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Vottan Stormwright [Dwarf shaman]
Player: TheFungineer

Character Full Name: Vottan Stormwright

Character In-Game Name: Vottan

Association(s): Khaz Modan, Ironforge specifically.

Race: Dwarf

Class: Shaman

Skills and Abilities: In his shamanistic ways he is primarily a damage dealer, well skilled in summoning and using lightning to clear the way. Chain lightning is his go-to attack when good old fashioned mace-and-shieldwork won't do. He's had training and experience in the healing arts but that was long ago, well before he specialised in the powers of the storm.

Age: 178

Sex: Male

Hair: Balding with a long, braided ponytail that sprouts from the back of his head leading down to his lower back, it was once blonde but has been greying for many, many years. His beard is wild and mostly unkempt, no braids or beardlocks.

Eyes: Grey-blue

Scale/Height: 1.1, 127cm

Usual Garments/Armor: Thick, dwarven scalemail coloured a dark grey-blue, well worn and covered in small scratches and signs of wear and tear, but definitely not neglected. This armour is kept in good condition, but not pampered. When not in armour he wears sturdy trousers and typically a sleeveless, white shirt.

Other: He carries with him a sturdy four-flanged mace and a reinforced wooden shield. He often travels with a small pack on his back full of travelling equipment, mostly food and tools necersary for living off the land.

Alignment: Neutral Good.
Personality: Vottan is a grumbling old dwarf. He's in his latter years and as such, in his mind, has earned the right to cast a judgemental eye on any and everything around him. He can be quick to criticise and tell others what he thinks but tends to only do so to those he thinks needs to hear what he has to say. Age and respect are very important to him as it is with most dwarves, he'll be much quicker to respect another aged creature. Younger folk can quickly frustrate and aggravate him, though he is still a caring soul at heart.

Vottan's parents were of mixed background, his father a Bronzebeard named Thorok Holdforge and his mother a Wildhammer, Tulda Flamehammer. Before the War of The Three Hammers the two both lived within Ironforge with their respective families, happy and content. Once Modimus Anvilmar died and the civil warring began, his mother's family left the ancestral Bronzebeard mountain city. It wasn't until after Thaurissan's assault on both Ironforge and Grim Batol that they would meet again, his mother accepting the Bronzebeard's offer of safe haven in Ironforge and with it the expulsion from her family.

The two of them lived within Ironforge for the rest of their days, and it was only inevitable that they'd make a family of their own. Vottan was their first of four children and much to Tulda's joy he showed an aptitude for her natural, shamanistic magics from a young age. Throughout his youth he trained with his mother and several others with the same link to the elements and it didn't take long to see the young Vottan take a liking to the Wind element. He utilised his skills to help keep Dun Morogh safe with his brother Dvorn and two sisters, Hilda and Brin, working as a close-knit group.

Vottan eventually started a family of his own with Ilda Goldhand, a Bronzebeard blacksmith. They had a son named Borek and twin daughters, Gildeth and Kriana. At this point Ilda and Vottan decided to leave Ironforge. The absolute jewel in the dwarven lands and a technical marvel to behold it may have been, but it wasn't ideal for raising children. Thelsamar in Loch Modan would be their new home. Vottan spent the majority of his time working for the dwarven army with his siblings, all determined to keep their families idyllic lands safe.

The safety and calm they'd all worked for wasn't to last, of course. The Second War dawned and soon the greenskin Horde was laying siege to all of Khaz Modan. In their brutal offensive on the Loch Vottan's family was unable to leave unscathed, both his wife and one of his daughters receiving grievous wounds at the hands of the invaders, it was only Borek's dumb bravery that kept them at bay before the dwarven and gnomish army could reinforce the settlement. Vottan was able to secure safe passage for his family back to Ironforge, though his siblings noticed a change in him. The attack on his family at first, as one would expect, struck the most intense fear within his heart, the fear of losing them, the fear of them getting hurt again. To keep going, to keep fighting he had to use that fear as fuel, he had to keep that forefront in his mind to steel himself against the horrors that were ravaging his homeland. He rarely joked, smiled or even spoke of other things than the war.

The siege of Ironforge was a bleak time for the dwarves and until the human armies helped rout the besieging forces Vottan lost his brother and one of his sisters, Hilda. Once the immediate threat of the greenskins had passed his brow remained creased. The war had taken a toll on his family and on himself, his wife wanted to move back to Loch Modan but he simply would not allow it. This caused a rift to develop between the two that grew and grew until they separated. Ilda remained within Ironforge, but their children had come of age and had started to find their own places in the world, which all lay outside of the great mountain.

Vottan continued to fight alongside his sister in the Alliance armies until Arthas' betrayal and attempted murder of Muradin came to light. The human ways of warfare and their constant politicking had always grated, but such blatant treachery was the last excuse he needed to leave.

Since then he's fallen in to his old routine, patrolling Khaz Modan with his sister Brin and being a constant presence within Ironforge, occassionally relieving his mother of her classes. His son Borek has grown in to a naïve, but kind-hearted adventurer and more than once Vottan has had to save his well meaning son. Borek's last venture led him to Booty Bay, or so his letter said, but that was some years ago. Since then the old dwarf has spent his time trying to track down his boy, leaving a dreadful trail of those that sold his son to slavery in his wake. In combat Vottan was always an honourable and efficient foe, but those that have wronged his family have suffered a grizzly fate, their screams unheard to a worried father's ears.
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  • c0rzilla, WindZealot, Scout
This profile checks out for me. But before I give you approval, could you change the categories of character full name and character in-game name for me? I think you've got them mixed up. Also if you don't need the weight category you should delete it, and in the player name category you should give your full forum name (TheFungineer).
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Thank you, all edited and tidied up. I spotted a few grammatical errors that were also nipped away.
Approved, pending gruntship!
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