the HM's cooldown. So, if the buff lasts 10 minutes, so will the cooldown. When the buff runs out, just reuse the HM. Preferably, the duration should be 10-30 minutes, to balance out the hassle of having to constantly rebuff when the buff runs out, and the need to rebuff upon death.
The cooldown idea already came up at one point, as did the idea of making it a quest reward, but there are some problems with it. You can't really get a good idea of how tall you'd be before picking the quest reward, aside maybe from describing it on the item. (So the smallest one would have a list along the lines of "Human roughly 5 foot, Gnome roughly 2.5 foot" etc.

I'm not sure if it's actually possible to change the cooldowns of the buffs though. If it is, it might be possible to just make a global cooldown across all the items, then you could have all 5, yet never have more than one at the same time. You could experiment to see which one works best, then stick with it.

But thanks for necroing this old thread, it's still one of the things I'd really like to see. :P
I would really like this! Like I stated in my introduction, I like playing smaller than average characters [[I sort of miss-guessed the height of an elf and put it too low though, I always do that!]

I am not sure at how one could make it work if the above ideas were implemented in, though, they sound like they would make it doable so long as the developers would want to put time into it; I thought that would have to be the hardest thing to do, to have the actual time to implement this.

I am one hundred and ten percent for this idea! Though it is hardly the end of the world if it doesn't happen.

Also - Thanks for necroing this page, I diddn't even know that people were even thinking of considering something like this!
Is the buff actually genuinely stackable? Most buffs in the game aren't, so I wouldn't see it as being so much of an issue.

I think this is a potentially excellent idea.

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