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Volshi Bromish [Undead Warlock]
Player: Volshi

Character Full Name: Volshi Bromish

Character In-Game Name: Volshi

Nickname(s): Reaper, Bone pile


Race: Forsaken

Class: Warlock

Age: 28 (At death), 34 (Present)

Sex: Male

Hair: Brown and spiky, cut to a Mohawk.

Eyes: Glowing gold

Weight: 149lbs

Height: 5'10


He usually wears robes etched with glowing blue runes, and a bone scythe, when doing about with his warlockery, but otherwise wears a casual hat and clothing to match.
Other: He has two rotten patches on his face, both being around his cheekbone areas. The rotten cheek isn't vile, as all it shows is bone.


He is a rather snarky undead. He is down to earth with the fact that he is dead, but despises the world for it. He's strong mentally, making up for his small physique, and sadly suffers from short guy syndrome, hating anyone taller than him. He also has a deep twisted view on things, partially shaped by the antics he has gone through as being a warlock.


Volshi was born in his parents' house in the capital city, Lordaeron, and raised by a decent, well-established family. His upbringing wasn't out of the ordinary, not too rich, not poor, but just average. As he grew to adolescence, his frame didn't develop much, as he grew into a weedy kid, which led to him being bullied by the other kids.

As he grew, he looks for other ways to entertain himself, without friends. He began reading, every book he could get his hands on, he would spend hours, or even days reading it. Until he stumbled upon a book with a more evil story to it. He found the book, in the dusty, old side of the library, hidden behind a rather large pile of other old books. It looked as if someone had attempted to burn the book before, as it had singed edges. The book was about dark magic's and the dark arts that certain people performed, these certain people were also known as warlocks.

He read the book for a about a week, as the things written inside filled his head. He kept the book with him occasionally reading it again from time to time, through his adult life too. Upon turning twenty five, he must have read the book countless times, even practicing a couple of spells, but not much, due to it being taboo. He still didn't have many friends, his mother had died when he was 23 from contracting a disease, leaving him further mentally unpleasant, and his father was dying of the same symptoms.

Caring for his father for a year, he sadly passed away, leaving Volshi alone with his only close friend, the book. Volshi became desolate, distant, and anti-social, withering away in his home. Upon turning 28, he spent his birthday alone, only venturing out when he needed food.

On the day of the attack of Lordaeron, Volshi had slept in, as the noises of the town being destroyed and the screams from the victims failed to reach his room. A couple of the soldiers of the Scourge invaded his house, waking him up. He hid in the corner of his room, unaware that the dead approach him, before the Scourge broke in, stabbing him until death.

After being freed from the scourge, and uniting with the rest of the Forsaken, he found his book within the ruins of Lordaeron, sparking unforgettable memories that had escaped his mind. And from such, began training in the arts of the thing he had always wanted to do, be a warlock.
Hiya Volshi! I maaay be wrong, but I think I remember seeing this guy around once upon a time.

Couple of things I'd like to look at here!

Quote: He is down to earth with the fact that he is dead, but despises the world for it, like you do.

Could you clarify what you mean with the end of this sentence, here? I'm not really sure what you meant by the "like you do."

Quote: – hating

Weird little thing you've got there! Mind tossing it out?

Also, while I like his simple upbringing and the underdog air he's got goin', I'm a bit confused on what happens with that book, exactly. Did he just carry it around until he died, and then taught himself to be a warlock from it afterwards? Was he using magic before that?

Lemme know when you've got a chance!
Deleted the 'like you do.' :) I couldn't remember either.

Deleted the squiggles, and the book.. I added that he attempted a couple of spells but couldn't do much because of the taboo, and he just eventually learnt from the book when he was forsaken.


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