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Vitaly Zaitsev [Human Priest] (Changes made but pre-approved)
Player: GeneralDefyre

Character Full Name: Vitaly Zaitsev

Character In-Game Name: Vitaly

Nickname(s): Vit

Association(s): Traveler's Rest Incorporated

Race: Human

Class: Priest

Age: 39

Sex: Male

Hair: Black hair tied back in a ponytail; Goatee and mustache are black

Eyes: Blue

Weight: 170 lbs

Height: 5’8

Usual Garments/Armor: Priestly robes of white and gold, wearing black at seemingly random times.

Other: Vitaly has a staff on him at all times, and seems to walk with a limp, seeming somewhat haggard and depressed when alone.

Alignment: Lawful Good

Personality: Vitaly is a polite, very generous fellow. At times he may seem bad or perverted in his ways, but once you get to know him he is a great man to be friends with. He makes friends fast, but loses them even faster. Many look at him and see what he used to be, a lying, cheating thief, and he just needs to prove himself.

History: Vitaly was born in Westfall, to a father who worked the farms and mills located throughout the land, and a mother who always cared for her children. Vitaly was the second child out of three. His eldest brother, Jonathan, was already enlisted in the Stormwind Army, and his youngest brother, Alexander, was born just a few years after he was.

Vitaly and Alexander got along really well, and when he was about 10, Alexander being 7, they went out to explore the land closer to Duskwood. While out and about, they saw all the bridge guards lying dead, with several soldiers fighting back an Orc attack. By now, Vitaly and Alexander knew of the recent Orc invasion, and ran back home to find their parents.

When they returned home, they saw nothing but flames and huge pillars of smoke. The Orc's had devastated their farmland, animals, and home. The two boys, avid hunters already, knew they had to flee, and grabbed their packs and gear, fleeing Westfall and moving North. They found Stormwind under attack, and couldn't risk getting stuck there to be killed by the Orc invaders. They ran through the forests as far as they could go, before Vitaly lost Alexander deep within Elwynn. He frantically searched for him, and found his dead body amidst the carnage of a farm that was devastated and left to burn. Alexander had an axe in his back, blood pooling underneath the boy.

Vitaly choked back tears, and picked up the body, carrying his dead brother with him, heading north. He stumbled upon a caravan of soldiers and civilians heading north to Lordaeron. They had gotten cut off from the last ship to depart due to fires and debris, and had fled by wagon under cover of darkness. Vitaly joined the caravan as it's youngest member, and made sure to give his brother a proper burial before departing. They traveled all the way up to the bridge south of Arathi Basin, several members of the group had died from sickness and from fighting assaults of the wildlife and small bandit groups, and Vitaly had, by now, proven himself skilled with cooking and spying.

When the group finally got through Arathi Basin with only few dead or injured, they made it to Loch Modan, where they met with dwarves, with whom they became friends and followed back to Ironforge. When they arrived, they were at first treated with caution, still not fully trusted by the dwarves of Khaz Modan. The small group stayed in Ironforge, and met with Lordaeron emissary's when they came to ask for alliance. When the dwarves allied with the human's, Vitaly was older and could fight for the army. However, he had other plans, and fled the recruitment, instead working as a spy for anyone who would need him. Human and Dwarven 'nobles' came to him for contracts, and even gnomes, with whom the dwarves were friends, came to Vitaly in times of need.

After the War's had passed, and Vitaly was now growing older, he, along with many dwarves, gnomes, and humans, travelled back to Stormwind to rebuild and restart livelihood in the city. He stayed in the Dwarven District and helped protect worker's who were building the Deeprun Tram, and he helped supervise the rebuilding of parts of Old Town and Park District. He grew attached to Park District, and lived in a small house there until he had desire for a new job.

After several years, Vitaly left for Shattrath, where he started up shop, stealing from vendors, scamming the citizens, and escaping arrest several times for theft and murder. He fled to Booty Bay where he met Aranthios and Nienge, and joined the Legacy Brotherhood, which later joined with several other organizations to create the Vindictive Light.

He lived life and met Epsilon in Stormwind on one of his visits, and he fell in love with her at first sight. They dated for several months and then got married, opening up a tavern to provide delicious food and drink for the denizens of Stormwind, remaining in Park District. Vitaly continued his old habits of perversion and assassinations, travelling much.

Vitaly lived life a criminal until just recently, at the age of 39, when he felt the need to repent after several various events occurred in his life. He was jailed by Allerian and later tried by Shattrath severely, with the consequences being banishment into Hellfire Peninsula. A draenei anchorite, Telah, took Vitaly under his wing with several consequences should he return to his old ways, and trained him in the way of a priest.

Vitaly now lives a priest in Stormwind, caring for his business and his wife. He is a changed man, one who rose from the ashes of his past, and into his rebirth.
A thirteen and a ten year old being able to kill bandits with throwing knives?

And -willing- to kill one? That's a bit... Iffy, honestly. I can't perceive a kid being capable of killing a grown adult. It's not something easy morally or physically for a child to do, even within WoW's context.

As an addendum, could you also please expand the personality a tad? It's a bit vague as it stands.
Edited bandits to wolves.

Personality expanded.

I am afraid that for any human character living in the Kingdoms of Stormwinds before the First War, the Horde would come crash your party and destroy all the things you loved and held dear. By the time Vitaly was 10, the First War would've begun.

I suggest that you have them flee from the orcs and encounter the wolves along the way. The parents could've died at the hands of the Orcs and they could move back to Westfall/Elwynn after the Second War. Note that Stormwind would have to be repaired after that and be done in the year 20 or so probably.

Take a look at the timeline and see what needs to be done.
“Without deviation from the norm, progress is not possible.”
― Frank Zappa
Changed much of history. Hopefully it sounds much better now!
Stormwind was destroyed during the First War. When the Orcs came through the Dark Portal they pretty much destroyed most villages in the Kingdom of Stormwind and it was entirely under their control by the end of the First War. I am afraid it isn't possible to have stayed there while the orcs were still running around there. The survivors of the Horde assault fleed north to Lordaeron and eventually moved back when the Alliance took back the Kingdom of Stormwind during the Second War.

I suggest that you take a look at the events of the First War and the Second War.

Please make the appropriate changes where neccesary.
“Without deviation from the norm, progress is not possible.”
― Frank Zappa
Changes made!
Hope it looks nicer and works better! :D

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