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Vylian [Draenei] Re-approval
Vylian [Draenei]
Player: Kaii

Character Full Name: Vylian

Character In-Game Name: Vylian

Nickname(s): Vyli, Vyl

Association(s): Independent

Race: Draenei

Class: Warrior (Retired)

Age: 21,993

Sex: Female

Hair: Brown Locks

Eyes: Glossy Blue

Weight: 197

Height: 6’3 or 192cm

Usual Garments/Armor: Sharp, Clean, City style, (Armor is dust catcher)

Other: Vylian is an alchemist, artist, and writer.
Quote from her father "In the face of adversity do not dismay…. Everything has a time and place”

Alignment: Chaotic Good

Personality: Rational, well-mannered, educated, and exploratory; comes across as humble, intelligent, and vindictive. When I first looked at the Draenei lore I wanted to capture a unique personality. In Vylian’s personality I attempted to show fear and depression coupled with hope, honest intentions and wonder. Part of Vylian’s mental state can be summed up like so. Vylian does has a three dimensional view of life. Though she strives to show kindness to every race including the very few Orcs she has met in Azeroth she does wrestle with the concept is this all for nothing Like so many times before.

Vylian was born in Argus to Kagan, a high ranking Exarch, and his mate Nukina, during the second full moon of the year . Vylian had a difficult time growing up as her mother died while giving birth to her; the day was both a day of celebration and mourning. Vylian's older sister, Sinii, was especially heartbroken as her mother was the one teaching her to be a hunter. This harbored a feeling of dislike toward Vylian, which grew worse after Kil’jaeden and Archimonde sided with the titan Sargeras. The stress of losing her mother, her home Argus, and her constantly being on the run from the Burning Legion also played a role in their alienation, resulting in Sinii taking out her frustration on Vylian. There was also the curious problem that her horns had not grown yet her sister often made very unpleasant often in reference to her not existing horns. Having no horns met she was often over looked during courtship and on some occasions was mistaken to be a boy.

Vylian underwent training to be a warrior with her father. However the training was short lived when Velen was unable to change the minds of Kil'jaeden and Archimonde from siding with Sargeras. Kagan, Sinii, and Vylian were forced aboard Oshu’gun. It was during this time, when they traveled from planet to planet that Vylian began to write. Although most of her journal entries would start of hopeful and positive, they would never stay that way. Aside from writing, a great deal of her time was also spent reading.

When Oshu'gun finally landed on the planet, then called Draenor, Vylian was rooted in Draenei culture, albeit was weak, and an adult. Sinii and Kagan built a small settlement close to the Zangarmarsh, and it was there a small village began to grow. Vylian then discontinued her training as a warrior. Much to disappointment of her father, Vylian also never trained in any of the practices of the Light, which he felt would have been a good alternative to her discontinuation in warrior training. Instead, Vylian began to take up other hobbies.

Vylian was fascinated by nature, even as a little girl, so it was no surprise that she would spend most of her time in the marshes. When they first came in contact with Orcs, she was fascinated by the study of alchemy and wasted no time to learn the language as best she could in order to understand orcish alchemy. Although constant contact with the Orc’s was at times befuddling, there were a small few that did befriend Vylian, including one Orc in particular named Sekila.

Vylian however went to great lengths to learn as much about alchemy as she could. Months would pass where she stayed in the company of Sekila, the Orc alchemist who’s life Vylian had saved with the Healing ability bestowed by the Naaru. Vylian would study day and night, learning formulas, experimenting with new concepts, and practicing the craft.

After spending a good long time away from the village living with Sekila, Vylian came back to see her father, with whom she stayed. Vylian’s father passed away when Orcs raided their Village as they are led by Kil’jaeden and the Burning Legion. As the village was mercilessly slaughtered, news spread that the Burning Legion had arrived in Draenor and that they were exterminating the last of the Draenei. During this period in time Vylian lost her faith in the Light as she, her sister, and their people fled into the marshes. Although Vylian does not renounce the Light, she does not publicly attest to it either.

Years passed. Even though Vylian would eventually escape on the Exodar, it would seem the blood elves had the last laugh. A malfunction in the teleportation caused the Exodar to crash land hard into the Azeroth, though Vylian was not severally wounded during the crash. She took only two days of recovery thanks to the Gift of the Naaru and some skins of elixirs she had made during her time spent in the marsh.

Vylian quickly set to work helping as much as she could from helping to cure the Mutations of beasts that where affected from the crash, to spy and partake in a reconnaissance mission in uncovering a Gnome mole who was a double agent working for Kil’jaeden. Vylian at one point even helped fixed a communication device that was essential for communicating back on Draenor. Vylian then spent the better part of her first year on this new planet helping her people as much as she could, ever vigilant for the possible return of the Burning Legion. After the Alliance Committee accepted the Draenei refugees, Vylian left the Exodar. It was a sad moment because Vylian knew although she wasn’t going to come back to the Exodar soon. The crash landing had stirred something inside Vylian--she was different now.

She spent the next year touring Darnassus and Stormwind, and on her second year she managed to acquire a home in Westfall. While her sister continues to help in at the Exodar, Sinii rarely talks to Vylian while the converse is the same. Within the past couple of months of her second year in the new word, she has begun a project seeking to unite the people of Azeroth under one banner against the Burning legion. Some of the people such as Demitrius Smith also believe in this fundamental value of life.

Vylian continues to travel around Azeroth collecting various races perspective on culture, mating habits, and their outlook on how they feel about their fellow man whether it be Alliance or Horde. She compiles their accounts into an almanac that she wishes to one day be made public so that all the races can see what it is that unifies them. Perhaps together the various races of Azeroth can put an end to the Burning Legion.
Quote:Even as a little girl, Vylian was fascinated by nature, so it was no surprise that she would spend most of her time in the marshes. When they first came in contact with Orcs, she was fascinated by the study of alchemy and wasted no time to learn the language as best she could in order to understand orcish alchemy. Although constant contact with the Orc’s was at times befuddling, there were a small few that did befriend Vylian, including one Orc in particular named Sekila.

Would you mind rephrasing that? Well, it seems to me that you're describing that the event happened when she was a young girl when she'd be over twenty thousand years old.
Quote:Association(s): Liberty

Do you mean the guild, Liberty? Or do you mean Independent?

If you mean the former, Liberty was disbanded back in Springtime, seeing as I failed to manage it properly.
Ah... Uthaniel... I think I see what your talking about so I just switched two phases in that sentence I'm not talking about how old she was at the time. I'm just talking about why she had interest in alchemy . And I changed her alliance to Independent.... I miss liberty D:

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